X Factor 2009 Vote Analysis

Thanks to ITV, the voting stats for X Factor 2009 are available at ITV X Factor 2009 vote stats.

Unfortunately, they’re expressed as percentages of the vote. I’ve massaged the numbers to be the percentage of the average vote – in the first round (with 12 contestants) the average vote would be 8.3%, so 16.7% would be +100%. In the last round, with 2 contestants, the average vote would be 50%, so 16.7% would be -67%.

This chart lets you see how the contestants’ popularity changed over the contest. Joe was always popular. Stacey started well, peaked, then seemed to hand her support to Joe. Olly’s support was steady all the way through, but not high. Danyl started out popular, troughed, peaked, and then slipped away.

(Click to see full size, or see the spreadsheet with data)

Enjoy the chart!

–KW 😎

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