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Time for some real escapism. #reading Eco, Foucault’s Pendulum (again). I love all the ‘signs’ – he’s not a semioticist for nothing.

5:45pm Nov 17 2015 —

#reading James D. Young, The Two Falkirks is infuriating! Clearly so much knowledge, but there must have been an explosion at the printers.

8:36am Oct 22 2015 —

#reading @cstross The Jennifer Morgue (are these xkcd/936-compliant passwords?)

4:54pm Aug 25 2015 —

Just finished #reading Inside I’m Hurting. Wonderful, clear, passionate, and very practical book – thank you @theyellowkite!

7:37am Jul 23 2015 —

#reading Scott, Waverley Vol I. Spotted it at a country house and figured I needed educated. Loving it already. Politics and period detail.

7:38am Apr 7 2015 —

#Reading #HHGTTG to the kids. Translated “Ford Prefect” as “Ford Focus”.

9:13am Oct 11 2014 —

#reading Christopher Tolkien, Sauron Defeated. More fascinating detail – though so far what is apparent is how clearly JRRT foresaw it all.

9:04am Jan 30 2014 —

A bit behind with recording my #reading. Major recent achievement is rereading #LotR, having got the depth from the History of M.E. books.

9:04am Jan 30 2014 —

Just finished #reading Thiele, Pinquo, with the kids. Cried. This review is spot on:…

9:04pm Jan 22 2014 —

Woot! Finished #reading Tolkien, War of the Ring. Evolution of the last part of #LotR. Quite a read! Need to read the real thing again now.

6:30pm Nov 13 2013 —

#reading Tolkien VIII, The War of the Ring. Wow. How much different would it all have been if they had cell phones!

8:51am Oct 4 2013 —

#reading Tolkien, The Return of the Shadow. Background to #LotR. Excited!

6:45am Aug 6 2013 —

#reading Lineham, Bible and Society: A sesquicentennial history of the Bible Society in NZ. Learning lots about NZ Christian history.

6:28am Dec 24 2012 —

#reading Greene, Our Man In Havana

7:24am Sep 28 2012 —

#reading Jerram & Anderson, Cock and Bull Stories. Fun Marlborough vet stories – really enjoying it!

11:07pm Aug 14 2012 —

#reading Mullay, Rail Centres: Edinburgh (ex libris Jim Cowie, RIP, with grateful thanks). Fascinating history for a regular EDB rail trvlr.

4:15pm Aug 3 2012 —

#reading Edwin Abbott, Flatland (for the second time). Fascinating and enlightening tour de force. Thanks @realrobbell for reminding me!

7:43am Jul 27 2012 —

#reading @kesterbrewin, Mutiny. Compelling reading, and very topical.

2:59pm Jul 4 2012 —

#reading St John of the Cross, Dark Night of the Soul. So clear and so deep! I envy his novices back in the C16.

7:52am Jun 15 2012 —