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.@ScotRail Making a habit of it. Yesterday morning and this evening, skipping my stop. PMT-EDB 0827/1745. #scotfail

5:53pm Nov 17 2015 —

RT @ya_spooky_bitch: @ScotRail @kw217 @Polmontboy It’s not stopping cause they have monopoly there4 don’t need to worry about what fare pay‚Ķ

5:59pm Jan 20 2015 —

.@ScotRail @Polmontboy overcrowded platform doesn’t bode well #scotfail at least I’m getting my step exercise :-)

in reply to ScotRail — 5:58pm Jan 20 2015 —

Scotrail 1745 not stopping at Polmont today. Why not? #scotfail @ScotRail @Polmontboy

5:49pm Jan 20 2015 —