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RT @jasongorman: The motivational poster I would hang in every dev office would say:
“Another technology is almost certainly not the answe…

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RT @manwhohasitall: I have absolutely nothing against male newspaper editors, as long as they don’t fill the paper with stories about men a…

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RT @thereaIbanksy: Steve Jobs, the son of a migrant from Syria.

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@Code_Analysis Nice chapter, good stuff – thanks!

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@Code_Analysis “1MByte RAM buffer” *10MByte (60*60*3*1000)

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@Code_Analysis “croaching” *crouching

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@Code_Analysis “usually, you fill find” *will

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RT @JustinTrudeau: I’m pleased to announce the first plane carrying Syrian refugees arrives in Canada tomorrow at 9:15 pm ET. #WelcomeRefug…

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RT @THEAlleyeceeing: Veteran who lost his leg in Iraq perfectly silences people who assume he hates Muslims.@Montel_Williams #morningjoe ht…

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RT @forthroadbridge: Although high winds restricted progress in some exposed locations today, work continued preparing materials on site ht…

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@_nickl_ Hi Nick – are you able to xfer ownership of json-schema… to so we can continue dev?

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RT @xamat: .@TwitterEng seems to be now completely off #cassandra…

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RT @GeorgeMonbiot: All the emphasis is still on dealing with #floods when they arrive in towns, rather than holding them back in the fields…

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RT @jtuulos: Publish credentials to multiple popular npm packages leaked. A must read for any package maintainer:… #…

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RT @GeorgeMonbiot: .@RoryStewartUK campaigned against measures to mitigate #flooding. Now minister in charge of … flooding. My column htt…

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RT @IBM: Thanks for the feedback on our campaign. We heard you and we apologize for missing the mark. We promise to do better in the future.

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RT @SirWB: Please don’t park like this @CastleParcels – it is bad for your business.

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@JeremyClarkson What?!

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@manwhohasitall I think we need more blue chemistry sets. If chemistry sets weren’t all pink we’d have way more men in science.

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RT @manwhohasitall: Is #hackanelectricshaver a good way to get men into STEM? Or would encouraging men to hack a NASAL HAIR TRIMMER be more…

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@EffKayToo or just use mine although the web interface seems a bit unreliable at the moment

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@EffKayToo yes it’s lots of fun. You can really see each front go over.

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RT @trafficscotland: ⚠For info on #A895 & updated maps – check:
It will be in place 4am Monday, 24/7 #FRBinfo 🚗 htt…

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@larbertred er wrong photo. This is the guy who didn’t watch late night movies.

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RT @ruslandvalley: In 2009 we had a “once in a thousand year flood” in Cumbria. Well we’re having it again now, and it’s worse. https://t.c…

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RT @cyclingkev: These guys disguised a Bible as a Quran and read passages out on the street. Worth a watch – useful resource.…

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RT @transcotland: More info on the cause of the closure in attached pics #ForthRoadBridgeClosure

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Fascinating watching the weather go by! #UKStorm

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@tag2602 I agree with you, I don’t remember a cheer. Everyone just left in silence.

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.@steven_croft Reading today’s chapter from the Advent Calendar. Isaiah 2.4. Very appropriate. #SyriaVote

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RT @BBC_Parody: that day when you thought the internet was maybe switched off and nobody would remember what you said. #SyriaVote https://t…

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RT @nakedpastor: I finally completed my drawing today, “The Voyage of Saint Brendan”. Read about one ohim:… https://…

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RT @BeatLiturgist: Lord have mercy.

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RT @larbertred: I am tired of living among people who hate peace. I search for peace; but when I speak of peace, they want war!
Psalms 120:…

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RT @jasongorman: Zuckerberg gets it: what’s the point in having *all the money* if the world around you is turning to shit?

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RT @stephenfry: The case for bombing Syria is suddenly looking clear:

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RT @0xdeadbabe:… Skip all the beginning guff and start at the section “Modernism, Systems-based identity design & th…

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RT @trafficscotland: *AVOID @forthroadbridge TOMORROW AM* @policescotland @RadioForthNews @KingdomFMNews – move info via…

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RT @arstechnica: Adobe to kill off Flash in January’s Creative Cloud update… by @drpizza

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RT @ACLU: The NSL attachment Merrill got from the FBI, in varying stages of redaction… @nickcalyx…

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RT @larbertred: Latest estimates suggest they’ll have them in 45 minutes.

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@larbertred but when you look at it upside down it tells another story… :-)

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RT @PeterRollins: A Dark Night of the Soul with the Nightlight Switched on (new post)…

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RT @InfoQ: First law of software quality

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RT @manwhohasitall: Working dad? Guilt is your worst enemy. Tackle guilt by keeping the weight off, looking younger EVERY day & snacking on…

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@SoVeryBritish I have an annual barbecue in January. As long as it’s clear it doesn’t matter if it’s zero.

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RT @SoVeryBritish: Enjoy free UK delivery on all Very British Problems bits and bobs from today until Monday https…

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@neilmatheson urgh thanks for spotting

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RT @jo_mango: Thousands of people around the world are marching tomorrow. I’m achingly looking forward to standing in front of… https://t…

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RT @David_EHG: As GOP incites fear of Syrian refugees, white terrorists have:
―Shot up Planned Parenthood
―Stalked mosque w/ rifles
―Shot b…

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RT @caraellison: oh man if you are feeling as grim as me Swing Dancers vs Street Dancers might cheer you up it’s wo…

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Well done @ScotRail! Conductor now has a fast app on his phone for reading smartcard, rather than the clunky and very slow ticket device.

8:39am Nov 27 2015 —

Noticed these reflective markers the other day. Have they always been there or did they just appear? #PolmontBridge

8:28am Nov 27 2015 —

@StaplesUK I can’t order from your website on mobile – I choose deliver to store and it asks me to choose a store but there are no options

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RT @churchscotland: Through sights and sounds, taste, touch and smell, may I sense this world is “aflame with the glory of God” #Prayer htt…

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RT @canthoupicture: Someone really put into words why so**h p*rk is and continues to be trash

11:02pm Nov 25 2015 —

An awesome 15 years with @viokaps – thanks babe! Xxx

9:58pm Nov 24 2015 —

@EE Why would I renew/upgrade my contract with them rather than with you directly? Seems odd.

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RT @laparisa: Dell pre-installing self-signed root CAs too?! #shockednotshocked

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RT @BBCRadio4: 🎷🎺 🎹
Your top 10 jazz artists:
1 Miles
2 Satchmo
3 Duke
4 ‘Trane
5 Ella
6 Bird
7 Lady Day
8 Monk
9 Evans
10 O.P.

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RT @manwhohasitall: Working husband? How do you stay hydrated? Peter, age 44, “I keep a spare celery in my wallet”. Inspirational.

11:09pm Nov 23 2015 —

RT @larbertred: Please, please, please stop saying that the #lordsprayer has been ‘banned’. It hasn’t. An ad agency has simply decided not …

11:09pm Nov 23 2015 —

@EE I got a call from Phone House today claiming to be an official EE contract end upgrade. Were they legit?

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@scottish_water Thanks Abdul, will try in morning.

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@scottish_water is there more chlorine than usual in the water in FK2 at the moment or is it just me? Smells stronger.

11:45pm Nov 22 2015 —

RT @cbarchak: The Paris attacks prove Charlie Hebdo’s critics wrong | Dorian Lynskey

9:44am Nov 22 2015 —

#p0werp0int it’s been too long – so happy to be back! @P0WERP0INT

7:25pm Nov 21 2015 —

RT @manwhohasitall: Working husband? How do you stay hydrated? Mark, age 44, “I drink water throughout the day”. What an inspiration.

8:35pm Nov 20 2015 —

RT @LibFalkirk: To coincide with our visit from author Jess Smith, Meadowbank are hosting an exhibition of photographs of the Scottish Trav…

8:32pm Nov 20 2015 —

Typical @ScotRail morning this week

8:31am Nov 20 2015 —

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RT @flyethiopian: Meet our #female pilots that command #Ethiopian first All Women Functioned Flight. #historyinthemaking…

8:30am Nov 19 2015 —

@mattblaze did you just /. their server?

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RT @Phrannest: I hadn’t heard about these documents discovered in 2012. America DENIED. ANNE FRANK. Access to freedom. Now……

7:46am Nov 19 2015 —

RT @thegrugq: Several men who know each other and live in a small suburb managed to plan an attack in secret. And the assumption is “becaus…

9:11pm Nov 18 2015 —

.@ScotRail It seems to be a systemic issue. You must know it’s going to happen by the time it reaches Haymarket, so could announce then.

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@ScotRail Today you announced 1745 EDB-> PMT as normal, then at 1747 announced it would be express. Now on 1803 awaiting departure.

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.@ScotRail 0827 yday cancelled, then 2 expresses went by before a full 2 car train stopped at PMT and L’gow. Only a few could fit on.

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.@ScotRail Making a habit of it. Yesterday morning and this evening, skipping my stop. PMT-EDB 0827/1745. #scotfail

5:53pm Nov 17 2015 —

Time for some real escapism. #reading Eco, Foucault’s Pendulum (again). I love all the ‘signs’ – he’s not a semioticist for nothing.

5:45pm Nov 17 2015 —

RT @hugorifkind: Imagine making this sign. “I’ll give the little girl pigtails, I think.” Amazing.

1:18pm Nov 17 2015 —

RT @TheEconomist: “We lost”: the generals admit defeat in Myanmar’s historic election

7:44am Nov 17 2015 —

8:19pm Nov 16 2015 —

RT @missionalfrog: A ‘flat-pack’ church is being reconstructed after spending 1,000 years on the seabed…

8:15pm Nov 16 2015 —

RT @TheTweetOfGod: What would Jesus do? Funny you ask.

8:08pm Nov 16 2015 —

RT @mattblaze: If you use one of these, you may or may not be a terrorist: encryption, PlayStation 4s, Casio watches.

5:33pm Nov 16 2015 —

@pjryan51 @NetworkRailEGIP Brilliant idea! Would deter graffiti, brighten the appearance, and provide a platform for local artists.

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RT @pjryan51: @NetworkRailEGIP you should run a local competition in each area to get entries for painting murals on these.

5:31pm Nov 16 2015 —

RT @NetworkRailEGIP: #Redding #Falkirk This is completed bridge at #LivingstoneTerrace. It’s wider with higher side walls. #EGIP https://t…

5:31pm Nov 16 2015 —

WTF @ScotRail @Level3 @globalreachtech ScotRail free WiFi now requires my gender??! #Polmont station, this morning

8:49am Nov 16 2015 —

RT @doctorow: The Internet will always suck (my new column, pls RT!)…

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