Transferring calendar and contacts from Nokia to Google

I recently upgraded my lovely but old-fashioned Nokia N73 to a shiny new Android – the HTC Desire. It’s a great phone, but I have hundreds of events, contacts, tasks, and notes in the N73. How to get them across?

Well, there are a few ways *not* to:

  • Don’t follow Google’s advice and install Mail for Exchange on the old phone, pointing it to your Google account. This didn’t work for me – ‘connection failed’.
  • Don’t follow Orange’s advice and put your new SIM in your old phone and save your contacts too it. Good stop-gap, but all entries are truncated and case-smashed.
  • Don’t try registering for Orange Sync.  The website hung for me at the registration screen.

Instead, do the following.

  • I used Nokia PC Suite on Windows Vista.
  • Do a full phone backup before you start! It’s too easy to sync the wrong way and wipe everything.
  • In PC Suite, make sure your phone is not set to auto-sync on connection.
  • In Windows Calendar (not Windows Live Messaging calendar), create a new calendar and deselect all the others.
  • Choose the Contacts menu option, which dumps you in Explorer with some shell extension running.
  • Delete any contacts that are here already (if you care about them, save them first).
  • In PC Suite, create a new sync setting. Sync calendar and contacts, to Windows Vista Calendar and Contacts, choosing the calendar you named earlier. Choose ‘advanced’, and set conflicts to prefer phone and one-way sync from phone to PC.
  • Do a sync.
  • Go to Windows Calendar, make sure only your new calendar is selected, and export it as an .ics file.
  • Choose the Contacts menu option, select all contacts, and save as a folder of vCard files.
  • In the command prompt, go to the folder and type

    for %f in (*.vcf) do type %f >>all
    ren all all.vcf

  • On your PC, log into Google and go to Calendar. Go to Settings, Calendar Settings, Calendars, Import Calendar.  Click Browse and choose the .ics file you saved earlier.
  • Now go to GMail.  Go to Contacts, Import.  Click Browse and choose the all.vcf file you saved earlier.
  • On your phone, go to Settings, Accounts and Sync, Google, and sync your contacts and calendar.

That’s it!

I haven’t yet worked out how to move my tasks or notes across.

8 thoughts on “Transferring calendar and contacts from Nokia to Google

  1. Thank you so much!!!! Was getting so angry at trying to get it to work. Really clear instructions too, thanks again 🙂

  2. Thank you Amelia, my phone is Nokia E52. You saved my 5000 records from Nokia calendars of mine in the last ten years.
    I just wanted to say how I managed to acomplish your guide on windows 10. I took ISO file of Windows Vista from here…
    Then I started my Vmware player and installed Vista virtual machine. Then I installed Nokia PC Suite (mine version is, the rest was like in your guide except I put in additional settings of synchronization range to be from 15 years in past and 3 years in future.
    I had one more thing to do for successful sync, I had to put my phone in offline mode. That’s it.

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