SDR and weather stations

I’ve been having fun recently learning about software defined radio (SDR). The impetus is this weather station, which Aidan got for Christmas.

We’ve all very much enjoyed the information it provides, and it’s been a great talking point with the receiver on the family dining table.

But when we’re at work or on holiday, wouldn’t it be nice to know what the weather’s like back home? Is it raining? Has the fence blown over? For that reason, in May I bought one of these:


NooElec R820T SDR

The mast transmits the weather data to the display by radio in the 433 MHz band. This NooElec NESDR Mini is a software-controlled digital radio receiver which covers 25MHz to 1750MHz. So it should work!
Since I got it, I’ve been busy learning how to make it go. This has turned out to be more complex than I realised – I finally got it all working in October! – so expect a series of follow-up blog posts.

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