Police Bravery Award

We were quite amazed to get a Police Bravery award on Wednesday. The AP wrote a lovely story about what happened, which was taken up by the Edinburgh Evening News and several other Scottish papers. A snippet of it even made the print edition!

Story, archived version, archived/printable PDF. (The story is correct, but the headline incorrectly says he was on the A720 – he was on the M8 just after Hermiston Gait.)

The awards ceremony was quite an honour – red carpet, police horses, piped into the auditorium along with 58 other recipients, and a certificate and handshake from the Chief Constable of Police Scotland. So many amazing and inspiring stories.

We wish the man involved well.

Facebook threads: Keith, Carolyn.

Other articles: BBC, Police Scotland website / Twitter (intro arriving 1 2 3 4 everyone) / Facebook, Police Professional, Metaswitch newsletter, a friend’s FB post.

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