Police Bravery Award

We were quite amazed to get a Police Bravery award on Wednesday. The AP wrote a lovely story about what happened, which was taken up by the Edinburgh Evening News and several other Scottish papers. A snippet of it even made the print edition!

Story, archived version, archived/printable PDF. (The story is correct, but the headline incorrectly says he was on the A720 – he was on the M8 just after Hermiston Gait.)

The awards ceremony was quite an honour – red carpet, police horses, piped into the auditorium along with 58 other recipients, and a certificate and handshake from the Chief Constable of Police Scotland. So many amazing and inspiring stories.

We wish the man involved well.

Facebook threads: Keith, Carolyn.

Other articles: BBC, Police Scotland website / Twitter (intro arriving 1 2 3 4 everyone) / Facebook, Police Professional, Metaswitch newsletter, a friend’s FB post.

New battery

I changed the battery in the weather station, because in cold weather it was reporting low and we really don’t want to lose any data.

Unfortunately, it picks a random station ID on restart! My display software selects one station ID to display (in case there are other weather stations nearby – the base station does the same thing). That turns out to be a bad idea if you want to see the historical data! I’ll need to enhance my code to display data from two station IDs, and do something clever with the rainfall (which has reset to zero).

Edit: Whew, fixed it. Bit of a horrid hack – I’ve hardcoded the old station ID and pre-battery-change rainfall, and arranged that it “corrects” the recent data. All-time rainfall is still wrong, but I’ll sort that another day – it’s bedtime!


For future reference, I’ve attached the weather station manual (thanks Maplin!).

Weather station manual N25FR (WH1050)

The Guilty Spider

Here’s the spider that had taken up residence inside our rain gauge. I’m sure it’s spacious dry and out of the wind, but when it spins its web across the triangular tipping bucket it has unfortunate effects on its accuracy. Sadly for the spider, the big people who live here don’t like that, so it now has to find another home.

This is a job I have to repeat every few months.


The spider is the black creature under the left side of the bucket.

Fab birthday

Thank you everyone – I have had a very special birthday! This is just a quick post to celebrate my family’s amazing creativity – I just had to share these with you!

Megan made me this lovely birthday card


and painted this picture of the Glenfinnan Viaduct which we saw a few weeks ago.


Aidan made me this stunning birthday card

20150727_205439 20150727_205455

and painted this picture of the wildlife and scenery of the Ardnamurchan Peninsula where we stayed a few weeks ago.


Carolyn put together this excellent sewing kit for me – so I can stop borrowing hers! This is just the start – there are quite a few more items yet to be found.


Heather embroidered these amazing pictures: the first of Philae and Rosetta on Comet 67P, and the second of the Curiosity landing on Mars complete with sky crane!


My parents sent me this beautiful book of writing by “new Kiwis” – migrant women in New Zealand – from a workshop run by a friend of mine.


Thank you everyone for sharing the fruits of your creativity with me! (and sorry for the poor photography…)

Connecting Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to adb

I have a non-rooted Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I installed the Android SDK and Android Studio on my Windows 7 PC, but when I attempted to upload an app to my phone it didn’t offer my phone in the list of connected devices. The various sites I found on the ‘net gave various hints, but didn’t give me all I needed.

Here’s what you need to do.

  • Install the Samsung Android USB driver for Windows. Various sites claimed installing KIES was enough, but it wasn’t. Other sites offered drivers, but I’m not keen on installing drivers from random sites on the Internet. Here is the official Samsung Android USB driver for Windows page on developer.samsung.com.
  • Plug in your phone, and wait while it installs the drivers. Wait until this is complete.
  • Enable developer mode on your phone: go to Settings > General > About device, and click on the “Build number” 7 times. This gives you a new menu, “Developer options”.
  • Ensure Developer options is on, and turn on USB debugging.
  • Choose “Revoke USB debugging information” to clear any existing permissions. Turn USB debugging off and on again to ensure this takes effect. (This step may not be necessary.)
  • Accept your computer in the popup that appears on your phone, to authorize it.
  • Run “\platform-tools\adb devices” and confirm that your device appears, and has “device” against it. If it says “unauthorized”, see above.