Small repairs

(old draft post found while digging around, Jan 2013 – thought it might be of interest –KW¬†8-))

  • Gaffer tape around the pink car on Sat 12th April for Ellie
  • cut through melamine veneer and first few layers of MDF/fibreboard in kitchen to get door handle back on
  • laptop power wire (again), this time without opening it up (see Twitter)
  • September and a new kitchen: igniter on hob – noticed it had a faulty seal when it got gravy inside it and didn’t stop firing. Kids don’t try this at home – igniters use very high voltages which may persist for a long time after switching off. Didn’t want to replace it, ‘cos installation was expensive. Levered switch off hob, stripped it down, cleaned it, put it back together – voila, working switch! It was a bit burnt where it had been arcing, though, so I think we’ll get a new one under the parts warranty. Handily it’s attached with spade connectors.
  • Aidan’s sleepy suit zipper – not closing the zip properly. Aidan quite upset, and we are too ‘cos it’s his favourite and he’s still not quite grown out of it. But a few seconds judicious work with the needle-nose pliers, squeezing the tail end, and all is fine!
  • Central heating saga. Blocked 15mm fill pipe. Eventually filled it through the 22mm vent pipe with a short section of 15mm pipe attached to the end of the hose (to allow it to vent as I filled it). Also – best cleaning tool: packing strap! And info about Gledhill BoilerMate II.
  • Anti-noose for those who wish to follow Chris Green’s recommendation.
  • Dishwasher door fitting with epoxy filler.

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