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Today’s bit of fun was fixing the PE error on our LG Fuzzy Logic 5.5kg WF-T552 3 step TurboDrum top-loading washing machine.

Apparently the PE error means there’s a pressure switch problem. The pressure switch is in the controller, but connected to the washer drum by a hose. Given that draining and wiggling it wasn’t working any more, and armed with the above information, a light, and a few screwdrivers, I bravely went once more unto the breach.

Here is the inside of the machine. Note the clear pressure hose at the upper right.

The switch is in the controller on top of the machine, and the hose runs down to the outside of the drum. There it meets a channel of some sort, which opens out at the very bottom of the drum like so:

Presumably there’s a blockage in the hose, in the channel, or in the opening at the bottom of the drum. To fix this, you don’t need to open any of the above! Instead, open the cover on top of the machine, like so:

The pressure switch is the component with the circular blue surround. It’s held in by three plastic retaining clips. The hose connects underneath it.

To fix it, I simply released the pressure switch, disconnected the hose, blew hard through it a few times to clear any blockage, and replaced it. We shall see over the next few days whether that is enough to solve the problem!

Update: It worked for a while, but the pressure switch was on the way out. I’ve since replaced it – very easy, and it only cost NZ$20.55. Yay! Big shout-out to Axial who were splendid in identifying and supplying the part.

13 thoughts on “Pressure switch

  1. I have LG top loading washing machine, I have checked the above procedure by pushing a hard blew through pressure sensor, however it is still not working.

    Pl suggest as still I m getting PE error into the machine display.

  2. great article,it helped me to fix my lg washing machine

  3. Very helpful . I fixed my leg machine pressure switch problem after reading this article.

  4. Great – I’m pleased it was useful for you! I hope your machine has a long and happy life.

  5. Thanks for this tutorial on my PE error message. I followed your instructions and my machine is working again. Cheers

  6. Thanks for the info. I have been having the same problem with Pe error code and thought it was a prob with the computer chip so I switched off at power point to reset and it worked. But will check out pressure switch as turning off at power point must reset pressure switch but don’t like my chances of turning off at power point working every time

  7. Fuzzy logic WF-T1350TP KEEP ON DISPLAY Clodock and De how to remove those things because I have tried my best BT I failed

  8. My machine does not spin during wash and spin, but the orginal ptoblem was the Mac did not want to drain that is being fixed now, but we turn the mac on its head to work on it, now that is draining the spin does not work the drum although the bottom part is turning inside the Machine but not the drum, did we do something wrong by turning the mac up side down? Pls help????

  9. I have replaced PE switch and still doesnt work someone please help LG Turbodrum top loader machine thsnks Lee

  10. I have LG toploader tutbodrum wasjong machine with pe error. Jsve replaced pressure switch still doesnt work please help

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