Holiday Club newsletter

Something I really enjoy doing every year is editing the Holiday Club newsletter. Our church runs a holiday club for a week at the end of summer (unusually, in the evenings). We have lots of primary school kids along, and lots of helpers from the church. It’s great for the kids, and it’s also a real community experience for the helpers – it’s one of the highpoints of the church year.

My “bit” is the newsletter. It’s important because it goes into kids’ homes, and so it’s seen by parents and carers as well as the kids themselves. I try to tell the story of that day’s club – the drama and message – and also to convey some of the fun as well. Obviously there’s a practical function too, and there’s the competition and activities as the main “point” of the newsletter.

This year the holiday club was Fit for the King, on the theme of the Commonwealth Games, so I called the newsletter the Fitness Fanatic. I’ve attached the newsletters below, or you can visit the Holiday Club page on the church website to read more.

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