Connecting Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to adb

I have a non-rooted Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I installed the Android SDK and Android Studio on my Windows 7 PC, but when I attempted to upload an app to my phone it didn’t offer my phone in the list of connected devices. The various sites I found on the ‘net gave various hints, but didn’t give me all I needed.

Here’s what you need to do.

  • Install the Samsung Android USB driver for Windows. Various sites claimed installing KIES was enough, but it wasn’t. Other sites offered drivers, but I’m not keen on installing drivers from random sites on the Internet. Here is the official Samsung Android USB driver for Windows page on
  • Plug in your phone, and wait while it installs the drivers. Wait until this is complete.
  • Enable developer mode on your phone: go to Settings > General > About device, and click on the “Build number” 7 times. This gives you a new menu, “Developer options”.
  • Ensure Developer options is on, and turn on USB debugging.
  • Choose “Revoke USB debugging information” to clear any existing permissions. Turn USB debugging off and on again to ensure this takes effect. (This step may not be necessary.)
  • Accept your computer in the popup that appears on your phone, to authorize it.
  • Run “\platform-tools\adb devices” and confirm that your device appears, and has “device” against it. If it says “unauthorized”, see above.


Holiday Club newsletter

Something I really enjoy doing every year is editing the Holiday Club newsletter. Our church runs a holiday club for a week at the end of summer (unusually, in the evenings). We have lots of primary school kids along, and lots of helpers from the church. It’s great for the kids, and it’s also a real community experience for the helpers – it’s one of the highpoints of the church year.

My “bit” is the newsletter. It’s important because it goes into kids’ homes, and so it’s seen by parents and carers as well as the kids themselves. I try to tell the story of that day’s club – the drama and message – and also to convey some of the fun as well. Obviously there’s a practical function too, and there’s the competition and activities as the main “point” of the newsletter.

This year the holiday club was Fit for the King, on the theme of the Commonwealth Games, so I called the newsletter the Fitness Fanatic. I’ve attached the newsletters below, or you can visit the Holiday Club page on the church website to read more.

Small repairs

(old draft post found while digging around, Jan 2013 – thought it might be of interest –KW¬†8-))

  • Gaffer tape around the pink car on Sat 12th April for Ellie
  • cut through melamine veneer and first few layers of MDF/fibreboard in kitchen to get door handle back on
  • laptop power wire (again), this time without opening it up (see Twitter)
  • September and a new kitchen: igniter on hob – noticed it had a faulty seal when it got gravy inside it and didn’t stop firing. Kids don’t try this at home – igniters use very high voltages which may persist for a long time after switching off. Didn’t want to replace it, ‘cos installation was expensive. Levered switch off hob, stripped it down, cleaned it, put it back together – voila, working switch! It was a bit burnt where it had been arcing, though, so I think we’ll get a new one under the parts warranty. Handily it’s attached with spade connectors.
  • Aidan’s sleepy suit zipper – not closing the zip properly. Aidan quite upset, and we are too ‘cos it’s his favourite and he’s still not quite grown out of it. But a few seconds judicious work with the needle-nose pliers, squeezing the tail end, and all is fine!
  • Central heating saga. Blocked 15mm fill pipe. Eventually filled it through the 22mm vent pipe with a short section of 15mm pipe attached to the end of the hose (to allow it to vent as I filled it). Also – best cleaning tool: packing strap! And info about Gledhill BoilerMate II.
  • Anti-noose for those who wish to follow Chris Green’s recommendation.
  • Dishwasher door fitting with epoxy filler.