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RT @BBCBreaking: Car insurance industry to be investigated – [At last an expln why vastly more exp in UK than NZ]

8:16am May 31 2012 —

RT @SpaceX: Dragon to land in the Pacific Ocean, west of S California, at approx 8:44 AM PT/11:44 AM ET on May 31 [1644 BST]

8:09am May 31 2012 —

Have we gotten heaven wrong? – Think Christian… [NT Wright and others – the kingdom isn’t up in the sky, it’s here]

1:17pm May 30 2012 —

RT @solobasssteve: Having had my bass smashed to shit on a @British_Airways flight in the hold, their plans to make everyone check instr …

6:38am May 30 2012 —

RT @solobasssteve: Good to see musicians giving @British_Airways a much deserved kicking over their insane new instrument policy. Did so …

6:38am May 30 2012 —

RT @EosChater: Music lovers: Pls read this & ask @British_Airways to revert to allowing instruments on as hand luggage …

6:38am May 30 2012 —

@kesterbrewin @myen Shannon information theory.

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@tscf_nz Study with friends sometimes, not just on your own.

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RT @hfiguiere: Unicorns are real. They are just fat and we call them rhinos.

6:29am May 30 2012 —

@bengoldacre I usually ask a question back, just to test if they’re for real, before taking time.

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@ScotRail Third report – station clock at Polmont is still not correct; it’s 1 min 3 sec fast now. Distressing to people rushing for train!

7:32am May 29 2012 —

@ScotRail Hi there – the station clock eastbound at Polmont (PMT) is still about a minute fast. Please can you fix? Thanks!

in reply to ScotRail — 7:32am May 28 2012 —

RT @Harkaway: Camden Town full of overheating goths… Someone needs to devise a Byronic sunshine look.

6:27pm May 27 2012 —

RT @SEBC0E: Freedom™ has a price. Please contact the LOCOG marketing team for a ratecard.

5:38pm May 26 2012 —

RT @LaurieJ: RT @mala: NTK #1 was sent 15 years ago this week… the least we could do to commemorate it: #ntk [Wow. …

12:28am May 26 2012 —

Love the NASA / SpaceX contrasts. Love the ISS crew’s eagerness.
Love the tech that lets me enjoy it all live. #Dragon

12:16am May 26 2012 —

Just spent an entire evening watching recorded live NASA TV of today’s historic event. Wow! #Dragon

12:14am May 26 2012 —

@AtosStories It says I have to log into Facebook to download the document. Can you put a direct PDF link up somewhere?

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London 2012 and the BBC show Twenty Twelve are looking very chaotically similar

4:53pm May 24 2012 —

RT @bengoldacre: This is so embarrassing I don’t know where to look. NHS press office too. For shame.. RT @adrianshort:

4:33pm May 24 2012 —

@furrygirl @ioerror If they can identify the poster, it wasn’t anonymous! No case. QED.

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@ScotRail cool, thank you.

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@ScotRail The station clock at Polmont is 56 seconds fast. Please can you fix it? It’s very disconcerting!

7:32am May 24 2012 —

@falkirkcouncil Excellent! Thank you – very helpful indeed.

in reply to falkirkcouncil — 6:46pm May 23 2012 —

@bill4000 Thanks! It’s not on the military list you linked to. I’ll email them and let you know how it goes.

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RT @elonmusk: Dragon spaceship opens the navigation pod bay door without hesitation. So much nicer than HAL9000 :) #DragonLaunch

10:36am May 22 2012 —

Anyone know how to report incidents of GPS jamming? Ofcom website seems to think TV is the only signal that can experience interference!

8:30am May 22 2012 —

RT @elonmusk: Falcon flew perfectly!! Dragon in orbit, comm locked and solar arrays active!! Feels like a giant weight just came off my …

8:04am May 22 2012 —

All at home here watching the historic #dragonlaunch – everything else can wait! Looking good at T+5.30

7:51am May 22 2012 —

@elonmusk @SpaceX Woohoo! Well done to all! Very excited here. #dragonlaunch

7:50am May 22 2012 —

@TolkienSociety yes – have to go back and read the Silmarillion again now to remind myself of how it all ended up (approximately!)

in reply to TolkienSociety — 6:55pm May 21 2012 —

.@elonmusk absolutely! So impressed with the smooth unfazed handling of the abort. Definitely a success to be proud of.

in reply to elonmusk — 7:39am May 21 2012 —

#read Tolkien, Book of Lost Tales 2. Fascinating but very dark, as befits stories written 1914-16. Loved the fairy-stories-of-England angle.

7:35am May 21 2012 —

RT @ChrisMBowes: Colourful view, marks overhaul of another Edinburgh space following Martin Creed’s transformation of Scotsman Steps: ht …

8:57pm May 20 2012 —

RT @laurawhudson: The council have put a billboard over the crane on Hanbury Street in Spitalfields.… Muppets! Hope …

7:27pm May 20 2012 —

#read Fee & Stuart, How to read the Bible for all its worth. Disagreed with some, preferred F to S, but still a great 1-vol summary.

7:32am May 20 2012 —

RT @matthiasrascher: New Zealand Tourism Posters, 1930s. #NZ #history #travel #lp

7:13am May 20 2012 —

RT @solobasssteve: that @Scott_Gilmore Bono tweet? he’s admitted it’s nonsense. Bono didn’t make $1.5Billion – – yo …

7:10am May 20 2012 —

Aidan had his first real go at carpentry today – he made a planter from reclaimed timber! Determined and pretty good sawing and nailing!

8:19pm May 19 2012 —

Aargh! @SpaceX #dragonlaunch webcast unwatchable on 3G – is there a mobile stream anywhere?

8:21am May 19 2012 —

RT @SpaceX: One hour until the official SpaceX launch webcast. Watch at #DragonLaunch

7:32am May 19 2012 —

0915 BST RT @SpaceX: Get some sleep. Tomorrow’s early morning launch webcast starts at 4:15 AM ET at #DragonLaunch

9:23pm May 18 2012 —

Great little speech from Steven Pressley! #BBClosingDisplay

8:35pm May 18 2012 —

#fixed poor Andy’s arm by telling him the protip from my last tweet. Need a new hashtag – #publicfixing? #pdf?

7:59pm May 18 2012 —

For anyone who doesn’t know, press ‘b’ to blank the screen in Powerpoint. Again to restore. ‘w’ for white. #ProTip #BBClosingDisplay

7:53pm May 18 2012 —

A plea for non-textual program visualisations and editors. Why are we stick with text?…

7:35pm May 18 2012 —

One answer I think is density.

7:29pm May 18 2012 —

RT @NASA: MT @elonmusk: @SpaceX Just passed final launch review with @NASA. All systems go for liftoff on Sat morn.

6:27am May 18 2012 —

Wondering why it’s taken 4 months for me to hear about this:… Sadly, Google is now being evil. #mocality

8:24am May 16 2012 —

Nothing better than watching the kids enthusiastically doing my job for me :-) #chores

5:40pm May 15 2012 —

RT @cstross: Wait, an MMO written in *WHAT*? #hardcore

6:04pm May 14 2012 —

@TheBoyWhoBakes yes – create a page, then in settings > reading choose “front page displays a static page”.

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RT @johnmitchinson: Mr Bono, let me put it to you that the streets did indeed have names but that you have conveniently decided to forge …

9:35pm May 12 2012 —

RT @politicalhackuk: And did you honestly believe that rock and roll was an adequate foundation for a city of this size? #popleveson

9:34pm May 12 2012 —

RT @calamateur: Mr. Marley, some have accused you of both shooting the sheriff *and* the deputy. What is your response to these accusati …

9:33pm May 12 2012 —

#ukrain 2/10 EH9

8:09am May 11 2012 —