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RT @churchscotland: Paul Chapman and some big questions……

4:03pm Jul 31 2013 —

@horse_js do a barrel roll

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RT @FringeGuru: Ooh, this is really good. Another Edinburgh Fringe Survival Guide… (yes, I did see point 14 – you can…

8:06pm Jul 30 2013 —

Holiday! Very excited to be off on my birthday long long weekend!

6:59am Jul 26 2013 —

RT @cstross: Royal baby to be named Qatar Airways after landmark sponsorship deal:…

7:51pm Jul 24 2013 —

RT @horse_js: JavaScript. I will explain how it works.

First, let’s learn some Lisp.

9:24am Jul 22 2013 —

22/7: Happy European Pi Day! 20% more accurate than the trans-pondian alternative.

6:24am Jul 22 2013 —

@didierrano @arduinobook Broken link – wrong mime type?

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RT @steveplrose: Muslims ‘are Britain’s top charity givers’ – another story the #EDL would never tell people.… (£)

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10:36am Jul 20 2013 —

Peas sweetcorn and squash/courgette loving this hot weather! #heatwave #gardening

10:35am Jul 20 2013 —

Woohoo! First potato flower! #gardening

10:33am Jul 20 2013 —

Spent the day wondering why no one I needed to talk to was in the office. Stepped outside and suddenly realised. #heatwave

4:33pm Jul 18 2013 —

Walking last few blocks to work due to #Newington #fire #Edinburgh

8:13am Jul 18 2013 —

RT @TheScotsman: Picture from the scene in Newington, full story here:

8:11am Jul 18 2013 —

#deadbug 232 circuit for my #Arduino. One step closer to hot water control 2.0

10:35pm Jul 17 2013 —

@nanexllc Good – I was a bit worried there :-)

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@jboner Can’t even view the site on this mobile browser (Android 2.2). Get a table of contents and nothing else.

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@nanexllc Planning a little experiment?

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RT @jackviers: @jackviers Arithmetic is learned by third grade. Appreciation for the beauty of simplicity and logic is not taught til after…

6:44am Jul 16 2013 —

When the archaeologists of the future sift through our landfill, it’s the people who don’t recycle whose lives they’ll reconstruct.

10:56pm Jul 14 2013 —

Two craneflies mating on our bathroom door. Disconcerting.

11:59pm Jul 13 2013 —

RT @jasongorman: Getting timely reminder: disciplines need to become habits, so our conscious minds are free while our subconscious takes c…

11:47pm Jul 12 2013 —

@csbs_dancer Good luck Adam and Amber!

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RT @csbs_dancer: Big good luck wishes to Adam and Amber Smith who are taking part in “Perform Yorkshire” with the RAD at Northern… http:/…

8:47pm Jul 12 2013 —

#Fixed Blagdon Powersafe switch box. Switches are *not* good quality. Sigh.

7:57pm Jul 12 2013 —

RT @kissbystarlight: Idg people who don’t like pulp in orange juice, it’s the best part! 🍊🍊

9:49pm Jul 11 2013 —

@scheidegger @psnively So does bash on my Ubuntu box.

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More than a little shocked to find bare wet live wires under my @HotpointUK LFT114 dishwasher!

7:59pm Jul 10 2013 —

RT @solobasssteve: The irony of The Metro (owned by The Daily Mail) publishing this list of top 10 misconceptions is, uhm, tragic. http://t…

5:26pm Jul 9 2013 —

RT @solobasssteve: 10 common misconceptions amongst Britons about Britain, or ‘why the Daily Mail should be illegal’…

5:26pm Jul 9 2013 —

@SlideitKeyboard Is there a way to add custom symbols to a layout? I need pipe | for typing shell commands. Thanks.

4:20pm Jul 8 2013 —

@emergentkiwi :-) Would love to in some ways. Challenge of having a cross-global family. Thanks for the minding!

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RT @horse_js: Backbone is the fixed gear bike of frontend javascript frameworks.

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11:24am Jul 7 2013 —

Convinced the wind is always against us! #cycling #lindisfarne

4:48pm Jul 4 2013 —

#pethate When the paper towels are loaded upside down so you can’t get them out easily. The folds should be on the bottom, people!

10:49pm Jul 2 2013 —

Much better! Tent stitched and ready for sealing. #fixed

10:56am Jul 1 2013 —