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Another batch of our world-famous caramel sauce!

10:50pm Mar 31 2015 —

@horse_js and to God what is God’s. Luke 20.25.

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RT @trafficscotland: #Easter is coming this weekend…. So I have these wee guys to brighten up my desk :) #cute #someonebringmeanegg http:…

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@trafficscotland awwwww… cute!

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RT @typesafe: What is powering the new @LinkedIn homepage? Might not be what you think… via @LinkedInEng | http://…

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RT @neetzan: Cheesus Christ RT @shrekpissslave: Please read this incredible rant on reddit about grilled cheese

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RT @emergentkiwi: all stories have undersides. here’s my take on the Mary and Martha story – a forgotten fragrance.…

7:35am Mar 31 2015 —

RT @GeorgeMonbiot: To those who hand out medals: please give one to the Tube worker who did this.

7:21am Mar 31 2015 —

RT @MPPjournal: MT @Mark_Baker Always amusing: Putting the clock forward at #Avebury repositioning the stones for British Summer Time http:…

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RT @elakdawalla: I just got to when I added @#BringBackOurGirls“>BBOG_Nigeria and @obyezeks. Today is day 350 of #BringBackOurGirls and the girls are not home.…

7:52pm Mar 30 2015 —

RT @HackneyAbbott: This shameful mug is an embarrassment. But real problem is that immigration controls are one of our 5 pledges at all ht…

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RT @sfiegerman: Oh you know, just checking my smartphone while blasting off into space. Casual.

8:04am Mar 28 2015 —

RT @elakdawalla: HAHAHA RT @slugnads: Space is a problem spot. RT @AlexJamesFitz: LMFAO

8:02am Mar 28 2015 —

RT @harrybakerpoet: So far there has been a poem about getting naked under an eel tree after a rice hunt and being told to get hit by a car…

8:12pm Mar 27 2015 —

RT @sfslim: Potentially useful to many of my friends:

“Everything Is Awful and I’m Not Okay: questions to ask before giving up”

8:06pm Mar 27 2015 —

Very sad that our fish Sunshine died early this morning :-(

6:16pm Mar 27 2015 —

North end of #PolmontBridge clearly in the midst of something but the focus is elsewhere just now.

9:06am Mar 27 2015 —

More work on the south end of the bridge -a transverse trench matching the one to the north. #PolmontBridge

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8:30am Mar 27 2015 —

RT @trafficscotland: Morning! We’re off to a cold start again this morning, it’s so cold you might need to stand in the corner….

Seeing …

7:32am Mar 27 2015 —

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RT @NetworkRailEGIP: @kw217 @Duncan9474 Yes. We follow Keith’s updates with keen interest. 😄#PolmontBridge

9:03am Mar 26 2015 —

RT @NetworkRailEGIP: @Duncan9474 Holes are certainly not as cool as aqueducts. We will have plenty of pics & updates of demolition when it …

8:34am Mar 26 2015 —

RT @NetworkRailEGIP: @Duncan9474 Utilities being diverted ahead of demolition. Work running to programme. It will get interesting closer t…

8:34am Mar 26 2015 —

@Duncan9474 @NetworkRailEGIP #PolmontBridge has more about #Polmont works

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Progress on SE corner utilities, and the jointer has finished at SW at last! #PolmontBridge #Polmont

8:31am Mar 26 2015 —

RT @WallacestonePS: Night time activities at Broomlee

10:57pm Mar 25 2015 —

RT @WallacestonePS: More breakfast photos 😀

6:45pm Mar 25 2015 —

RT @caulkthewagon: Oslo abandoned their 2022 Olympics bid partly due to ludicrous requests from IOC. #Boston2024… htt…

11:48pm Mar 24 2015 —

So M did a great job helping to change the tyre! Did the nuts, and lowered the jack.

7:47pm Mar 24 2015 —

5:40pm Mar 24 2015 —

Very quiet without A around! #broomlee #p7

8:17am Mar 24 2015 —

RT @falkirk_herald: Camelon’s Mariner Centre to reopen on March 28 after £160,000 revamp:…

9:31am Mar 23 2015 —

#PolmontBridge Starting on SE corner utilities today – gas probably top of the list. #Polmont

8:39am Mar 23 2015 —

#PolmontBridge 10 weeks down, 31 to go. Nearly 1/4 done! On track for bridge removal w/e of 13 June. @NetworkRailEGIP

8:36am Mar 23 2015 —

RT @aisamanra: I have made a wonderful discovery about the conjunction of Haskell and Unicode.

8:30am Mar 21 2015 —

Some mysterious new rails have appeared at #Polmont – is it anything to do with #PolmontBridge? @NetworkRailEGIP

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@welovehistory your website has crashed :-(

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I watched as he opened the 6th seal.There was a great earthquake.The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair. #rev612 #eclipse2015

8:10am Mar 20 2015 —

RT @flightradar24: One of many flights that will be following #SolarEclipse between Iceland & Faroe Islands http://t…

8:06am Mar 20 2015 —

Build a simple camera obscura: cut hole in one end of cardboard box, cover in foil, make hole with pen tip, point hole at sun #eclipse2015

8:06am Mar 20 2015 —

@trafficscotland not for long! #eclipse

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#eclipse2015 day today!

7:26am Mar 20 2015 —

RT @alexjsipala: It is amazing what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit.

5:28pm Mar 19 2015 —

Pipe work at #PolmontBridge: OpenReach at S end joining 1600 wires/duct, gas at N end putting new main on E side with branch to temp bridge.

8:36am Mar 19 2015 —

Impressive braces under the #PolmontBridge temporary bridge at #Polmont – no way that wall is going to move!

8:35am Mar 19 2015 —

RT @zeh: Getting older, as a programmer, and this seems to make sense.…

7:54am Mar 19 2015 —

RT @BoingBoing: Playing the unplayable Death March (but not releasing the penguins).…

9:38pm Mar 18 2015 —

RT @SusanSchorn: Re: my @mcsweeneys column on weapons–this is a vernier caliper. Legal to carry in California!… http…

9:16pm Mar 18 2015 —

RT @trafficscotland: Perry is back! Looking as stunning as ever :) Taking a #BirdsEyeView of #A898 Erkine Bridge for us! #PeregrineFalcon h…

5:27pm Mar 17 2015 —

Openreach joining cables; gas main exposed; one lonely gas feed to stationmaster’s cottage! #PolmontBridge #Polmont

8:29am Mar 17 2015 —

@AnnPettifor FT piece…


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@AnnPettifor “fall in median income” hides even worse “median fall in income”. It’s not just the middle earners that count.

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RT @abt_programming: “Tweets are capped to 140 characters to prevent arguments about Java class names” – @sgalineau

7:49am Mar 17 2015 —

@YouVersion How do I report typos in a Bible reading plan?

12:11am Mar 17 2015 —

Do bees fly in bee-lines?

8:59am Mar 16 2015 —

9 weeks down, 32 to go. Work progressing steadily at #PolmontBridge #Polmont @NetworkRailEGIP

8:27am Mar 16 2015 —

#Shabushabu is awesome. Totally repeatable! Oishii desu!

12:58am Mar 15 2015 —

RT @CodeClub: It’s 9.26 on 3/14/15, that means it’s #pidayofthecentury! Confused? Find out what all the fuss is about:…

10:34am Mar 14 2015 —

RT @sarahoconnor_: Geek Quiz! Q: What’s the diff between the “change in median pay” and the “median change in pay”? A: An awful lot http://…

9:21am Mar 13 2015 —

RT @solobasssteve: Every stage of your life has its “optimum art practice”. Tell the story of who you are and what you see. make things.

9:19am Mar 13 2015 —

RT @FRC_Queensferry: Forth Bridges website just added an amazing pilot’s eye video of last week’s Spitfire flypast… h…

9:17am Mar 13 2015 —

Work continues at #PolmontBridge #Polmont uncovering the gas main (my guess yesterday was wrong).

8:30am Mar 13 2015 —

RT @caldamac: @bbcpress wow, what will a 7 year old do with a million coding devices? Surely one would suffice

10:58pm Mar 12 2015 —

RT @bbcpress: #BBCMakeitDigital will give 1m coding devices to every yr 7 child in UK. #BBCMicro for today http://t.…

10:57pm Mar 12 2015 —

So the #NSA might have invented that “porn star name” thing. First pet, name of first street you lived on. Hmmm.…

10:08pm Mar 12 2015 —

@kesterbrewin Article about the sea, pirates, and cyberspace. Thought you might be interested.…

1:09pm Mar 12 2015 —

Jointers’ tent at south end. #PolmontBridge

8:35am Mar 12 2015 —

Digging exposing an old-looking pipe to NE of #PolmontBridge. So many connections!

8:32am Mar 12 2015 —

@KateUpton @gameofwar No. Resist exploitation.

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RT @joeerl: Just written a program to generate equivalence groups of pitches – found there are only 223 chords (modulo rotation/inversion) …

11:24pm Mar 11 2015 —

RT @SciencePorn: The world’s first airplane flying on solar energy lands in India.…

11:23pm Mar 11 2015 —

RT @jwz: Please enjoy jwz mixtape 150. And today in “Youtube sucks” news — Remember a while ago I complained that Youtube……

11:19pm Mar 11 2015 —

RT @AstroSamantha: #Greece kissed by the delicate light of the setting Sun / (IT) La Grecia baciata dalla luce delicata del tramonto. http:…

9:04am Mar 9 2015 —

New ticket office access ramp appeared on weekend! #PolmontBridge #Polmont @NetworkRailEGIP

8:33am Mar 9 2015 —

8 weeks down, 33 to go! Digging starting at NE corner of bridge. #PolmontBridge #Polmont @NetworkRailEGIP

8:32am Mar 9 2015 —

RT @PeterRollins: We can be quick to think we know other’s issues/defences. Psychoanalysts are trained precisely to avoid the trap of think…

9:04pm Mar 8 2015 —

RT @FioraAeterna: “This assert would’ve saved me hours of debugging. Why was it off?” *git blame*

commit: “disable assert that caused test…

7:29pm Mar 8 2015 —

@bengoldacre Do you have a serious response to…? (parachute metaanalysis)

7:25pm Mar 8 2015 —

RT @antumbral: A+ 11/10 would read again
“… a double blind, randomised, placebo controlled, crossover trial of the parachute.”

7:21pm Mar 8 2015 —

1:52pm Mar 8 2015 —

RT @jasongorman: I really wish there were more role models out there for kids like @iamwill… -> he’s so right. Screw …

1:48pm Mar 8 2015 —

RT @esascience: Congratulations! RT @NASA_Dawn: Confirmed: I am in orbit around #Ceres

5:46pm Mar 6 2015 —

RT @INEOS_Comms_GM: Planned maintenance completed at INEOS Grangemouth. Spells of flaring may be evident today (Fri 6 March) normal operati…

9:11am Mar 6 2015 —

Filling in the utilities trenches at north end of #PolmontBridge – then the week is done! #Polmont @NetworkRailEGIP

8:28am Mar 6 2015 —

RT @jaz303: HN, Builder’s Edition:

10:13pm Mar 5 2015 —

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RT @0xabad1dea: Official new portrait of me

8:36pm Mar 5 2015 —

RT @0xabad1dea: The machine in that picture is a literal palmtop with an atom processor and Windows XP I imported from Korea in like 2009

8:36pm Mar 5 2015 —

@Mythic_Beasts Failing to connect to or just now – is it just me?

8:35pm Mar 5 2015 —

Please note satirical tone in NZ piece #ttrtpt #notaseriousnewsorganization #butafunnyone

8:41am Mar 5 2015 —

RT @TheCivilianNZ: Tourists take law into own hands by confiscating New Zealanders’ alcohol:…

8:40am Mar 5 2015 —

RT @0xdeadbabe: There is a sort of taxonomy one could tease out about the various styles of jazz.

8:38am Mar 5 2015 —

#PolmontBridge all on time, working hard for next big date: old bridge removed 13 June! 54-hour track possession.

8:37am Mar 5 2015 —

Today I got an #exclusive sneak peek down the stairs at the base of the temporary #PolmontBridge. A solid foundation!

8:33am Mar 5 2015 —

RT @mcpherrinm: @pcwalton Huh, that seems a lot more convenient than creating a new PID namespace!

7:53am Mar 5 2015 —