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Great Flaim planning meeting last night – it’s going to be an action-packed term! Lots of good ideas and enthusiasm.

6:56am Aug 31 2012 —

Waves, shaves, bops, crops, snips, clips, flats’n’flips, miles of styles. Over 40 years on the southside. #Bernies

4:18pm Aug 30 2012 —

3:47pm Aug 30 2012 —

Sad to see the passing of a Newington institution -Bernie of Bernies Barber Shop has hung up his scissors with panache.

3:45pm Aug 30 2012 —

More on inductive Bible study…

10:32pm Aug 28 2012 —

How to do inductive Bible study, TSCF style, in under 2 minutes…

10:31pm Aug 28 2012 —

RT @ManMadeMoon: If the Chinese can hurry up and get a rover up to Mars, we could very well get to see the greatest episode of Robot War …

4:40pm Aug 28 2012 —

7:11am Aug 28 2012 —

I have smartphone thumb. Ouch.

6:45am Aug 28 2012 —

RT @williamheath: Samsung products now not merely more attractive than Apple, but better street cred also

6:41am Aug 28 2012 —

RT @ThePleasance: Pleasance Facts: The Grand was the venue that used the most balloons and tape during the festival @TapeFaceBoy

6:37am Aug 28 2012 —

Apparently Britain needs more houses – perhaps we could spend money on helping prevent divorce instead?

4:24pm Aug 27 2012 —

So @greenbelt: was #gb12 as muddy as GB25 in 1998? Can’t believe it’s 13yrs since moving to Cheltenham! Huge decision thoroughly vindicated.

3:58pm Aug 27 2012 —

@kinneil Thanks for quoting me! Great story and a great day!…

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RT @kinneil: @kw217 @welovehistory You’ve been quoted in my #Storify story “Kinneil Heritage Day 2012”

3:43pm Aug 27 2012 —

Feels like autumn – wet and windy, scent of leaves in the air, but still warm.

3:40pm Aug 27 2012 —

RT @jteramsden: How to separate eggs using a plastic bottle. Extraordinary #wom

10:11pm Aug 26 2012 —

Fun day out at Kinneil House this afternoon – Aidan and Alasdair.

6:47pm Aug 26 2012 —

RT @reuvenim: Beware of music pirates! Propaganda on display at Scienceworks #copyright

6:45pm Aug 26 2012 —

RT @NSFChurch: Love keeps no record of wrongs. God is love.

7:46am Aug 26 2012 —

RT @tejucole: (1) This remains batshit amazing. (2) The patriarchal language is strikingly absurd. RT @nytimes: 1969 MEN WALK ON MOON ht …

11:13pm Aug 25 2012 —

RT @EvanHD: Samsung “It’s unfortunate that patent law can be manipulated to give one company a monopoly over rectangles with rounded cor …

10:03pm Aug 25 2012 —

RT @solobasssteve: #gb12 off to a flying start. Take 1000 of my favourite people, stick em in a field with 19000 other lovely people, ad …

5:09pm Aug 24 2012 —

Point 2: How much is lost in translation (of both words and cultural context)? #Breivik (qv via @BeckySJones)

4:38pm Aug 24 2012 —

Point 1: Should justice be restorative or retributive? #Breivik

4:37pm Aug 24 2012 —

Oh no! Missing #gb12 already :-( #wishiwasthere RT @jackharrybill: Great news from #gb12. There are TWO Tiny Tea Tents

4:21pm Aug 24 2012 —

RT @eliotvb: Quick, everybody buy more guns so people stop getting shot.

4:19pm Aug 24 2012 —

@solasfestival Excellent, thank you. Looking forward to it.

in reply to solasfestival — 11:20am Aug 24 2012 —

Just looked at our bug tracker and I’ve fixed 777 bugs since joining the company! Woohoo! (and an auspicious number too)

7:45am Aug 24 2012 —

@GreatDismal View > Full Screen Reading

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RT @cstross: Doctors’ handwriting font:

7:00am Aug 24 2012 —

@TheBoyWhoBakes Be more worried if they were £6.66

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@solasfestival Any idea when you’ll get recordings up on the website? Very keen to get Jonny Baker’s Sat talk and Padraig&Nic’s joint one.

6:43am Aug 24 2012 —

Learning inline skating. Biggest block just now is my adductors, which have zero strength. Any do-at-home exercises other than skating?

6:38am Aug 24 2012 —

RT @doctorow: Transcript and slides from “The coming civil war over general purpose computing”…

10:48pm Aug 23 2012 —

Roman family fun day out at Kinneil House Sunday 26th… – looks awesome!

10:29pm Aug 23 2012 —

Planning to do Dynamic Earth this Sat & Roman family open day at Kinneil House (with reenacted battles!) on Sun. Anyone want to join us?

10:27pm Aug 23 2012 —

@FarnellNews Surely not at five volts?! Do we need three-phase USB? :-)

in reply to FarnellNews — 4:31pm Aug 23 2012 —

@harrybakerpoet sorry, would have loved to but had to work. Thanks again!

in reply to harrybakerpoet — 4:27pm Aug 23 2012 —

@harrybakerpoet Brilliant again, even w/o 99 Problems (which wouldn’t really fit in this show I guess)! Is new video going on Youtube?

in reply to harrybakerpoet — 12:30pm Aug 23 2012 —

@harrybakerpoet didn’t realise you had two times now! 12pm.

in reply to harrybakerpoet — 8:14am Aug 23 2012 —

@harrybakerpoet coming to see you again today with a couple of friends – please please :-) can you do 99 Problems, with the π solo?

7:34am Aug 23 2012 —

RT @DougCoupland: I really just don’t get Facebook. It’s like Twitter with massive homework attached. Please, what is the attraction? I …

7:31am Aug 23 2012 —

RT @Anthony_Bonnici: Prince Harry’s antics blamed on product of broken home, family living off taxpayers, growing up on estates & ti …

7:27am Aug 23 2012 —

My home automation controller no longer has a 2 sec delay, thanks to an XMPP message bus. Clickety-click!

10:52pm Aug 22 2012 —

Ooh, memories! Hoi Polloi, Rest Tonite…

6:36pm Aug 22 2012 —

Limit not the truth of God 2our poor reachof mind. The Lord hath yet more light and truth to break forth from His Word.

12:25pm Aug 22 2012 —

11:32am Aug 21 2012 —

Walking to the train with lots of “first day at school”s happening around me. Cute!

8:01am Aug 21 2012 —

IDF soldier’s chilling account of running an Israeli checkpoint in the West Bank.…

11:41pm Aug 20 2012 —

RT @chrissydowney: Schoolboy error!

7:35am Aug 18 2012 —

@bengoldacre bad design, that’s all…

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RT @GreatDismal: RT @joe_hill Fascinating article about what the SF writers of ’87 thought 2012 would be like.… via …

7:02am Aug 18 2012 —

Too hot!

4:06pm Aug 17 2012 —

@heyimkiera_ not me! Was confusing when you changed your name though. Good work on HC!

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RT @AnnCurry: Ecuador says it offered to send Julian Assange to Sweden, as long as Sweden wouldn’t then extradite him to the US, but no …

10:34pm Aug 16 2012 —

RT @AnnCurry: cont:”..he would be treated in a cruel and degrading way, that he would receive a life sentence or death penalty…” #Assange

10:34pm Aug 16 2012 —

RT @AnnCurry: “..Mr. Assange would not have a fair trial, he could be judged by special or military courts, and it is not unlikely to be …

10:34pm Aug 16 2012 —

RT @AnnCurry: Ecuador’s assessment of US judicial fairness: “Judicial evidence clearly demonstrates.. an extradition to the United State …

10:34pm Aug 16 2012 —

RT @kesterbrewin: Congrats @TomDaley1994 for getting A in Maths today! So good to see someone in public eye enjoying/celebrating the sub …

10:29pm Aug 16 2012 —

@viokaps Rules of Thumb for Change Agents…

11:54pm Aug 15 2012 —

Wish my codereviews weremorelike this stunning manuscript rvw… p15-31 Heinlein on The Mote in God’s Eye via @BrendanEich

7:23am Aug 15 2012 —

@BrendanEich yes, that’s better.

in reply to BrendanEich — 7:20am Aug 15 2012 —

@BrendanEich yes, aware of that – struggling for concision :-( “Review” isn’t the right word in publishing, but critique not it either. #140

in reply to BrendanEich — 7:18am Aug 15 2012 —

RT @BrendanEich:… pp15-31 – amazing Robert A. Heinlein letter critiquing manuscript of Niven&Pournelle “The Mote …

7:07am Aug 15 2012 —

The buses are taking over! First the east coast main line, then the west! #virgin #firstgroup #wcml

6:38am Aug 15 2012 —

RT @RadioClydeNews: Virgin Rail has lost its West Coast main
line franchise, with transport company FirstGroup taking over from December.

6:24am Aug 15 2012 —

RT @jamanifin: Watch out! An alternative hashing algorithm is coming to break your code. #jdk8

11:07pm Aug 14 2012 —

#reading Jerram & Anderson, Cock and Bull Stories. Fun Marlborough vet stories – really enjoying it!

11:07pm Aug 14 2012 —

RT @olivia_solon: Love this: A simple sticker on the window of the bus creates “Man-eater”, a game to keep commuters occupied http://t.c …

3:49pm Aug 14 2012 —

.@ScottishPower @SP_EnergyPeople First was approx 0135 Mon 13th August.

4:03pm Aug 13 2012 —

.@ScottishPower @sp_energypeople Why were there 3 short power cuts last night in FK2? This has hapnd often in last 3yrs. =>alarms, damage

4:02pm Aug 13 2012 —

Excited – first night of holiday club tonight! I’m on newsletters and troubleshooting. Hope there aren’t too many gremlins! #showstoppers

3:47pm Aug 13 2012 —

Useless @ScottishPower just gave us yet another one second power cut in FK2. Clearly trying to destroy all our computers and light bulbs.

12:40am Aug 13 2012 —

RT @davidhussman: Fav story: developers buy 9 copies of mythical man month for manager, suggesting manager will be able to read book 9 t …

7:29pm Aug 12 2012 —

RT @Patriccus: Sunrise on Mars – one of the most amazing photos I’ve ever seen:

8:31am Aug 10 2012 —

RT @TheDweck: “Wait, have we been using children’s bicycles this whole time?” -BMX rider

8:14am Aug 10 2012 —

RT @bassosolo: @warriorgrrl Everytime I read a tweet from @solobasssteve I think, “man, he tweets way too much”…and yet I keep reading!

8:11am Aug 10 2012 —

@harrybakerpoet cool thanks!

in reply to harrybakerpoet — 7:59am Aug 10 2012 —

Wow wow wow – thank you @Ewan123 and @VirtualAstro – amazing view of the ISS tonight from FK2

10:03pm Aug 9 2012 —

.@harrybakerpoet Fabulous show today – thanks! Going to bring some friends along next week if I can – hoping for 85 digits of π this time!

9:42pm Aug 9 2012 —

@solobasssteve @harrybakerpoet It’s really good, but be early – venue is even more of a squeeze than usual!

in reply to solobasssteve — 9:36pm Aug 9 2012 —

RT @NtlMuseumsScot: Enjoyed today’s #FreeFringeMusic with @jo_mango? She’s back on 12 & 24 Aug & is running a #SoundsGlobal work …

7:51pm Aug 9 2012 —

Aargh, missed my train by ten seconds again. Crowds on the road, crowds blocking the ticket barrier. #fringewhinge

5:22pm Aug 9 2012 —

RT @kesterbrewin: The problem w/ science is that it is obsessed with finding the truth. The problem w/ religion is that it’s convinced i …

5:07pm Aug 9 2012 —

RT @kesterbrewin: The wonderful thing about fiction is that, in slaying the idea of truth in the first word, it can get on with being tr …

5:07pm Aug 9 2012 —

RT @nickzas: Stop everything you are doing and marvel at the first HD panoramic picture on Mars that the world has ever seen. http://t.c …

4:51pm Aug 8 2012 —

A better resp RT @TheEconomist Is there a diff btw buying social justice w coffee v Christian traditionalism w chicken?

4:20pm Aug 8 2012 —

The Enlghtnmnt-rationalist boat has sailed.We may not like some silly consequences, but faith is allowed to be public. Christianity must be.

4:16pm Aug 8 2012 —

.@TheEconomist says business people should keep faith in the private sphere Which century is it again?

4:13pm Aug 8 2012 —

RT @huey: Incredible as ever RT @LettersOfNote: On this day in 1865, a former slave sent this stunning letter to his old master: http:// …

7:34am Aug 8 2012 —

Lots of things just worked to make that album upload very smooth last night. Thanks AndSMB and Geeqie in particular.

7:27am Aug 8 2012 —

Doug and Pat go ballooning!…

9:47pm Aug 7 2012 —

RT @shanerichmond: Gold medals per capita: Jamaica top, New Zealand 2nd and then Slovenia. GB 8th, US 22nd and China 33rd: …

4:03pm Aug 6 2012 —

Plausible: RT @spacehijackers: BREAKING: Cadbury’s, LOCOG launch branding rights challenge against NASA for promoting Mars in Olympic year.

4:01pm Aug 6 2012 —

RT @glossedover: The crowd in Times Square just chanted “Science! Science!” I bet that’s never happened here before. #marscuriosity

7:36am Aug 6 2012 —

RT @bengoldacre: #curiosity #mars RT @Paul_Cornell: As Eugene Byrne put it: ‘The nerds just took Gold in the 560 billion metres’.

7:36am Aug 6 2012 —

7:33am Aug 6 2012 —

Stepping into the road through the maelstrom that is the gutter, I think of Edgar Allan Poe.

7:31am Aug 6 2012 —

RT @spacehijackers: Nah, more like 7% RT @sherifffruitfly we went to mars for 20% of the price of the london olympics.

7:23am Aug 6 2012 —