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RT @spacehijackers: Solidarity to @guyadams in #TwitterJail. We know the feeling. They won’t feed you for at least 24hrs. Keep singing K …

6:48am Jul 31 2012 —

RT @sunny_hundal: It wasn’t an article but this tweet that got The Independent’s Guy Adams banned from Twitter by NBC

6:48am Jul 31 2012 —

Seen outside a house on our estate: “Remember: as far as anyone knows, we’re a nice, normal family”

4:58pm Jul 30 2012 —

RT @cstross: Why Tesco’s website design REALLY sucks (bad security alert):…

4:21pm Jul 30 2012 —

Paul Windsor on good church governance.…

1:04pm Jul 30 2012 —

Managed to get on a train – not sure what will happen next. Ah well.

6:40am Jul 30 2012 —

RT @ScotRail: Owing to a person hit by a train at Haymarket service are disrupted pls visit for travel updates &amp …

6:37am Jul 30 2012 —

RT @kippernoggin: @spacehijackers If #emptyseats are for sponsors, put their logos on them – then we can see who is really interested th …

7:43pm Jul 29 2012 —

RT @MrsSuzieSamuels: @gilescoren That’s so annoying. Plenty of us tried but failed to get tickets, and they don’t give a shit about goin …

7:43pm Jul 29 2012 —

RT @gilescoren: lots of empty seats here at the beach volleyball on a stunning sunny morning. and they are the best seats. so it definit …

7:42pm Jul 29 2012 —

RT @spacehijackers: Local families sweated to get tickets – #emptyseats shows the contempt Locog has for us. We’re not invited to party …

9:53pm Jul 28 2012 —

RT @kesterbrewin: …If only each moment had a calculable determinant. Mostly we iterate blindly.

9:51pm Jul 28 2012 —

RT @kesterbrewin: b^2 < 4ac: as with quadratics, so in life: sometimes there are no solutions in the domain of the real. Then shit ge …

9:51pm Jul 28 2012 —

RT @conal: @psnively @angelaharms I.e. OO *inherits* composition-failure from its imperative heritage.

9:41pm Jul 28 2012 —

2:31pm Jul 28 2012 —

RT @piombo: Make that 160 arrests, and 160 missing bicycles #criticalmass #totalpolicing #London2012

2:31pm Jul 28 2012 —

Lying in my tent listening to the rain pattering on the fly, faith in the BBC weather forecast sustains me.

6:41am Jul 28 2012 —

6:36am Jul 28 2012 —

RT @Gods_Girl9015: I’d love to get a barge pole covered in marshmallows and stick it in that cauldron.

6:33am Jul 28 2012 —

@viokaps Thank you!

in reply to viokaps — 8:49am Jul 27 2012 —

#reading Edwin Abbott, Flatland (for the second time). Fascinating and enlightening tour de force. Thanks @realrobbell for reminding me!

7:43am Jul 27 2012 —

RT @williamheath: Way out of Olympic brand insanity is surely for sponsors to say “don’t worry it’s fine to bring whatever you like” #m …

7:21am Jul 26 2012 —

RT @saniac: In the meanwhile, try to avoid visiting GA-enabled pages with commas in the URL and then clinking links to sites that parse …

7:20am Jul 26 2012 —

@NSFChurch Grind sunglasses to a fine powder. Dilute 1:100 in pure water. Shake. Repeat 30 times. Take 5mL three times per day until cured.

in reply to NSFChurch — 7:16am Jul 26 2012 —

Reading a book re history of railways in Edinburgh on the train to Edinburgh this morning. Worried people will think I’m a trainspotter.

7:08am Jul 26 2012 —

@Gods_Girl9015 I’ve been eating rather a lot of cake recently. Going to have to slow down a bit. Tricky in my house…

in reply to Gods_Girl9015 — 6:48am Jul 26 2012 —

As a matter of professional pride Development do remove some bugs themselves, but they always leave the best ones for Support to find.

10:48pm Jul 25 2012 —

Roles in the software lifecycle: Development put the bugs in, Support take them out.

10:48pm Jul 25 2012 —

5:59pm Jul 25 2012 —

Beautiful circumzenithal arc in Linlithgow just now!

5:48pm Jul 25 2012 —

@snim2 ah yes, you’re not supposed to do that :-)

in reply to snim2 — 1:32pm Jul 25 2012 —

Saw a great poster today. Distressed looking girl on sofa, labelled “Bipolar”, next to two white bears.

8:07am Jul 25 2012 —

RT @emergentkiwi: how do you how grow compassion (and other emotions like anger, joy, love)? a question of Principal (4). ttp://tinyurl. …

7:14am Jul 25 2012 —

That strange bright ball is in the sky again, and it’s made everything up there turn blue. Second time this year. Very odd.

7:12am Jul 25 2012 —

@snim2 Long time since I’ve written any Swing code, but surely not – Swing is all asynchronous events, Thread.sleep is synchronous.

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RT @grammarware: Sleep is like coffee, but for people who have too much free time.

7:05am Jul 25 2012 —

RT @quentinsf: The Royal Mint has produced an official Olympics coin. It costs £15 and is worth £5. Need I say more?

6:13pm Jul 24 2012 —

RT @andrewperriman: Blandina’s confession under torture, 177 AD: “I am a Christian, and with us no evil finds a place.” (Eusebius, H.E. …

6:12pm Jul 24 2012 —

@heatherelder Cool! Congrats. Wonder what the juicy gossip / tedious legalese ratio will be.

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RT @spacehijackers: “I Wanna Hold Your Brand” [Beatles™] #OlympicSongs

6:37am Jul 24 2012 —

RT @spacehijackers: McDonalds, McDonalds, K******* F**** C****** and a P**** H** #OlympicSongs…

6:37am Jul 24 2012 —

RT @caitlinmoran: Or was that just the Care Bears?

9:41pm Jul 23 2012 —

RT @caitlinmoran: If it starts to rain during the opening ceremony, I think we should all gather in a circle & make huge rainbows sh …

9:41pm Jul 23 2012 —

9yo and 6yo are currently fighting over an imaginary cucumber at the lunch table.

11:54am Jul 22 2012 —

RT @tuleesha: Everyone on twitter is perfect in real life and always makes the right decisions. #gtfohwtbs

8:46am Jul 21 2012 —

RT @FringeGuru: Here I am in the Assembly Festival gardens. Feels just like they’ve never been away. It’s even stopped raining and every …

8:34pm Jul 20 2012 —

RT @jo_mango: Mastering… CHECK! Promo artwork… CHECK! Pressing on its way… CHECK. Wee excited dance around the office…. CHECK!

6:45pm Jul 20 2012 —

@tuleesha You’re assuming there’s thought involved. They’re quite consistent if you assume naive selfishness of those in power.

in reply to tuleesha — 6:42pm Jul 20 2012 —

RT @SalmanRushdie: The “right to bear arms” is the real Bane of America.

6:37pm Jul 20 2012 —

RT @TheRealOderus: How many mass-shootings is it going to take before you humans realize guns are bad…

6:37pm Jul 20 2012 —

@solobasssteve Observations on Film Art – fascinating analysis of film (movies, not just festival) as art and craft

in reply to solobasssteve — 4:37pm Jul 20 2012 —

@solobasssteve Diamond Geezer – crazy / geeky facts about London infrastructure

in reply to solobasssteve — 4:36pm Jul 20 2012 —

@solobasssteve Kester Brewin – theology, society, pirates, the other, occupy, …

in reply to solobasssteve — 4:34pm Jul 20 2012 —

@solobasssteve Confused of Calcutta – thoughts on what business looks like in a social/open/web/etc world.

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RT @kesterbrewin: Excellent background on a very nasty cop, by the should-be-knighted @paullewis: #Tomlinson #fb

4:20pm Jul 20 2012 —

Who let all the women out? Seems to be hen party weekend at Edinburgh Waverley…

4:14pm Jul 20 2012 —

RT @mathsinthecity: You a pure mathematician? You bored of being asked “but what is the application”? Here’s your answer: …

4:11pm Jul 19 2012 —

Aha – it’s to the left of the stadium! “@HelixFalkirk: “The ‘Central Park’ is the beating heart of the project

4:07pm Jul 19 2012 —

The intolerance of tolerance…

12:01pm Jul 19 2012 —

Sunshine again – feels good after two days of solid rain. Trying to let the photons impinge on my retina and sort out my seretonin levels.

6:36am Jul 19 2012 —

Whew! Saved by System Restore! Win 7 #bsod with REGISTRY_ERROR immediately after login. SR unwound the corruption. Thanks @microsoft (!)

8:52pm Jul 18 2012 —

RT @kesterbrewin: I suppose the real art of going on holiday is sustaining the spirit of adventure and contentment on one’s return.

11:41pm Jul 17 2012 —

RT @spacehijackers: Kettle chips: ‘Police told to empty crisps into plastic bags to avoid advertising rival brands’ #London2012 http://t …

11:41pm Jul 17 2012 —

Thought-provoking… “The New Testament was a prophetic church that knew what God was doing. We aren’t. We don’t.”

3:52pm Jul 17 2012 —

Mitchell & Webb Sound – Identity Theft… (sorry, I know it’s old, but it’s hilarious and very true)

11:45am Jul 17 2012 —

RT @BrandanJR: Could this be the first review of @PeterRollins new book, “Idolatry of God”?! My humble thoughts… :)…

6:47am Jul 17 2012 —

RT @spacehijackers: Global Warming™. The Official Rain™ provider of the London™ 2012™ Olympic™ Games™. #tellshell

11:24pm Jul 16 2012 —

Was alrdy pretty transparent, but details here. RT @GeorgeMonbiot: Revolting US lobby gp trying to sink UK smoking laws…

11:20pm Jul 16 2012 —

First wee salad from the garden at last!

6:07pm Jul 16 2012 —

Managed it! On train heading home! Yay sunshine and early evenings!

4:06pm Jul 16 2012 —

RT @solidus: Olympics website bans us from linking to it unless we say only nice things. Really.

11:48am Jul 16 2012 —

Feeling great post-holiday: well refreshed and full of ideas!

6:40am Jul 16 2012 —

Up bright and early this morning – the new Keith leaves early and arrives home early over the holidays to get more time with kids.

6:40am Jul 16 2012 —

New automated announcement voice at Polmont – sounds very smooth! Go @ScotRail!

6:38am Jul 16 2012 —

@ScotRail Smartcard reader at Polmont faulty
says “Card not valid” for valid card. I emailed May, was told they’re aware. Still not fixed!

6:37am Jul 16 2012 —

RT @iamdanw: LOCOG turned to Occupy London and said “Call that an occupation? This is an occupation”

6:27pm Jul 15 2012 —

#cafe Coffee Cakes Clothing and Other Yummy Things, Laggan A889. Yum indeed! Excellent cake selection, cosy setting, bright and cheery ****

3:25pm Jul 14 2012 —

Finished! C has taught me to knit (again!), & I made this wee square. 1820 st in 4 days – a way off C still! #FOFriday

12:08pm Jul 14 2012 —

Bye Uig! All packed up and on the road in 3’20 and no shouting! :-) Lovely time, sad to be leaving, happy to be going in sunshine!

10:55am Jul 14 2012 —

Sadly time to cone home. Challenge: to pack all away w/o tears or shouting, in under 3hrs after breakfast. Brilliant sunshine to see us off!

6:24am Jul 14 2012 —

Finished! C has taught me to knit (again!), & I made this wee square. 1820 st in 4 days – a way off C still! #FOFriday (pic to follow)

1:16pm Jul 13 2012 —

Last tweet sent at 1am Sunday – weather has greatly improved since then, though internet coverage still poor…

5:35pm Jul 11 2012 —

Ready to tuck ourselves up in bed at last – ensconced in Uig, in a tent in the wind. Don’t *think* we’ll blow away!

5:35pm Jul 11 2012 —

Glen Brittle walk pretty good today – Fairy Pools quite spectacular, and the Cuillin themselves even more so in quite a different way.

5:35pm Jul 11 2012 —

RT @stuartsierra: Functional programming would be easier to learn if algorithm textbooks didn’t insist on using imperative pseudocode

4:41pm Jul 9 2012 —

So pleased to be on holiday! RT @ScotRail: Sorry, the 17:46 Glasgow Queen Street to Edinburgh will run with 3 carriages instead of 6

4:39pm Jul 9 2012 —

Storr: we did the walk, but hope it won’t work – think our family is complete now!

4:37pm Jul 9 2012 —

Decided not to tell the kids the real reason the pinnacle below The Storr is called the Old Man… am I a prude?

4:36pm Jul 9 2012 —

Ah, this is more like the weather we ordered! Brilliant sunshine over the bay, lazy late afternoon in the tent, beginning to think of dinner

4:34pm Jul 9 2012 —

RT @SimonNRicketts: HAWKEYE THE NOO #wimbledon

8:08pm Jul 6 2012 —

Bus just went on a totally different route! 47 used to go past S Bridge, but not today. Sprinted to Haymarket, just made my train. Puffed!

4:51pm Jul 6 2012 —

RT @infobeautiful: Punytive Damages? Largest corporate fines since 2005 Does the punishment fit the crime?

12:12pm Jul 6 2012 —

RT @bcarswell: @kw217 @davebish Feel I need to credit Chris Clarke of World Vision for that tweet.

8:40am Jul 6 2012 —

Lateral insight: “Last year’s riots were a picture of multiracial harmony, with black and white looting side by side.”

8:40am Jul 6 2012 —

RT @bcarswell: Poverty: Think Biblically,Volunteer enthusiastically,Spend wisely,Read actively,Shout loudly,Pray continuously,Study purp …

6:54am Jul 6 2012 —

@saniac How about: Have impeccable spelling and grammar, address you by name, tell you to log in to read a message, don’t provide any links.

in reply to saniac — 11:45pm Jul 4 2012 —

RT @OpenRightsGroup: ACTA was rejected by European Parliament (478 to 39). Thanks to everyone who contacted their MEPs.

3:00pm Jul 4 2012 —

#reading @kesterbrewin, Mutiny. Compelling reading, and very topical.

2:59pm Jul 4 2012 —

RT @ThirskICT: Today I want to show Yr9 students how far a tweet can travel. Please RT this message Thanks. #Howfar

10:38am Jul 4 2012 —

RT @bengoldacre: YES RT @Dr_star_T: is it time to remind people that you’re never too young to catch out naughty GSK?

7:06am Jul 4 2012 —