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RT @BoingBoing: This elegant, cheap, simple folded cardboard mount turns your phone into an Oculus Rift.……

6:57am Jun 27 2014 —

Aargh, Scotsman Steps closed this morning. Walking up Fleshmarket Close instead. Feels harder even though it shouldn’t.

8:00am Jun 26 2014 —

RT @brainpicker: A heartwarming ode to friendship from children’s book icon Eric Carle, who is 85 today…

8:02pm Jun 25 2014 —

RT @dangillmor: Another #IO14 protester asking Google to demonstrate more of a conscience. They’re taking him away but the issue won’t go a…

8:01pm Jun 25 2014 —

Riding the Edinburgh tram for the first time! Very smooth, but I think a bit pointless.

4:53pm Jun 25 2014 —

RT @stevenmackenzie: “Get rich or try sharing” – check out this @maumauart t-shirt from @BigIssueShop #asocialecho… h…

4:37pm Jun 25 2014 —

To those who understand: TAKE HEART, ALL THINGS MUST PASS. For the sake of my fingers, dear God,…

4:36pm Jun 25 2014 —

RT @SciencePorn: We’ve all done it…

1:42pm Jun 25 2014 —

.@Dominos_UK not sure having miserable looking people standing bored on street corners in Edinburgh makes a lot of sense as marketing!

8:22am Jun 23 2014 —

RT @SciencePorn: Crescent Venus and crescent Moon… Image: NASA

11:28pm Jun 19 2014 —

Do not trust atoms – they make up everything.

8:54pm Jun 19 2014 —

@cookingforgeeks yum indeed!

in reply to jeffpotterusa — 12:56pm Jun 18 2014 —

Too hot!

6:00pm Jun 17 2014 —

RT @WallacestonePS: The crew are unsettled… There have been rumblings down below… #PiratesoftheCurrybean

6:00pm Jun 17 2014 —

RT @JacKCooney: Have we all got it out of our system for the kidnapped girls in Nigeria now? – @PauldMcNamee #bigissue #slacktivism http://…

4:11pm Jun 17 2014 —

RT @brainpicker: How to navigate the murky waters of workplace friendships

8:01am Jun 17 2014 —

RT @mattblaze: Of course, if you’re *not* a member, IEEE shakes you down for a whopping $31 per paper you download. And they talk about “pi…

11:19pm Jun 16 2014 —

RT @mattblaze: Just got spam from IEEE reminding me that members are gouged only $13 each to download papers. (Authors/reviewers/eds don’t …

11:19pm Jun 16 2014 —

RT @mattblaze: Cartels coercing authors into signing over (c) for free & charging exorbitant fees to readers are included in any reasonably…

11:19pm Jun 16 2014 —

@cookingforgeeks butter flavour, according to

in reply to jeffpotterusa — 11:18pm Jun 16 2014 —

Awesome Fathers’ Day present! Thanks A & M! (and @viokaps!). It made us a delicious dinner tonight too!

8:32pm Jun 15 2014 —

RFC7231 3.4 “HTTP pays no attention to the man behind the curtain.” In which universe is this acceptable language for a spec?

9:57pm Jun 13 2014 —


4:43pm Jun 13 2014 —

Three or 4 of these ‘unique’ driveways have appeared on our street in last few weeks. What does ‘unique’ mean again?

7:40pm Jun 12 2014 —

RT @JonnyGeller: Is this a perfect cartoon? via @budgie in @PrivateEyeNews

6:47am Jun 12 2014 —

@NetworkRailSCOT Polmont (PMT) station clocks are one hour fast today!

7:26am Jun 10 2014 —

RT @igrigorik: RFC2616 (HTTP/1.1) is dead: … 2600+ changesets later, HTTP1.1 is now RFC723{0,5} – long live HTTP!

9:59pm Jun 9 2014 —

RT @kesterbrewin: On Christian day of #Pentecost, excerpt from work-in-progress ‘On High’- LSD, Fear & Loathing and spiritual ecstasy: htt…

1:23pm Jun 8 2014 —

So if cURL doesn’t work for https (no CA), seems all you need to do is run c_rehash in /etc/ssl/certs. Sometimes Linux is less than obvious.

1:12pm Jun 8 2014 —

RT @spacehijackers: More anti-homeless people studs, @Tesco Regent’s Street.

2:00pm Jun 7 2014 —

Loved the exquisite 2001 reference in Mommy Can You Hear Me (Phineas and Ferb)!

8:04am Jun 7 2014 —

RT @CIA: We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet.

12:10am Jun 7 2014 —

@stampylongnose Megan really liked your video – it’s great to see you’ve come so far. Seen all 200 now!

7:21pm Jun 4 2014 —

RT @EpicAngel19: @stampylongnose Hey Stampy when you talk to Francis then say from me that his song was AMAZING! Simply amazing! One Day he…

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6:47am Jun 3 2014 —

RT @bengoldacre: Timely reminder from Lilly that all good doctors should be prescribing generic medicines not branded ones.…

6:47pm Jun 2 2014 —

RT @SciencePorn: The ingredients of an “all natural” banana

5:39pm Jun 2 2014 —

RT @saladinahmed: A map of “What’s Across The Ocean?” (from here:…)

9:50pm Jun 1 2014 —

@Halfords_uk Assistant told me you don’t sell a pry tool (for removing dashboard panels). True? Any idea where I can find one? Thanks…

2:13pm Jun 1 2014 —