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.@ClaudiaWinkle Just watched you on GBBO and realised you should host the return of Crystal Maze!

10:44pm Jan 31 2013 —

RT @SolihullPolice: 48 cans of Red Bull stolen from the BP Garage, Chester Rd – how do these people sleep at night…

9:16am Jan 31 2013 —

RT @SUScotland: Need plans for your Friday night fun? Head to @P0werp0int’s “My Only Aim” at Queens Park Baptist:

9:15am Jan 31 2013 —

@ChrisMBowes well done :-)

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RT @sw17ch: @tunixman in reality, Haskell’s names seem weird because it’s naming things YOU DIDN’T KNOW WHERE THINGS.

6:54pm Jan 30 2013 —

@shapr @psnively Function calls favour stacks over queues. What would a queue-based calling convention look like – coroutines?

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RT @cstross: Wait WHAT?!? “@SteveBellovin: @cstross Maybe order something from the list @doctorow cites in…

6:49pm Jan 30 2013 —

RT @myfear: Why is #Java a dominant programming language in open-sourced distributed systems? Nice @cpurdy answer

6:45pm Jan 30 2013 —

RT @cstross: Ubuntu Linux bug tracking database, bug number one:

1:01am Jan 29 2013 —

RT @bengoldacre: Oh hello RT @Un1v3rs4L: here are the take down requests to Google from UK gov and police wanting criticism taken down h …

12:57am Jan 29 2013 —

RT @cspcomms: Statement from Ineos regarding increased flaring this week at Grangemouth plant

6:05pm Jan 28 2013 —

@LMowle @tomparkerbowles broken link; has it been cancelled?

in reply to LMowle — 6:02pm Jan 28 2013 —

Edinburgh Waverley roof is rain-proof but not hail-proof!

5:53pm Jan 28 2013 —

RT @NormalTweetGuy: Just stepped in something wet with my socks on! #theworst

11:33pm Jan 27 2013 —

RT @williamheath: RT @verge: Instagram asking some users to verify their identity with photo ID <= The Web2.0 ma …

11:29pm Jan 27 2013 —

@kinneil but no shots of the engine or cottage remains. Such a shame site of natl importance was allowed 2 decay so badly it can’t be shown.

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@doctorow umm, tried a microwavable wheatie sack? Small cloth bag of wheat, 3 mins in microwave, holds heat for ages.

in reply to doctorow — 11:22pm Jan 27 2013 —

RT @qikipedia: Mot-dièse, the new French word for hashtag, is a mistake. A dièse ♯ is a musical sharp sign. A hash sign looks like this …

2:23pm Jan 27 2013 —

RT @qikipedia: What Nature requires is obtainable, and within easy reach. It is for the superfluous we sweat. SENECA

2:22pm Jan 27 2013 —

RT @PeterRollins: The power of negative thinking…

11:25pm Jan 26 2013 —

Oh my goodness. Just back from my first real Burns Supper. A truly bizarre experience. Should I leave Scotland now,or is it just an anomaly?

10:51pm Jan 26 2013 —

Definitely a challenge there.

5:46pm Jan 25 2013 —

“In a world where I can be friends with whosoever I like, I choose to befriend those strikingly similar to me in outlook & income.” Other,p8

5:46pm Jan 25 2013 —

@drleatongray Do you have a link to it?

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Are we religious, spiritual, or something else? @andrewperriman via @sharethis

1:18pm Jan 24 2013 —

Still no snow. They keep forecasting 10cm+, but every time it’s just wet. Sigh.

7:53am Jan 22 2013 —

RT @nanexllc: Another great example of fake #HFT liquidity never mentioned in academic papers

12:29am Jan 22 2013 —


2:11pm Jan 20 2013 —

RT @WardCunningham: I never regret doing something the wrong way because it helps me appreciate the right way when I find it.

9:21am Jan 20 2013 —

Caffe la Ronda Linlithgow disappointing – stale scone, mediocre service, and little pots of UHT milk for tea, oh dear :-( But nice sundaes.

11:41pm Jan 19 2013 —

RT @metalvicar: Can serial-marrying heteros like Katie Price stop getting wed please? You’re undermining marriage for queer folk like me.

10:34pm Jan 19 2013 —

RT @hmstulta: @BBCRadio4 why do people assume the only position people might want to articulate on immigration is a negative one? UK nee …

9:29am Jan 19 2013 —

RT @jasongorman: Most devs work in established non-tech businesses on legacy code. But most advice is abt writing new software for tech …

11:55pm Jan 18 2013 —

Very productive @BrightonsFlaim planning meeting tonight – thanks everyone! Looking forward to the coming term!

11:29pm Jan 17 2013 —

RT @jonsterling: “I am not able rightly to apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could have provoked ‘non-fat yoghurt’.” — Charl …

7:42am Jan 16 2013 —

RT @jasongorman: A. “A finite number: one to perform the task and the remainder to act in a manner stereotypical of the group in question.”

9:31pm Jan 15 2013 —

RT @jasongorman: Q. “How many members of a certain demographic group does it take to perform a specified task?”

9:31pm Jan 15 2013 —

Thank you @easyrecipes! Swedish Meatballs with Cream Sauce (Ikea Recipe)… Just perfect!

6:32pm Jan 15 2013 —

@psnively Cool!

8:08am Jan 15 2013 —

@jasongorman Kolmogorov complexity… = the least loc of any program that solves that problem.

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RT @ClaireComposer: @joeclay23 That would worry me more if the physical music market was worth more than £1.50

12:17am Jan 15 2013 —

RT @spikeworsley: @joeclay23 People will always seek out music – it’s the pulse of our souls. Live music is booming also. #longlivemusicians

12:17am Jan 15 2013 —

RT @joeclay23: #HMV had 38% of the physical music market. Don’t just assume those sales will just be taken on by other shops/online. Cou …

12:17am Jan 15 2013 —

RT @StephenMangan: Not sure I need to see the film now #LesMis (via @westendproducer)

12:16am Jan 15 2013 —

RT @Healing4Today: “You don’t have attend every argument you are invited to.”
~Namaste the Buddha Way

10:28pm Jan 14 2013 —

RT @littlebigdetail: Chocolat – Turns all text into Comic Sans after your trial has expired. /via @codepo8

7:03pm Jan 14 2013 —

Not #fixed: our kitchen under-shelf halogen. Why can’t I find any slim fittings any more?

8:31am Jan 14 2013 —

RT @solobasssteve: I say this EVERY year, but tax returns in April this year, eh twitter?

8:28am Jan 14 2013 —

#fixed toothbrush charger, at last, I think. We do have more than one, I hasten to add!

8:27am Jan 14 2013 —

#uksnow FK2 3/10

8:42am Jan 13 2013 —

Delightful walk today w/ kids in totally new park to us: Plean Ctry Park @FoPCP Clear, interesting trails & loads of improvements going on!

11:25pm Jan 12 2013 —

Handheld speed trap Polmont Station Road by flower clock

9:35am Jan 12 2013 —

RT @sw17ch: Drop your monad tutorial. Go learn Applicative Functors. See `pure`? That’s what `return` is and should actually be named.[Yes!]

9:35am Jan 12 2013 —

RT @natfriedman: How Japanese kids learn to multiple in primary school. Cool!

8:06am Jan 12 2013 —

@dravazed Tnx, interesting. I’m not denying that antiauthoritarianism (&many other healthy behaviours) are being defined as illness&treated.

in reply to dravazed — 8:19pm Jan 11 2013 —

@dravazed Obsessively following authorities w/out questioning, & blindly rejecting opposition to those authorities, is mentioned explicitly.

in reply to dravazed — 8:14pm Jan 11 2013 —

RT @sw17ch: Drop your monad tutorial. Go learn Applicative Functors. See `pure`? That’s what `return` is and should actually be named.[Yes!]

6:15pm Jan 11 2013 —

RT @CSLewisDaily: My idea of God is not a divine idea. It has to be shattered time after time. He shatters it Himself. He is the great i …

6:11pm Jan 11 2013 —

@dravazed @cstross OK, but I think that name is misleading. Anyway, excessively deference appears to be OCD… see esp A4

in reply to dravazed — 6:11pm Jan 11 2013 —

Qualcomm CES totally insane keynote – oh dear!…

10:28am Jan 11 2013 —

RT @sw17ch: @tunixman measuring math by arithmetic is like measuring a car by how you feel about the tailpipe.

9:16am Jan 11 2013 —

RT @saniac: Sowed carrots. Placed wire mesh cloches over rows. Then I dug a fresh *decoy bed* for the cats. Let’s hope they’re fooled.

9:10am Jan 11 2013 —

@dravazed @cstross Antiauthoritarianism doesn’t seem to be on the DSM-IV list at… – which one do you mean?

in reply to dravazed — 9:09am Jan 11 2013 —

RT @igrigorik: “we decrypt your data, but trust us, we don’t peek. Which is, in a way, fair enough..” – uh, WAT? &l …

12:38am Jan 11 2013 —

RT @chrissssmith: Amazing movie posters of films as if they were made decades earlier

12:35am Jan 11 2013 —

Oops – is your foot supposed to brush the tyre of the passing car as you cross the road?

8:59am Jan 9 2013 —

RT @beerlytweeting: Rick Astley will let you borrow any movie from his collection of Pixar films except one.

He is never going to give …

8:13am Jan 9 2013 —

RT @jhannes: Modern development framework take away 80% of the job. Then they make the remaining work ten times as hard.

1:22am Jan 9 2013 —

@kesterbrewin very true :-)

in reply to kesterbrewin — 8:40pm Jan 8 2013 —

@kesterbrewin But isn’t memory less important in a world of mobile internet and search engines?

in reply to kesterbrewin — 5:33pm Jan 8 2013 —

BMI is a bizarre measure invented in 1840s; millions of short people think they are thin, and tall that they are fat.…

8:08am Jan 8 2013 —

RT @cookingforgeeks: Excellent insights into foods that cause/prevent cancer: —if you eat specific foods to avoid c …

7:37pm Jan 7 2013 —

Yay, we have hot water at last!!

1:46pm Jan 7 2013 —

@jackelder Tirau?

in reply to jackelder — 12:58am Jan 6 2013 —

Jaw hits floor: acc. Paul Hollywood, “The North” is anything past *Watford*! These Londoners have no idea of the rest of their country.

9:49pm Jan 5 2013 —

RT @kinneil: There’s a call for more folks to visit “Recognised collections” – such as the SRPS locos at Bo’ness Station. …

4:26pm Jan 5 2013 —

RT @tqbf: Lisp is like Lego:

4:26pm Jan 5 2013 —

RT @jeremiahg: “Remember that the root of the CA system is not the CAs themselves, but the browser vendors.” (via @ …

9:19am Jan 4 2013 —

RT @BartoszMilewski: Great #haskell news! Simon Peyton-Jones endorses and invests in FP Complete :…

9:15am Jan 4 2013 —

RT @LOLGOP: Awesome how the people who freak out about losing control of their phallic symbols want to put the government in charge of a …

9:11am Jan 4 2013 —

RT @horse_js: Most Node.js developers maintain a healthy fear of any function call that starts with fs.

9:10am Jan 4 2013 —

RT @cookingforgeeks: Being slightly overweight appears to lead to *longer* lifespan: —I wonder if it’s just BMI is …

7:03pm Jan 3 2013 —

RT @nanexllc: Why Does Someone Keep Losing Money On AAPL In The Last Second Of Trading?…

8:04am Jan 3 2013 —

RT @GarettJones: In 2012 we lost Intrade via ostensibly well-intentioned regulation. In 2013 will we lose Kickstarter? Classic MR: http: …

7:58am Jan 3 2013 —

@tpope :-) pleased to be of service… keep up the good work!

in reply to tpope — 10:34pm Jan 2 2013 —

@tpope Yes, that’s what aroused my interest(!) Names are up to you, but I prefer not being a needless barrier. Cf recent Ruby sexism debate.

in reply to tpope — 6:31pm Jan 2 2013 —

RT @digifiddler: Unveiling Sex for all the things we never think it is. Amazing ideas. Deep n Smart. RT: @livingsexuality …

6:14pm Jan 2 2013 —

@tpope are they deliberately chosen to be NSFW? Some aren’t very edifying in mixed environments or when introducing children to computing.

in reply to tpope — 6:08pm Jan 2 2013 —

Nope, still not fixed. But at least I’m at a platform without ticket gates.

5:59pm Jan 2 2013 —

Smart card loading failed this morning, so I had to be manually permitted through the gates. Will it be fixed by now? I’m guessing not.

5:46pm Jan 2 2013 —

@kesterbrewin best not to publicise that information, lest it inspire its own destruction.

in reply to kesterbrewin — 11:07am Jan 2 2013 —

RT @nanexllc: This is disturbing. #OWS must have hit a nerve to generate such a high level of anti-american resonse by govt. http://t.c …

5:18pm Jan 1 2013 —