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RT @TigerBotEdge: .@doctorow Here’s my first entry into the new game I’m calling #NSAMadLibs! Play along, everybody!

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@Chris_DAgorne Thanks!

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@Chris_DAgorne Just read your Fluval Spec review on Amazon and wanted to say thanks! Daughter got one & we’re newbies. Loads of useful info!

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RT @bengoldacre: TV show pitch: captains of industry / Olympic athletes / soldiers attempt to look after one year old twins, alone.

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RT @Conorpope: “Tell me about Twitter, Dad.” “Well son, we would piece together the news of the day by reading strangers’ decontextified jo…

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#code2014 Scala Java Scratch Perl Python C++ Javascript avr-gcc

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RT @GirlCodeAPage: could you please put your crying kid on vibrate

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RT @richardbranson: We should focus upon what brings us all together, not what sets us apart #reconciliation http://…

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RT @BoingBoing: Why “smart cities” should be an Internet of People, not Things.…

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RT @TheTweetOfGod: The Virgin Birth story has just been My way of putting off having “The Talk” with Jesus for 2,000 years.

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RT @FRscouts: Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all had an amazing day! Did anyone try the #chopstickchallenge ?

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RT @FalkirkPolice: Officers checking out an alarm activation at a Falkirk shop. False alarm caused by a bird getting inside. Bird released…

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RT @CodeClub: Merry Christmas from everyone at Code Club! :)

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RT @emergentkiwi: Scholars worship too. Article submitted “Complexity of authenticity: “alt worship” + its appropriation as Fresh exp” http…

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RT @PerhapsSeeker: @amandapalmer You get it. You really get it. It’s midnight and I’m crying because you’ve put it into words.…

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RT @GirlCodeAPage: my parents when i was 8: go to your room

my parents now: please come out of your room

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Wow! Thanks to fracking and the Sauds (and @Tesco) I paid just 91.9p/L for petrol just now! What a change!

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@gameofwar Um, sort your promo art. First image on Play (“Addictive”) is in really poor taste. Not all gamers like exploiting women.

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RT @davecl42: .@Palayo @DrPlokta @Yorkshire_DM TBH I think the rest of UK should throw London out of the Union. Would solve many problems

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@claudiascosmos @ESA_Rosetta Awww, cute!

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RT @claudiascosmos: Yay, holidays! But first, let me send y’all best wishes from our favourite comet :) Auguri a tutti da @ESA_Rosetta! htt…

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RT @TorstenBeeck: Google gives insights to the four major religions.

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@ncweaver @SteveBellovin I tend to encounter SIGABRT and SIGSEGV more often in my line of work. Not quite so Churchillian in consequences.

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@ncweaver @SteveBellovin Am I the only one who checked man 7 signal on reading this?

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RT @JohnBirmingham: I’m calling it. This is the greatest @firstdogonmoon cartoon ever.…

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RT @caitlinmoran: This is brilliant: RT @sturdyAlex:
An Open Letter in Reply to An Open Letter to Russell Brand.

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@mnot woohoo!

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RT @mnot: Let’s do this.

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RT @m1sp: We extracted all the DAI game dialogue and some of it is adorable

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@jasongorman @curryspcworld Today I refused to pay until I saw the item. Staff didn’t mind at all.

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RT @petrajane: If I can offer one piece of advice, it’s this: meet strange people off the internet whenever you get the chance. It will enr…

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RT @arlenarlenarlen: Please back my Kickstarter for the MacBook Axe, a hand-made artisanal handle that turns your MacBook Air into an axe. …

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RT @hypatiadotca: Kids area at @kiwicon, next to merch booth. Signage for clarity.

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RT @0xabad1dea: Apparently lathes are amongst the Turing-complete scourge #langsec #lathesec

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RT @GirlCodeAPage: snapchat must be fun for cute people

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RT @KariByron: I am the kind of person who should like kale. Why do I hate kale? It’s like spinach’s hard livin cousin, tough and talks t…

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RT @tommycollison: Notice posted outside the NYC theater where I just saw @citizenfour. Cc @ioerror.

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@kissbystarlight hopefully not, then

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@kissbystarlight potential burglar?

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RT @Code_Analysis: Why every C++ developer should know about the pimpl idiom pattern.…

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RT @falkirkcouncil: From today, free parking is available in our Falkirk town centre car parks to help you shop local this Christmas: http:…

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RT @sugru: Day 7 on our advent calendar of genius ideas is open!

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RT @NASA: #OTD in 1972, Apollo 17 launched & snapped this Blue Marble pic on its way to the moon:…

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MT @micnews: Publisher drops gender stereotype after letter from 6-yo girl via @elakdawalla

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RT @RadioForthNews: Royal Highland Show Fined After Boy Death…

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Removing step change at £250k means a house that previously sold for £249,995 is now likely to be sold for £254,995. The seller benefits.

8:33am Dec 4 2014 —

With a limited supply of houses, the benefit of reduced stamp duty goes entirely to the seller. Who exactly is Osborne helping here?

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RT @GeorgeMonbiot: This week’s column: No wonder landowners are scared. We are starting to learn who owns Britain. #Scotland #LandReform ht…

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RT @GavCalver: Great to be in the season of #Advent. I love the build up & celebrations around the birth of the Saviour of the world http:/…

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RT @IsabelHardman: What’s wrong with this graphic? It’s a big fat lie, that’s what. Here’s what it really shows… http…

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RT @saniac: MeFi: The Saddest Thing I Know about the Integers — great article in the link, some fantastic comments …

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