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@NathanHamm Nice quote, but isn’t it a straw man? Does anyone ever think they need to protect God? Or do they transfer it elsewhere?

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RT @KevlinHenney: “How do you compare two objects in JavaScript?”
“Just press the = key and keep your finger down — it’ll mean something ev…

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RT @BBCBreaking: Debris may be #MH370, Malaysia transport ministry says, but doesn’t want to “raise false hope” http…

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Remember 31 years ago today the #Polmont Rail Disaster… not far west of #PolmontBridge

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RT @jpublik: Murdoch Times busted for deceitfully smearing the #NHS. Tiny correction today. So I’ll leave it here for you to RT…

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RT @__apf__: I can’t help it, I get the giggles every time I see /@lgarron

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@StemologyUK Wat?! I think not burning fossil fuels has that honour.

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I had a fab birthday yesterday – thanks everyone! I’ve blogged about my family’s wonderful creativity…

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Very pleased #Winchburgh is all done on time and my journey is back to its normal rapidity

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Lots of digging happening at north end of #PolmontBridge

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Stonemasons’ scaffolding up at last. #PolmontBridge

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Mr Laurie dug a quarry

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Happy birthday to me! Amazing Italian cream cake with coconut and pecan thanks to @viokaps!!

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RT @nst021: OS X root shell in a tweet

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RT @SciencePorn: Countries Which Discovered the Element on the Periodic Table of Elements

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RT @doctorow: What people will dress like in 1950, as imagined by Life magazine in 1914. By Otho Cushing……

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RT @mcnees: I can’t not respond to this kind of comment.…

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Last pic – square pieces are manholes for gas main. #PolmontBridge

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Concrete will now be poured in 1 piece (not 3), to properly support parapet, so braces remain in place #PolmontBridge

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Yuck! Rotten coconut. Very disappointed :-(

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Last time I get this lovely view – I’m getting a brand new #Winchburgh tunnel for my #birthday!

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RT @doctorow: Universal’s agents send Google a censorship demand for “”…

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@campion1581 @GreatDismal @pourmecoffee Most of human utterance is like this

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RT @0xabad1dea: On the linguistics of -gate

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@Tumshie71 @Brackens1 No problem! It’s there if you zoom into middle. Just thought I’d set the record straight!

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@Brackens1 cc @Sunrise_Scot looks like your photo

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@Tumshie71 @Brackens1 Actually Tom Drysdale, see his watermark on the photo

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RT @edinspotlight: @Brackens1 @forthroadbridge but it was taken by Tom Drysdale, you can see his watermark on the photo.

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RT @Brackens1: This has to be the best photo of a sunrise over the Forth Bridges #Edinburgh EVER! Pic by Derek Fallis.…

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RT @earthepix: Wonder what happened to the dinosaurs? This is a baby Blue Heron.

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RT @alexbcarr: “DOORING ZONE” New line painting on Wellington Street West in Ottawa | #cycling #ottbike

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RT @bengoldacre: I wrote 3500 words on how science is broken for @BuzzFeed YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED NEXT… http…

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Just finished #reading Inside I’m Hurting. Wonderful, clear, passionate, and very practical book – thank you @theyellowkite!

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Stonemasons starting work on the walls leading up to #PolmontBridge

7:34am Jul 23 2015 —

Blue waterproofing in place at #PolmontBridge

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RT @Dora_Xplorer_: @DLR_next @NASANewHorizons ich seh nix ^^

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RT @DLR_next: Kleiner Sprung durchs Sonnensystem: Hier seht ihr nochmal Nix (und Hydra) von @NASANewHorizons… http://…

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“When your skin has a story to tell…” be ashamed and hide it. Seems to be the message of @RemescarUK ‘s latest ad campaign.

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@elakdawalla @brianmaycom Looks like it says social media OK?

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RT @elakdawalla: But (c) notice says “please don’t reproduce without permission” — @brianmaycom, can I please post your 3D pic at http://t…

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RT @IHPower: Twitter’s full of ordinary people who lead ordinary lives, who just happen to make the lives of similar people better by simpl…

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@tobiasgies @0xabad1dea Not *EU* regulations; it’s peanut butter in the U.K. Maybe NL regs?

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Probably not the best of ideas…

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RT @TwopTwips: TERRIFY your kids by telling them that inside a Kinder Egg is a Minion foetus. (via @emptyheadtwo)

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Concrete footings (steps) poured for stonemasons’ scaffolding, NE side. Wall to be rebuilt soon. #PolmontBridge

7:37am Jul 20 2015 —

This curious gaffer tape seems to have appeared recently. #PolmontBridge

7:37am Jul 20 2015 —

#PolmontBridge 27 weeks down, 14 to go. Prepping for waterproofing team coming in today, after grouting yesterday.

7:35am Jul 20 2015 —

RT @Madi_Hatter: Apparently, being brown means one cannot travel with broken electronics.

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RT @puellavulnerata: Secure golden keys will be the US government’s answer to Lysenkoism

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RT @NetworkRailEGIP: Just 1 week from completion of work @ #Winchburgh Both lines now slabbed with more track work & electrification to do …

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RT @andreborschberg: .@solarimpulse‘s Round-The-World will continue in 2016. We will never give up!

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RT @andreborschberg: Damage to certain parts is irreversible & requires several weeks to repair. We will stay in Hawaii until early 2016 ht…

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RT @kennicosmith: @NASANewHorizons (NHPC) in middle of short (~3 hr) data downlink pass with @CanberraDSN now

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Platform extension to E of #Polmont #PolmontBridge Love the digger lurking in the bushes

4:12pm Jul 17 2015 —

#PolmontBridge work access steps in place, wall ties still in place as concrete dries, utilities being joined.

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RT @on_lothianbuses: @kw217 They are diesel-electric parallel hybrids. You can find out more on our website.

10:46am Jul 16 2015 —

@on_lothianbuses What’s the significance of “hybrid”? Presumably it doesn’t run on tram lines…? Is it diesel-electric?

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Work on extending platform at #Polmont appears to have started too. #PolmontBridge @NetworkRailEGIP

7:39am Jul 16 2015 —

More concrete now in place.Temporary access steps under construction – a nice bit of carpentry!

7:38am Jul 16 2015 —

RT @SciencePorn: Aaaaaaaaand now I’m sad.

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One for @scarlet_manuka – great intensity.

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RT @elakdawalla: First look at Pluto and Charon: “baffling in a very interesting and wonderful way”……

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RT @NASANewHorizons: LOCKED! We have confirmation of a successful #PlutoFlyby.

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RT @umarummmi: Well this one is hilarious #PlutoFlyby #NewHorizons

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RT @IanGBlack: Standing room only to hear @amyorrewing speak on Isaiah 43 at a sunny CLAN Gathering in Largs #CLAN15

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RT @OurCofE: Now here is a big question for any Vicars etc out there. How did you know you were called to the Priesthood?

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Not sure I want to go here! Sign spotted in #Mallaig. #Macbeth

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RT @jasongorman: It was a good wheeze…

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RT @NASANewHorizons: 4 hours and 123,597 miles / 198910.1km till closest approach… FOUR HOURS!! #PlutoFlyby

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The wall braces remain for five days while the concrete sets, then they’re replaced. #PolmontBridge

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They’ll be pouring concrete today at #PolmontBridge.

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@on_lothianbuses another unwell CCTV system on 37 northbound crossing Royal Mile around 1712 today. Bus 839.

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RT @niadla: Fixing the flaws in science. TY @bengoldacre

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Home alarm systems are a bit counterproductive aren’t they? If alarm is sounding or flashing, you know the owners are away.

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New wall of #PolmontBridge went up yesterday. Looks great – nice pattern on the outside!

8:09am Jul 13 2015 —

A lot changes in two weeks! New deck poured with utility ducts embedded. 26 weeks down, 15 to go! #PolmontBridge

7:38am Jul 13 2015 —

Somewhat dispiriting welcome back from @ScotRail – my train is cancelled due to unavailability of a crew member. Half hour wait.

7:31am Jul 13 2015 —

RT @sallystone: Photograph of Escher’s school in Arnhem. Well that explains all!

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RT @doctorow: Pinky and the Brain’s greatest tongue-twister of all time……

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RT @doctorow: DSMV reviewed as a work of dystopian literature #2yrsago…

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RT @edyong209: From Age of Ambition by Evan Osnos, on censorship in China.

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RT @_danilo: it’s friday, I have a gift

what do you do when dudes are in your mentions who GOTTA WEIGH IN?

Better call Clippy! http://t.c…

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@DabsDotCom thanks may try that. But using insecure SSL is bad on any platform :-(

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@DabsDotCom I can’t place an order! Firefox Android doesn’t trust‘s security. Please fix so I can buy stuff!

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RT @rechelon: #TheAfricaTheMediaNeverShowsYou is a pretty cool hastag. That is all.

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RT @elonmusk: Expect to reach preliminary conclusions regarding last flight by end of week. Will brief key customers & FAA, then post on ou…

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