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Daniel Meeter: Why Be A Christian (If No One Goes to Hell)? via @sharethis

1:17pm Oct 31 2012 —

Just misread Port Talbot as Portalbot. Hyperspace transport comes to south Wales?

5:03pm Oct 30 2012 —

RT @pourmecoffee: If you liked the life-saving warnings of weather scientists, you might also enjoy the work of climate scientists.

7:48am Oct 30 2012 —

RT @jasongorman: Whenever Windows tells me it’s looking for a solution to a problem that occured, I secretly hope it’ll download Ubuntu …

7:44am Oct 30 2012 —

RT @baconmeteor: Forecasters predicting storm-related headline fonts may grow as high as 42 picas and be slow to recede

9:43pm Oct 29 2012 —

Apparently the previous train from Glasgow was cancelled, explaining the crush. The service is not very resilient and this is too frequent.

9:01am Oct 29 2012 —

.@ScotRail We need more trains or carriages. 0826 PMT-EDB

8:48am Oct 29 2012 —

.@ScotRail Once again the 0826 PMT-EDB is not just standing room only, it’s crammed right down the aisles and pressed against the doors.

8:45am Oct 29 2012 —

RT @AndrewDutney: Who’s the head of the church? [Timely reminder of how Church of Scotland is run and why]

8:33am Oct 29 2012 —

RT @SpaceX: Bio samples, experiments, and hardware loaded into #Dragon; hatch is now closed. Next stop, Earth!

11:41pm Oct 27 2012 —

@CVMScotland Ah, I see what you mean! Very true too!

in reply to cvmScotland — 7:13pm Oct 27 2012 —

A and I wrote our first node.js program today – very exciting!

7:10pm Oct 27 2012 —

@CVMScotland Or to God’s destination for him, which may not be the same but is surely better.

in reply to cvmScotland — 9:39pm Oct 26 2012 —

Aargh! Boycott The Carlton, Edinburgh – they alrdy have a Christmas tree in window and it’s only Oct 26! @pumahotels

8:15am Oct 26 2012 —

RT @qikipedia: Hofstadter’s Law: things always take longer than you expect, even once you’ve taken Hofstadter’s Law into account.

5:30pm Oct 25 2012 —

RT @pelotom: The valid programs that a sound type system rejects are precisely the ones that are hard to understand. The compiler is doi …

5:26pm Oct 25 2012 —

13yo presenter impresses at Maker Faire: Arduino + Mathematica + quadricopter!…

12:37pm Oct 25 2012 —

11:37pm Oct 24 2012 —

RT @conal: I *love* this chat with @angelaharms on @rubyrogues about outer methods vs inner change in pair programming etc. …

9:11pm Oct 24 2012 —

RT @thevicarswife: My friend Ruth has written a blogpost on winning and losing battles – you should read it…

11:28pm Oct 23 2012 —

RT @mdb036: Could we cancel today and try again, with more sleep and less fog?

4:49pm Oct 23 2012 —

Sensible, enlightened, and money-saving family intervention. We need more of this! The nanny state | The Economist

7:55am Oct 23 2012 —

RT @SteveHuff: FOX: Obama Asleep, Romney Basically President MSNBC: Obama Crouches on Romney, Devours Entrails CNN: Here’s Wolf Blitzer …

7:41am Oct 23 2012 —

@viokaps oops! It’s on the list now… 57 items…

in reply to viokaps — 11:21pm Oct 22 2012 —

@0mgkiera water + colour? Am I missing something?

in reply to kierapaterson_ — 9:55pm Oct 22 2012 —

Recently moved all our blogs from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress; keep local copies of Google Docs and Twitter.

9:51pm Oct 22 2012 —

Why I’m wary of cloud services “@webmink: More details on Amazon’s arbitrary deletion of a customer’s Kindle account:

9:50pm Oct 22 2012 —

@DSCSensation thanks for the retweet, and for the great museum!

5:10pm Oct 22 2012 —

Slow goods train just went past Polmont station westbound. “Min curve 2½ chains” apparently – guess the stock is older than I am!

7:31am Oct 22 2012 —

Science at a science museum: a brilliant exhibit at @DSCSensation…

8:49pm Oct 21 2012 — Danny recommends the stories of the preaching of 1844-1913. Remarkably different from today – who is right?

11:08am Oct 21 2012 —

RT @bengoldacre: My letter back to the Pharmaceutical Industry PR guy. Now tell me: how is this different to fighting homeopaths? http:/ …

7:25am Oct 20 2012 —

RT @GeorgeMonbiot: Wow. Obama used the word #Romnesia.…

7:33pm Oct 19 2012 —

RT @solobasssteve: Cameron holds Mitchell resignation in reserve til it’s needed to divert attention. “Deploy decoy!” Keep an eye on the …

7:25pm Oct 19 2012 —

RT @avaragado: Oh god, the Osborne train thing couldn’t be any more perfect. The cluelessness is beyond satire.… #gr …

5:20pm Oct 19 2012 —

RT @sayrer: interview with nginx creator Igor Sysoev…

8:01am Oct 19 2012 —

RT @mj_oliver: NZ Lorum Ipsum. This maketh my day:

7:41am Oct 19 2012 —

For the record, it *was* good. The Time Capsule, Coatbridge, is excellent -we had a great afternoon there! Worth all the waiting.

7:36am Oct 19 2012 —

Wow – if only everyone treated law this way. I feel all warm and fuzzy just reading this agreement! Para 2a is my fave.…

7:58pm Oct 18 2012 —

No signs from M8 and a half hour wait in the rain – this Time Capsule (Coatbridge) had better be good!

1:43pm Oct 18 2012 —

RT @TinyToCS: Effects of Centralized and Distributed Version Control on Commit Granularity

8:39pm Oct 17 2012 —

RT @TinyToCS: In a study of six CVC and six DVC repositories we found that the median size of code commits in DVC is 38% larger than in CVC.

8:39pm Oct 17 2012 —

RT @kristinhersh: playing everything in C# today…just to annoy my fellow musicians

11:55pm Oct 16 2012 —

@snim2 I suspect it’s a commercial secret. But you could ask them – explain it’s for academic research maybe?

in reply to snim2 — 11:42pm Oct 15 2012 —

@snim2 previous years’ data has been available after the fact, eg…

in reply to snim2 — 4:29pm Oct 15 2012 —

Edinburgh very quiet this morning.

8:07am Oct 15 2012 —

RT @PeterRollins: We got it wrong when we biblically justified slavery, colonialism, apartheid&suppression of woman. But we have it …

7:19am Oct 15 2012 —

RT @disnet: Embloggened: Hygienic Macros for JavaScript.…

7:13am Oct 15 2012 —

Trying to teach A rocket science this morning – thrust vs impulse, and the effect of nozzle diameter.

7:02am Oct 15 2012 —

RT @RISCOScode: This is my favourite GIF: Utterly brilliant story of an everyday bloke trying to get served at the supermarket. Genius. …

10:37pm Oct 14 2012 —

Mk 6.7ff Julia Child “I was 32 when I started cooking; up until then, I just ate”. Challenge: we’ve been recving, now time to go out & give.

10:57am Oct 14 2012 —

Monarch, I disagree with your kerning. The ® mark shouldn’t take up any space; the comma should snuggle into the e.

8:00am Oct 12 2012 —

#read Cock and Bull Stories. Great light reading, nice insight into Marlborough farming. Bit of an emotional wallop at the end! 7/10

7:17am Oct 12 2012 —

RT @sigfpe: It says “Save link as…” but it means “Save the linked thing as…”. No wonder kids can’t program in C these days.

7:03am Oct 12 2012 —

@jasongorman It’s an API to your data. Interfaces always need to be designed, or you’ll suffer later.

in reply to jasongorman — 6:59am Oct 12 2012 —

RT @jwz: SmoothLifeL. A continuous version of Conway’s Life, using floating point values instead of integers: supports many… http://t. …

6:55pm Oct 11 2012 —

RT @SpaceX: Don’t miss #Dragon grapple and berth at approx. 7-7:30A ET. Coverage will begin at 6:30A ET on

7:31am Oct 10 2012 —

RT @UnlikelyWorlds: One of our spacecraft may no longer be in the Solar System:

11:24pm Oct 9 2012 —

RT @dolske: “$20 billion was spent on [smartphone] patent litigation & purchases in the last two years — an amount equal to eight Ma …

7:52am Oct 9 2012 —

.@1stfalkirk I live-tweeted last night’s annual review – hashtag #1stFalkirk

7:44am Oct 9 2012 —

.@ScotRail Feels like the Tokyo subway again :-( 0808 Polmont to Edinburgh running short, over 50 of us standing in this car alone.

7:16am Oct 9 2012 —

That’s all folks – tea coffee and juice in the hall. Bye! #1stFalkirk

7:48pm Oct 8 2012 —

Thank you to our secretary Carol and treasurer Alison! #1stFalkirk

7:47pm Oct 8 2012 —

Hamish returns to present the leaders with certificates for completing training and for 5 and 10 years (Mark Northway) service! #1stFalkirk

7:43pm Oct 8 2012 —

Awards – explorers platinum awards to 4 – well done! #1stFalkirk

7:40pm Oct 8 2012 —

Stephanie presents slides of Blair Atholl jamboree if tech issues are resolved… #1stFalkirk

7:37pm Oct 8 2012 —

Explorers are helping your sections as young leaders, working towards DofE – look out for them! #1stFalkirk

7:36pm Oct 8 2012 —

Fundraising to cover £2k per person. Recycling box in the hall to help with this. #1stFalkirk

7:35pm Oct 8 2012 —

Building a community centre in Ndola with 53 Scouts from Forth region for three weeks in July. Strict selection process. #1stFalkirk

7:33pm Oct 8 2012 —

Explorers – 2 kilted Scouts present! Forth Region Scouts Zambia Expedition 2013. #1stFalkirk

7:31pm Oct 8 2012 —

Fill in the form, come along to next meeting on Mon 12 Nov (7pm?) at Rosehall. Thanks! #1stFalkirk Hamish and Bear behind it, join in!

7:28pm Oct 8 2012 —

You could help: camping, archery, fencing, hill walking, water sports, arts and crafts, Barrwood maint, DIY skills, anything! #1stFalkirk

7:25pm Oct 8 2012 —

Flexible way for people to help out and contribute. Anyone 18+, no Scouting experience needed. Join Scouts and PVG #1stFalkirk

7:24pm Oct 8 2012 —

Scout Active Support – new section for adults. We can do better: outdoor events, special skills. RobertJohnson invested for this #1stFalkirk

7:21pm Oct 8 2012 —

10 Scouts were invested! There may not be enough badges! #1stFalkirk

7:18pm Oct 8 2012 —

Scout investiture: promising to do their best, do duty to God and Queen, help others, and keep Scout Law.#1stFalkirk

7:16pm Oct 8 2012 —

Peace, plenty, and environmental issues. #1stFalkirk The scouts all held up a dove of peace.

7:15pm Oct 8 2012 —

Thu Scouts – promise challenge is one of the hardest. Thinking and putting into words – how should the world be? #1stFalkirk

7:11pm Oct 8 2012 —

Night hiking, caving, water activities, fun – and service to the site too. #1stFalkirk What will they get up to this year?

7:08pm Oct 8 2012 —

Wide games – capture the flag, ice boulder. Campfire entertainment – too shy to sing?? Building a camp kitchen. Dam exploration. #1stFalkirk

7:05pm Oct 8 2012 —

Fri Scouts – outdoor challenge. Slides of pitching tents, collecting wood and cooking meals, personal hygiene, wood piles… #1stFalkirk

7:03pm Oct 8 2012 —

Leaders now opt in to be trustees, and several have. #1stFalkirk

6:59pm Oct 8 2012 —

Website is a relatively new innovation -use it, suggest improvements/ideas, talk to us. #1stFalkirk

6:58pm Oct 8 2012 —

Fundraising – coffee morning, 200 club. Easyfundraising – please try it, there is no catch! #1stFalkirk

6:57pm Oct 8 2012 —

Please help us with maintenance – skills, time, small jobs. Let Brian know if you can! #1stFalkirk

6:55pm Oct 8 2012 —

Parents committee: accounts, hall lets, regular members, maintenance (new role) – thank you! #1stFalkirk

6:54pm Oct 8 2012 —

Thanks to leaders, young leaders, adult helpers for hard work, dedication, giving up free time voluntarily. We appreciate it! #1stFalkirk

6:52pm Oct 8 2012 —

Chairman’s report – picture of chairman bbqing on beach at St Andrews, in a sandy force 10 gale. #1stFalkirk

6:51pm Oct 8 2012 —

And seven shake left hands and are welcomed up to Scouts #1stFalkirk

6:50pm Oct 8 2012 —

Badges issued and all invested. A fabulous addition – many groups would be happy to have this as full section, not just joiners! #1stFalkirk

6:48pm Oct 8 2012 —

More than 20 Cubs being invested! #1stFalkirk

6:46pm Oct 8 2012 —

And more! Stand by me! Lots of enthusiasm, and again all a cappella. Great work by Innes and all the Wed cubs! #1stFalkirk

6:44pm Oct 8 2012 —

Wed Cubs – Creative Challenge: a Cub choir! Medley: Swing Low, Siya hamba, several others all unaccompanied! Stunning! #1stFalkirk

6:41pm Oct 8 2012 —

Dougie for Tue Cubs – Falkirk history: the Falkirk shield. Well read by all, even the hard names. #1stFalkirk

6:38pm Oct 8 2012 —

Accounts picture good but don’t relax too much. Do pay your fees and do Gift Aid. #1stFalkirk Good audience participation continues!

6:35pm Oct 8 2012 —

Accounts interlude with Cubs waiting “Just like school” calls one :-) Doing some sums. #1stFalkirk

6:31pm Oct 8 2012 —

Beavers have officially moved up to Cubs, and A has joined too. #1stFalkirk

6:30pm Oct 8 2012 —

Now the Cubs #1stFalkirk

6:25pm Oct 8 2012 —

Beavers invested – short and sweet :-) #1stFalkirk

6:25pm Oct 8 2012 —

Thursday Beavers are demonstrating global knowledge. NZ Keas got a mention! #1stFalkirk

6:22pm Oct 8 2012 —