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RT @Tesco: @TrussellTrust @FareShareUK The public response has been amazing! We’re glad our customers were able to help make such a differe…

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RT @StatsBritain: The top 5 jobs in Britain:
1 Elderly Butler
2 Villain
3 Quidditch Player
4 Consulting Detective
5 Being in line to the t…

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RT @davofromthetron: @BishopTamaki Wow. Imagine Jesus walking in on that.

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RT @BishopTamaki: The main stage at Destiny Church Auckland..this morning..littered wth 10,000s of $100 & $50 bills…”Attitude” http://t.c…

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RT @DrEmilyologist: Meanwhile, in the NHS…

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@bstreiff @csoghoian @0xabad1dea @__apf__ They do. It’s too expensive to deal with any but the extremely gullible.…

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RT @doctorow: “Pratchett’s character Death “is profoundly Kantian,” Held continued. “He speaks to the need for a…”

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RT @larakiara: UKIP warns of Schrödinger’s immigrant who ‘lazes around on benefits whilst simultaneously stealing your job’…

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RT @ESA_Rosetta: All in a spin! @Philae_ROMAP data suggests @Philae2014 grazed crater rim & tumbled to final #CometLanding site: http://t.c…

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RT @FronteVerde: “@ignasicomellas: Escultura “La mano protectora” en Glarus, Suiza

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Just #read The Great Gatsby (again). Makes much more sense as an adult. That’s two Great American Novels in a row, both of the Midwest.

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RT @gflscotland: This is a great resource -it inspired the Natural #Play project in #Scotland: – Could your playgrou…

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RT @WansbroughsBlog: Norwegian Spirit Postcard #3 – A Sea Day –… – …

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#read American Gods (HT @heatherelder for the tip!). Loved it, but I wish @neilhimself wasn’t so down on sex. Is it always a trap?

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RT @SaintRPh: I can think of one reason

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RT @BBCBreaking: “We object publicly and loudly as we can that this process is broken” – lawyer for #MichaelBrown‘s family. #Ferguson http:…

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RT @0xabad1dea: This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for… uh… for whatever you lot say I’m thankful for

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#read Tolkien, Letters from Father Christmas. Loved this – playful little stories, colourful pictures, made with love.

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RT @GuillaumeCannat: Installé sous @Philae2014 ROLIS nous offre une vue en 3D somptueuse du noyau de la comète 67P… h…

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RT @PAWS_WPS: Wallacestone Primary School Christmas Fayre – Sunday 30th November, 1.30pm-4.30pm. See you there!!

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RT @damiengwalter: “It’s hard to dispute the exclusion of writers of imagination from mainstream literature”

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RT @PAWS_WPS: Just 7 days until our Christmas Fayre! Games, crafts, tombolas,face painting, Carol singing, Santa’s Grotto & lots more… Se…

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Water doesn’t actually boil at 100°C – can vary by several degrees…

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Successful installation last night – kids’ room #fixed! #Ikea

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Tree difference operator E D (i.e., evergreen minus deciduous). #Linlithgow #settheory

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RT @saniac: Met two sad teachers at a Chch girls school this year who got the “our girls won’t be interested” smack down from principal re…

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RT @FakeUnicode: @shelfuu Unicode 8 will support you making a face at your Kinect, and turning it into a new codepoint, auto submitted to t…

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RT @elonmusk: About the Nevada deal with Tesla …

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RT @heathercmiller: Carved something scary into pumpkin cc/ @jamesiry @databricks (office jackolantern)

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RT @Functionalworks: It’s Friday! who’s using functional programming today RT if you are using #clojure #scala #haskell #fsharp #erlang com…

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RT @jwz: Unicode character ‘SIGN OF THE HORNS’ New Emoji Candidates for Unicode 8.0: The following proposed additions are……

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RT @esaoperations: Upon touchdown, @Philae2014 made a 2-sec ‘thud’ – hear for yourself!… #CometLanding Details: http…

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RT @ScotRail: UPDATE: Sadly a person has been struck by a train at Edinburgh Park. Disruptions till 17:00. ^D

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Server Castle – fab siege work by my excellent hosting company @mythic_beasts…

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RT @cdixon: Nikola Tesla predicting today back in 1926

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RT @WallacestonePS: Mr Wansbrough’s Code Club is going well. The pupils are learning all sorts of exciting programming skills.…

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RT @waxpancake: Twitter’s complete archives are now available in search:… Hoping it makes its way to the API and thi…

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Curious little sign in my local @Tesco tonight. Reflects more on the organisation than my fellow customers IMHO.

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RT @dannemano: PostgreSQL vs. MS SQL Server. Let’s not forget PostGIS.

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@SteveKnight7 @qikipedia being generous, call it a circle with diameter 10x max body length. Means a groundhog can hog about 1.3 sq m.

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RT @T2Va: @caitlinmoran Male feminist! MT @geneweingarten Male TV anchor wears same suit every day for a year, no one notices.…

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RT @GirlCodeAPage: don’t judge me from what i did 3 minutes ago ive changed since then

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RT @msbentley: Great summary of @Philae2014‘s #CometLanding RT @DLR_en: Churyumov-Gerasimenko – hard ice and organic molecules…

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RT @scATX: Missouri is now in a state of emergency.… (h/t @sarahkendzior) #Ferguson

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RT @codinghorror: 1. Stop theorizing
2. Write lots of software
3. Learn from your mistakes

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RT @NetworkRailEGIP: First of these is tomorrow (18th Nov) in the Community Centre, Greenpark Drive, #Falkirk FK2 0PZ from 4-7pm #Polmont #…

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RT @CNES: La caméra OSIRIS d’@ESA_Rosetta a photographié @Philae2014 arrivant et rebondissant sur la comète

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RT @doctorjeff: Student experiments lost on Orb-3 – the culmination of 6,500 students engaged in micro-g expt design, RE-LAUNCHING on Space…

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RT @Philae_MUPUS: All @Philae2014 Science teams at a wrap up meeting. Struggling with web conference. We master space and fail on Earth 😉

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RT @TheEconomist: Jesus turned the moneychangers out of the temple. Time to save capitalism from the bankers? http:/…

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RT @chrislintott: Current comms mode is 1 packet every a few minutes – but no science data left on @philae2014 – it all got uploaded! Wonde…

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RT @elakdawalla: Ulamec is positively elated about how much data came out of this last pass. Last CONSERT ranging will allow them to triang…

12:55am Nov 15 2014 —

RT @Philae_Ptolemy: @Philae2014 batteries OK, but mobile devices on the ground dropping like flies…

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RT @evodevomay: Best Science Tweet This Year! The marine biologist who put a shrimp on a treadmill & the burden he will forever carry http:…

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RT @suthers: We’ve all done it! Philae’s APXS experiment forgot to remove lens cap. 😉 #CometLanding

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@omershapira @0xabad1dea better shot of Starting Forth cover – shows some at least were more enlightened…

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RT @cookingforgeeks: This may not look like much, but it’s why #NetNeutrality matters—one of my ISPs strips encryption. #PureEvil. http://t…

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RT @TheEconomist: A system that privatises profits and nationalises losses is impossible to justify. Rescue capitalism from the bankers htt…

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@Philae2014 Woohoo, congratulations!

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RT @itsmotherswork: “@cox_tom: Ever wondered why books smell so great? Here’s the reason.” << Here’s a wonderful thi…

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RT @kevinmarks: @psygnisfive @annazivarts @mikefarrell the more interesting answer is what they did at Exhibition Road…

11:23pm Nov 13 2014 —

RT @annazivarts: Brilliant visual of how much public space we cede to cars ht @mikefarrell

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RT @ESA_nl: Nog een plaatje van waar we wilden landen en waar we uiteindelijk terecht zijn gekomen. Sweet! #CometLa…

6:01pm Nov 13 2014 —

@kw217 Now live at last. Apparently they were waiting for image processing.

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@kw217 Now playing video, not live AFAICT.

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@kw217 and down again…

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@kw217 Stream is up now.

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Not seeing or hearing anything on the #Rosetta livestream.

1:05pm Nov 13 2014 —

RT @NickAstronomer: Rolis data shows probe is upright and all is looking more positive

9:20am Nov 13 2014 —

RT @NickAstronomer: CIVA Panoramic image data is down, the press releases today will be spectacular #cometlanding

9:20am Nov 13 2014 —

RT @SpaceHolgar: List of #CometLanding (s) by #space agencies:

1.) @esa
2.) @esa
3.) @esa
4.) ?

9:08am Nov 13 2014 —

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RT @Philae_MUPUS: we need images and radio link to learn more. several Philae instruments got nice data (Cosac, Concert, Ptolemy, RoMap, R…

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RT @me_too: 32.77kb/sec – that is more than I sometimes get from @deutschetelekom !! #CometLanding @ESA_Rosetta @Philae2014…

8:30am Nov 13 2014 —

Explanation for limited release of @philae2014 images –…

1:06am Nov 13 2014 —

RT @NickAstronomer: Speaking of Vangelis though, when I was at Yamaha R&D, we used to just listen in awe to this guy.. –…

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RT @Philae_ROMAP: @Philae_ROMAP magnetic field analysis revealed 3 landings at 15:33, 17:26 and 17:33 UTC

12:13am Nov 13 2014 —

RT @ailin42: @Philae_ROMAP After a 10 year drive, who can blame @Philae2014 for being a little restless?

12:12am Nov 13 2014 —

RT @esaoperations: Farewell Rosetta – @Philae2014 parting image taken just after separation. Hires. #CometLanding… ht…

4:14pm Nov 12 2014 —

RT @esaoperations: BEAUTIFUL RT @ESA_Rosetta: I see you too @philae2014! Here you are in my OSIRIS camera – legs out! #CometLanding http://…

4:14pm Nov 12 2014 —

RT @jminor: @esaoperations @Philae2014 congrats! Science is awesome!

4:13pm Nov 12 2014 —

@esaoperations @Philae2014 Woohoo congratulations!

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RT @esaoperations: Harpoons confirmed fired and reeled in. Flywheeel will now be switched off. @Philae2014 is on the surface of #67P #Comet…

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RT @BevanMcCabe: I told my foreign workmates: If you see someone wearing a wooly jumper you can call them sheepish.

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RT @agl__: Things that I wish I had known about before: bracketed paste mode in terminal emulators.…

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RT @headhntr: Thoughts from @torproject on Operation Onymous which led to 17 arrests and 400 hidden services seized.…

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RT @MeredithFrost: Hedy Lamarr, born 100 years ago today, helped invent the tech behind the wireless internet… http:/…

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@jasongorman @will_price_94 Have projects changed much in the last 20 years? In the last 200?

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Happy Birthday @viokaps for tomorrow! Cake by me and M to help celebrate…

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RT @Philae2014: I’m fully configured with all sequences for #CometLanding on board!! I have never been so ready!! Thumbs up @ESA_Rosetta :)

9:23pm Nov 8 2014 —

Why do we have separate project repos at all? Why not develop in a single global namespace? LTU discussion…

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RT @0xabad1dea: Sallustius’ plan for saving society (I am intrigued by the root-of-evil quote which necessarily predates the NT) http://t.c…

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RT @BicyclesOnly: Driver Kills 3-Year-Old In Queens, DMV Voids His Tickets… via @

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@solidus Nice!

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RT @solidus: Wonderful language-nerd analysis by Language Log of yesterday’s wonderful language-nerd xkcd cartoon. :-)…

9:14am Nov 6 2014 —

So amazing to have a warm house again! Thanks SMT, recommended!…

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