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RT @maradydd: @puellavulnerata @psnively @RachelHaywire Thus does the internet become a force multiplier for shy people with good ideas.

8:31am Oct 30 2013 —

So I’m now vice-chair of Wallacestone Primary School Parents’ Council – how did that happen??

8:27am Oct 30 2013 —

Thoughtful and incisive communion prayer… (cf… for non-CofE readers) via @jonnybaker

12:19pm Oct 29 2013 —

Pleased to report that the Polmont station clock is exactly correct this morning :-) Tnx @ScotRail

7:37am Oct 29 2013 —

RT @old_sound: I’ve just used the expression “I’m sure there’s a monad for that” and I meant it. #haskell

7:11am Oct 29 2013 —

Why you shouldn’t interrupt a programmer [So true!]… @detly

1:11pm Oct 28 2013 —

@viokaps I have to assume they thought it was “spring back, fall forward”…

in reply to viokaps — 7:49am Oct 28 2013 —

@ScotRail Polmont station clock currently 2 hours fast.

7:45am Oct 28 2013 —

RT @mattblaze: In the long run, it’s probably more productive to focus less on “NSA is evil” and more on “let’s strengthen our infrastructu…

7:54pm Oct 27 2013 —

RT @welovehistory: Gunpowder, geophysics & gugas: the mysteries of Tantallon Castle revealed

7:53pm Oct 27 2013 —

RT @BevanMcCabe: Took gf to first #Phoenix match in the @YellowFever_NZ zone at Napier. She’s now singing #yellowfever anthems in the showe…

7:50pm Oct 27 2013 —

RT @SalmanRushdie: My friend Lou Reed came to the end of his song. So very sad.But hey, Lou, you’ll always take a walk on the wild side. Al…

6:05pm Oct 27 2013 —

RT @jboner: Great post by @jsuereth on the ideas and design behind sbt. Definitely worth a read.–… #sbt #scala

8:59am Oct 26 2013 —

OH: She just puts the bobble on the Hoover, sucks up all her hair, then slides it off. [!!]

8:59am Oct 26 2013 —

Directional speaker arrays installed at Waverley! Looking fwd to intelligible announcements @NetworkRailSCOT

8:01am Oct 25 2013 —

RT @silentbicycle: “This isn’t just Worse Is Better, this is ‘Worse Is All You Get Forever’.”…

7:43pm Oct 23 2013 —

@degr4ssi OK, they weren’t all cancelled, but they were reduced to a half-hourly service. Poetic license :-)

7:24pm Oct 22 2013 —

Pumps to be installed at Winchburgh by 2063. @ScotRail #not

6:42am Oct 22 2013 —

Due to forecast predictable and regular flooding, @ScotRail have cancelled all trains between Glasgow and Edinburgh.

6:40am Oct 22 2013 —

RT @viktorklang: OH: “What does academia and garbage collection have in common? Reference counting.”

4:19pm Oct 19 2013 —

RT @justinleitgeb: This shouldn’t have to be said but if you’re looking to move from Ruby to a statically-typed language and choose Java yo…

4:04pm Oct 19 2013 —

Crazy evening – after party, we made: 1 cake 2 traybakes and 4L of chutney! On top of completely emptying and tidying the art cupboard.

6:50am Oct 18 2013 —

RT @BBCBreaking: “It’s never easy for two sides to reach consensus. This time was really hard” – Majority Democrat leader Harry Reid http:/…

5:54pm Oct 16 2013 —

2 + 3 = 5

4:58pm Oct 16 2013 —

RT @pwang: There are 10 types of people: those who understand binary, those who don’t, and those who didn’t expect this joke to be in base 3

3:29pm Oct 16 2013 —

RT @talios: Who knew reading about Fashion Week could teach me Haskell?… and a new way to look at women.

7:48am Oct 15 2013 —

RT @Java_Nick: Knock knock.
Who’s there?
To who?
No, to whom.

7:37am Oct 15 2013 —

@samanthabarry @tntmagazine something up with your production flow – did the image get unzoomed somehow?

in reply to samanthabarry — 7:36am Oct 15 2013 —

RT @talios: Distributed Optimistic Concurrency Considered Optimistic via @Prismatic

7:13am Oct 15 2013 —

@jackelder The grass is always greener. Here we’re all shattered and grateful it’s the *beginning* of the holidays! Hope things settle soon.

in reply to jackelder — 7:06am Oct 13 2013 —

RT @cstross: The Scottish independence referendum ballot paper:

6:20pm Oct 8 2013 —

RT @jwz: Nine-year-old stowaway had scoped out airport day before his flight to Las Vegas. I expect great things from this……

11:00pm Oct 6 2013 —

RT @michellemalkin: ICYMI: Families throw off cones at Badlands National Park #OccupyAmerica

7:18pm Oct 6 2013 —

Just picked our last peas of the season #gardening

12:03pm Oct 5 2013 —

#reading Tolkien VIII, The War of the Ring. Wow. How much different would it all have been if they had cell phones!

8:51am Oct 4 2013 —

Why tip everyone off ten days in advance? Are they looking for a reaction? #mccann #crimewatch

8:43am Oct 4 2013 —

RT @metaswitch: RT @dredgie: Out today: New rev. of #IETF draft discussing the elephant in the #pce room. Literally!

8:50am Oct 3 2013 —

RT @PeterRollins: Perhaps the largest betrayal of the Christ event involved reducing/distorting it into a set of beliefs

8:42am Oct 3 2013 —

RT @BayesianWitch:… In which we explain about p-values with the help of .@god and .@FAKEGRIMLOCK

4:20pm Oct 2 2013 —

Fascinating: Want Smart Kids? Talk to Them—and Listen to Them.… via @slate

4:10pm Oct 2 2013 —

RT @GreatDismal: People who feel safer with a gun than with guaranteed medical insurance don’t yet have a fully adult concept of scary.

6:54am Oct 2 2013 —

Police investigating ‘unexplained’ death in Polmont – Falkirk Herald:…

1:40pm Oct 1 2013 —

RT @cshallwriter: America was not shut down properly. Would you like to start America in safe mode, with free healthcare and without the gu…

8:18am Oct 1 2013 —