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RT @cstross: Paper: “Markets are efficient if and only if P=NP” (Oh dear, poor Chicago School neoliberals)

7:47am Sep 30 2012 —

RT @BBCBreaking: The UK’s Office of Fair Trading – @OFTgov – refers the private motor insurance market to the Competition Commission htt …

7:26am Sep 28 2012 —

#reading Greene, Our Man In Havana

7:24am Sep 28 2012 —

@whatal0ser Just realised I said desktop. A laptop is fine too; I just meant not a phone. Good luck!

10:54pm Sep 27 2012 —

.@whatal0ser Go to Twitter on a desktop computer, click the gear icon then Settings, click Apps, and you can revoke access to it.

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RT @ScotRail: 16:15 Queen Street to Edinburgh & 17:15 Edinburgh to Queen Street will run with 3 carriages instead of 6

4:13pm Sep 27 2012 —

Loving the latest upgrade to @SlideITKeyboard. Better recognition, nice new features, just feels smoother. #recommended #Android

4:57pm Sep 26 2012 —

I love @TheEconomist – their article about Mitt Romney this week is on page 47.

7:10am Sep 24 2012 —

RT @solobasssteve: listening to some John Cage piano works on eMusic before buying. The 30 second preview was one chord. Really useful. :o|

3:02pm Sep 22 2012 —

RT @saniac: My daughter saw this film on the plane and tried to describe it to me. I still can’t believe it exists…

2:56pm Sep 22 2012 —

.@P0WERP0INT fabulous night again as always. Loved the big Twitter screen, can’t wait for the 4am wakeup sequel!

9:54pm Sep 21 2012 —

@P0WERP0INT Hellooooo Edinburgh from Brightons Flaim!

6:16pm Sep 21 2012 —

Reminded this evening why heaven is a city not a suburb. He tangata – spontaneous community.

5:25pm Sep 21 2012 —

Thank you @CadreBible for a very speedy resolution to my problem – it all works now! Fab support, excellent product.

7:50am Sep 21 2012 —

RT @dark_shark: “Craft is what enables you to be successful when you’re not inspired.” – Brian Eno

6:54am Sep 21 2012 —

What happened? My @CadreBible suddenly lost all its Bibles, and just has a catalogue screen. v4.7.5, Android 2.2, HTC Desire.

8:24pm Sep 20 2012 —

@pcwalton Harder, but surely not impossible with a little analysis. Or make the decision locally, with some syntactic marker.

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RT @stshank: Rackspace just lashed out at a patent troll that sued it for hosting Github.…

7:41am Sep 19 2012 —

@solobasssteve Look at the dateline

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RT @DXLondon: ‘A world where people tweak, fix, make will be a better world for all of us’ – @sugru founder Jane on making fixing releva …

4:08pm Sep 18 2012 —

RT @caitlinmoran: I wonder how many more times today I can get cold, put a fleece on, then get hot, and take it off again #september

4:06pm Sep 18 2012 —

Peace isn’t a state, it’s a process.

4:06pm Sep 18 2012 —

RT @kesterbrewin: #Romney says ‘Palestinians have no interest whatsoever in establishing peace.’ I say, speak to some you ignorant git.

3:56pm Sep 18 2012 —

Crazy zoetrope-style animation done with a bicycle wheel!…

12:06pm Sep 18 2012 —

The iPHONE 5 UNDERMINES western DEMOCRACY: 5 reasons why via @regvulture

8:18am Sep 18 2012 —

Upgraded to #Ubuntu 12.04. Why does it need periodic interaction? All qs should be at beginning or end, not spread evenly thru 5 hours!

7:18am Sep 18 2012 —

RT @mattmight: Java makes me feel productive because I never stop typing boilerplate.

11:44pm Sep 17 2012 —

RT @WHATWG: — Clarify that <canvas> can be used for art

12:11am Sep 16 2012 —

I just bought some sugru. Wonder what I’m going to do with it? #fixed

7:53pm Sep 15 2012 —

Falkirk Callendar Park – “Begone Tin Monstrosity”. (not that it is, at all)

3:15pm Sep 15 2012 —

Wearing my Decoder Hat (with its coded message from C for me alone) for the first time this season. I feel warm and loved.

6:37am Sep 14 2012 —

Successful evening – Chinese cooked, fairy lights twinkling in lounge again, Flaim roll sorted, Caspian watched, and even some coding done!

11:18pm Sep 13 2012 —

@heatherelder Ah, my home town. Fond traffic memories… not! Good luck :-(

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RT @madeupstats: It’s no stat, but if you look at the date of @andy_murray’s last tweet, you’ll see what 3 months off Twitter can do to …

4:12pm Sep 12 2012 —

RT @gbrumfiel: The #Higgs has survived peer-review: [How long is that author list?!]

5:52pm Sep 10 2012 —

@solobasssteve I believe @nathanielflick is right – superglue is the thing. Ouch – hope the cut’s not as bad as you think.

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RT @fleetstreetfox: For everyone who shared that pic of equalities minister Maria Miller last week:…

8:05am Sep 10 2012 —

RT @bengoldacre: Just once it’d be nice to live next door to someone who belts out challenging 12 tone from Schoenberg at full volume.

7:08am Sep 10 2012 —

RT @bengoldacre: Epic post on John Cage at 100. (His book “Silence” is excellent too btw)

11:02pm Sep 8 2012 —

Famous questions to which the answer is “no” #1

9:43pm Sep 8 2012 —

Humble and affecting account of what it’s like being a brain surgeon.…

6:09pm Sep 7 2012 —

RT @fundypost: Donations pour in for failed property speculators.… via @3newsNZ #charitybeginsathome #andendsthere

7:14am Sep 7 2012 —

RT @chris_coltrane: A friend of mine has Crohn’s Disease. Her treatment by #Atos will absolutely blow your mind. Blog:

6:53am Sep 7 2012 —

RT @P0WERP0INT: So @P0WERP0INT is sold out & we’ve had to reject more than 100 people who want to come. Looking into a 2nd night. Pl …

6:49am Sep 7 2012 —

RT @snrkl: QF flight att just avoided the random security trace test at SYD: she waited till someone else got picked then walked past. c …

6:49am Sep 7 2012 —

RT @Malarkey: “Requires a Facebook account” is like “Best viewed in Netscape 4.”

6:45am Sep 7 2012 —

RT @metaswitch: RT @gleavieboy: Hosted svcs will make the PBX extinct. But @metaswitch will curate the memories &lt …

7:11pm Sep 6 2012 —

.@ScotRail At last an explanation – train crew delayed by earlier train failure. But person who switched the train off could have said!

4:51pm Sep 6 2012 —

.@ScotRail finally left at 1744, 12 min late, no explanation or apology. Atrocious customer service.

4:45pm Sep 6 2012 —

.@ScotRail still not left at 1743. Why confuse your customers? >40 got out to check signs, but even they had no info.

4:43pm Sep 6 2012 —

Useless @ScotRail again. 1732 edb-alloa. Train doesn’t leave, then switched off at 1738 with no explanation. 1740 a driver wanders along.

4:42pm Sep 6 2012 —

RT @JPBarlow: There’s nothing good that comes of should.

7:39am Sep 6 2012 —

A started Cub Scouts this evening and had a great time. I can feel the level of preparedness in the house increasing already.

11:47pm Sep 4 2012 —

RT @tom_watson: Blimey. MT @K_IngalaSmith: Cabinet reshuffle: 4/29 women, 29/29 white, 19/29 attended Oxford or Cambridge.

8:11pm Sep 4 2012 —

Argh! was returning 401 to requests for at least the last 15 minutes. Now seems to be back to normal. #THBAPSA #WS

1:54pm Sep 4 2012 —

RT @joeybill18: #Kent An interview with the Boy with Tape on his Face… suprisingly talkative @TapeFaceBoy

4:09pm Sep 3 2012 —

RT @FringeGuru: …even though you have to screw your eyes up and look really hard to even notice the difference. I salute whoever made …

3:56pm Sep 3 2012 —

RT @FringeGuru: I do love a good detail. And the detail I’m loving right now is that all the 2012’s have changed to *Paralympic* 2012’s…

3:56pm Sep 3 2012 —

RT @raynerlucas: CATHEDRAL (adjective): Having the same number of sides as a cat.

9:41pm Sep 2 2012 —