Tweet Archive for hashtag “#fixed”

Successful installation last night – kids’ room #fixed! #Ikea

10:21am Nov 22 2014 —

#fixed hand towel ring in bathroom. Again. Will it hold this time?

8:59pm Jan 21 2014 —

#fixed Fitted a hook for the frying pan to stop it hitting the water pipe.

11:22pm Jan 12 2014 —

#fixed kids toilet seat (again).

11:28pm Aug 17 2013 —

#Fixed Blagdon Powersafe switch box. Switches are *not* good quality. Sigh.

7:57pm Jul 12 2013 —

Much better! Tent stitched and ready for sealing. #fixed

10:56am Jul 1 2013 —

#fixed my ancient Ubuntu box – thankfully there is an archive at Thanks…

9:31pm Jun 11 2013 —

#fixed muddy corner of our lawn thanks to a kind friend who gave us a spare roll of turf!

7:14pm May 9 2013 —

#fixed kitchen tap! Couldn’t have done it without my Dremel to trim the threaded rods in a very tight space.

10:38pm Feb 11 2013 —

#fixed overflowing cistern in the kids’ bathroom – new float valve assembly. Fun job, though would be easier if diaphragm was standardised.

12:34am Feb 4 2013 —

Not #fixed: our kitchen under-shelf halogen. Why can’t I find any slim fittings any more?

8:31am Jan 14 2013 —

#fixed toothbrush charger, at last, I think. We do have more than one, I hasten to add!

8:27am Jan 14 2013 —

#fixed 2x candle lighter wand, by standard technique of disassemble, wiggle around a bit, reassemble.

1:09pm Dec 28 2012 —

I just bought some sugru. Wonder what I’m going to do with it? #fixed

7:53pm Sep 15 2012 —

#fixed M’s mini tripod (which she sat on).

11:13pm Jul 3 2012 —

#fixed poor Andy’s arm by telling him the protip from my last tweet. Need a new hashtag – #publicfixing? #pdf?

7:59pm May 18 2012 —