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RT @elonmusk: Rocket booster relit twice (supersonic retro & landing), but spun up due to aero torque, so fuel centrifuged & we flamed out

1:39pm Sep 30 2013 —

@O2 41Mp is ridiculous. What is the noise level and equivalent ISO?

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RT @dozba: You don’t pay engineers to write code, you pay them to understand subtleties and edges of the problem. The code is incidental.

3:58am Sep 28 2013 —

RT @oliviaaguthrie: my dad said he will quit smoking if i get 500 retweets. PLEASE retweet this he thinks i cant do it

3:46am Sep 28 2013 —

@maggyd18 Great! Must have got in some other way then.

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.@maggyd18 Your Twitter account seems to have caught a virus – please go to Settings / Apps and click “Revoke” on any you don’t recognize.

4:45pm Sep 26 2013 —

@Pontifex We’re called to be salt and light in the world. Isn’t that broader than witnessing?

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RT @Oct15Solidarity: Emily and Urs finally have a confirmed end date – the home detention bracelets are coming off on Monday, 2nd December!…

7:20am Sep 20 2013 —

@ScotRail thanks!

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@ScotRail station clock at PMT platform 1 broken – completely blank.

6:38am Sep 20 2013 —

RT @rachelvailbooks: Great point made in son’s college orientation re sex/safety/respect/etc: “Consent is really too low a bar. Hold out f…

4:20pm Sep 19 2013 —

@EvergreenBody yup! Thanks!

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RT @Mchr3k: Why you shouldn’t trust #picasa to store your photos:… #google #fail

2:09pm Sep 18 2013 —

RT @QualityFrog: Son asked teacher what real world application there was for concept taught in class. Teacher’s response: “the exam”. #FAIL

6:47am Sep 18 2013 —

RT @doctorow: kadrey: These are your kids on books.

6:45am Sep 18 2013 —

RT @Thermapen_: It’s national cupcake week! Cook your sponge cake to 95-98 deg C with the help of a @Thermapen_ ! #cupcakeweek http://t.c…

4:43pm Sep 17 2013 —

RT @Java_Nick: #FEMA freaks out, grounds #UAV helping first responders map flood damage in #Colorado.… @michellemalki…

6:13am Sep 17 2013 —

@kanamariep Thanks! I’m afraid we’ve eaten it already :-)

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Our #Arduino Uno #cake with real LEDs – Happy 10th birthday Aidan!…

10:46pm Sep 16 2013 —

RT @TheDominie: @BBCBreaking How about do not slaughter your people! Gas or otherwise.

7:40pm Sep 16 2013 —

RT @NASAVoyager2: For those born since we left: you struggle w 1GB RAM & 64GB iPhones, while we’re still running strong on 16kB & 64MB of 8…

7:52am Sep 15 2013 —

RT @solobasssteve: Dinner today is Neverland Potato Dubloons*

*Gnocchi. #AnyOldBollocksNameThatGetsKidToEat

3:59pm Sep 13 2013 —

RT @headinthebox: Appealing to the “Liskov Substitution Principle” is the biggest red herring in the universe.

3:58pm Sep 13 2013 —

MT @Code_Analysis: The ugliest C feature: <tgmath.h>.… [Amazing – C has a conditional type operator!]

8:25am Sep 13 2013 —

.@ScotRail train 12 minutes late this morning (board at station claimed would be 2). How is that possible? 0900 PMT>EDB.

8:14am Sep 13 2013 —

RT @donttrythis: Mechanical gear in an insect?? Wowsers.…

7:31am Sep 13 2013 —

RT @fionabradleyx: Delighted to have won a @Saltire_Society award for Martin Creed’s Work No. 1059 The Scotsman steps. Hooray! #saltirearts…

11:23pm Sep 12 2013 —

#read Tolkien, Return of the Shadow. Gripping read. The whole Trotter thing is fascinating and mysterious!

10:25pm Sep 10 2013 —

RT @kesterbrewin: This, on the other hand, is quality: Beeban Kidron on her forthcoming doc about teenagers and internet:…

9:44am Sep 8 2013 —

RT @dyokomizo: Nothing beats production data. Every “implausible” scenario that is possible will happen in production.

11:43pm Sep 6 2013 —

RT @jimchines: DC reaches new heights of fail, asking artists to audition by drawing a suicidal naked female. (h/t @…

11:40pm Sep 6 2013 —

RT @qikipedia: Very plausible: RT @kjeik Splitting the infititive – grammatical fission – is actually how they power the Enterprise.

11:15pm Sep 6 2013 —

Family project – baby blanket for a friend!…

10:33pm Sep 6 2013 —

.@SP_EnergyPeople Power now restored after 1h30. Disappointed in your lack of response. #Edinburgh #powercut

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@SP_EnergyPeople power cut in Causewayside EH9. Any news on when power will be restored? Multiple traffic lights out etc.

12:29pm Sep 5 2013 —

Power cut Edinburgh EH9. At least there’s hot water in urn for tea!

12:22pm Sep 5 2013 —

RT @PeterRollins: How to be eternal…

11:13pm Sep 4 2013 —

.@horse_js that’s *object* oriented, not class oriented.

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RT @jasongorman: Nostalgia is the natural enemy of de-cluttering

7:14pm Sep 4 2013 —

Go Aidan! Go Megan! Go the Clarion!

5:59pm Sep 4 2013 —

RT @Atmel: BIG NEWS! @mbanzi says there are now over 1 million Arduinos! #Atmel #Arduino #MakerMovement @Arduino (via @adafruit)

7:03pm Sep 1 2013 —

RT @P0WERP0INT: We’re into September. Set your clocks to “Woo” in 26 days time.

7:02pm Sep 1 2013 —