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#read Defeated Tolkien’s “Sauron Defeated”. Suddenly dumped into Oxford with the Inklings – contrast with and yet background to Mordor.

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RT @StumpyPickle: @MaxxPALIN Lets have good old biblical marriage… @MrObviousGuy @cd_hooks @raininblack @DOPEITSTOM @angeliquenoles http:…

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.@scottish_water Sadly modern taps don’t have a washer, and the ceramic disc is not replaceable once damaged.

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RT @em_swift: Day jobs of the poets.

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RT @nanexllc: New post: Proof that trade time-stamps are changed – they are not the originals

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RT @g6asso: if !(ipv4_addresses.exhausted)
goto deploy_ipv4;
goto deploy_ipv4;

#oops where is #ipv6 ? #gotofail

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RT @adamcaudill: @mattblaze I’m still putting my money on a bad merge – lacking any evidence of malintent, that seems to be most likely.

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RT @mattblaze: If the Apple programmer used Emacs, this proves the superiority of vi. If he/she used vi, this proves the superiority of Ema…

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RT @RealTimeWWII: Islands of Borneo & Celebes have fallen; New York Times map shows “Japan’s tentacles” spreading across south Pacific: htt…

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RT @csoghoian: Don’t worry. The security update used to patch Apple’s iOS SSL authentication flaw will be delivered to you securely via a S…

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@TheDominie You do realise @A_DarlingMP is a spoof account, right?

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RT @webperftips: A quick way to speed up your javascript app is to reduce the 2nd param that’s sent to setTimeout.

setTimeout(fn, 500/* ma…

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RT @webperftips: Instead of doing costly ajax calls to a server for data, simply generate random data on the client side and use that inste…

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RT @welovehistory: It is a most excellent fountain! MT @JCampbelltours: Today’s travels to see the 16c fountain at Linlithgow Palace http:/…

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@WallacestonePS It’s a tetrahedron! Go A!

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Back in the UK! Survived the volcano, the rain, and the planeful of Italian teenage school kids!

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African Union: We cannot ignore the plight of Berkshire any longer via @daily_hawk

11:42pm Feb 17 2014 —

My goodness, there’s a logo I haven’t seen for a very long time!

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BA at LGW: off via air bridge, down stairs, out to tarmac again, to board bus waiting by plane. ‘But at least we used the air bridge’?!

2:45pm Feb 16 2014 —

#data Cabin pressure profile – BA Boeing 737-436 EDI-LGW 2014-02-16 (paused during cruise). Note 100mb drop in 10s!

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RT @kesterbrewin: ‘You can fool the fans, but not the players.’ 10 rules for students/teachers from John Cage: Geniu…

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RT @meet_miss_b: 10 awesome questions to get kids thinking deeper about books @WeAreTeachers

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RT @paultrueman74: And in a single para, @caitlinmoran makes this week’s Times worth buying.

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RT @bbcbigquestions: Join us at 10am on BBC One and follow the debate using #BBCTBQ

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RT @EAUKnews: Tomorrow @bbcbigquestions 10am BBC1 in Edinburgh. Kieran Turner (EA Scotland) will be a contributor on topics such as assiste…

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RT @flightradar24: Great picture of an Airbus A330-200 from China Eastern Airlines.
(C) Bartłomiej Spurek http://t.…

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At Gatwick all morning and part of the afternoon, sigh. Lovely sunny day for it though! Hoping it’s like that in Sorrento too!

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Oh dear. Spot the glaring error!

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RT @GammaCounter: Maybe the best knit hat ever. 脳の帽子… & via @sutekicom @gohsuket cc @mocost

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RT @EdwardTufte: Best recent #visualization
Jonathan Corum, Weight of Rain
Kirk Goldsberry, DataBall
⇝ http:/…

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RT @DoricArchPub: Anyone stranded at Euston tonight and needing to keep warm, come and have a free tea or coffee with us until trains impro…

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RT @joshtpm: The answer to excessive high speed police chases … the the GPS Cannon. Definitely awesome, maybe effective.…

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Fantastic! Evil Mad Scientist Valentines

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RT @zeroload: SDD, Stackoverflow Driven Development

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RT @exploreplanets: A 45-year-old spacecraft will fly by Earth in August. It’s still working, but we can no longer talk to it:…

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RT @guy_herbert: @AndrewIMaddox And the best way to make buying AND renting easier is to increase housing supply. Scrap some planning contr…

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RT @bengoldacre: Hey MPs: 1. Cancel “Help To Bubble” 2. Abolish mortgage interest tax relief for landlords 3. Better tenants rights. http:/…

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RT @zeroload: It seems many devs are struggling with package managers issues showing in deployment situations, where they should not be use…

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RT @MarikaRose: Please state your reasons for applying for this job:

Under capitalism I am compelled to sell my labour in order to subsist.

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Skiing in London!

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@SP_EnergyPeople Hi – please can you respond to my last tweet? Thanks!

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RT @WallacestonePS: Scottish Power are delivering really interesting talks on safety to all our pupils today and tomorrow.…

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.@SP_EnergyPeople Please can you tell me more about your education programme? Cc @WallacestonePS

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.@SP_EnergyPeople very disappointed to hear the nonsense your rep told our children at @WallacestonePS today.

7:56pm Feb 3 2014 —

‘s no snow. Again. :-(

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