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RT @BoingBoing: Illustrated timeline of anti-fun moral panics

9:32am Dec 31 2013 —

RT @GeorgeMonbiot: This week’s winter’s tale: Cold comfort – a chilling and idiotic brush with death.…

7:34pm Dec 30 2013 —

RT @debasishg: Good contrarian view on append only databases like Datomic ..

8:44am Dec 29 2013 —

RT @jwz: ENHANCE. ENHANCE. Reflected hidden faces in photographs revealed in pupil: By zooming in on high-resolution……

8:49am Dec 28 2013 —

RT @horse_js: those of us that do OSS and blog and talk are infallible, unquestionable experts

8:41am Dec 28 2013 —

RT @noahlt: Shoutout to the engineers on call today as millions of people power on their shiny new gadgets.

8:39am Dec 28 2013 —

RT @EdwardTufte: Don’t illustrate Judge-Flunks-NSA story
with NSA HQ pic, gavel icons
Use Madison quote in court decision!…

11:48pm Dec 27 2013 —

RT @jwz: Lol My Thesis. Summing up years of work in one sentence. Pretty much all of these are amazing. Shooting people……

11:46pm Dec 27 2013 —

RT @cookingforgeeks: Tomatoes: taxed as veggies; pillow-shaped stuffed animals / stuffed-animal pillows is a new one though. /ht DV http://…

11:42pm Dec 27 2013 —

@solobasssteve broken link on your Friends and Inspiration page – should be

3:27pm Dec 27 2013 —

@heatherelder New Plymouth has plenty besides beaches – gardens, boat trip, walks on Taranaki, good museum.

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RT @saniac: Accidentally put 5kg plate on one side of barbell instead of 2.5kg. Didn’t notice til after set. Now doomed to right arm like f…

12:23am Dec 27 2013 —

RT @metro_land: Paragraph of the season. #dailymail

12:23am Dec 27 2013 —

RT @EdwardTufte: Q. Statistician v. artist?
A. Thinking about disciplines is for amateurs,
the rest of us just go to the studio every day …

12:17am Dec 27 2013 —

Science! Totally awesome beef Auckland (Wellington) on Christmas Day, thanks to @cookingforgeeks for meat thermodynamics and critical temps!

4:15pm Dec 26 2013 —

RT @HarrietTolputt: BA plane crash. J burg

9:45am Dec 23 2013 —

@maggyd18 has he fixed it yet? Was windy last night; hope your TV kept working.

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.@ScotRail lovely wee loo on 170/401-434 W end of E car – clean bright decorated imaginative fresh smelling! Thanks!

5:07pm Dec 20 2013 —

@ScotRail @NetworkRailSCOT Lovely new HYM! But a small issue – not enough screens! Train leaves in 3 min but it’s still off the board.

4:42pm Dec 20 2013 —

Last day of work! Looking forward to a fun lunch curling, then two weeks off!!

8:25am Dec 20 2013 —

@horse_js ROFL! Because it’s the pinnacle, don’tcha know?

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RT @horse_js: it’s no longer uncommon to see collection performance within 2.5X of the Java Virtual Machine.

Wait, wait, wait. What

8:08pm Dec 19 2013 —

RT @cookingforgeeks: The British sure do know how to mix it up: movie theater + hot tubs…

7:54am Dec 18 2013 —

RT @williamheath: BT is no doubt good at many things. Deciding what limits to apply to human expression is not one of them.

5:42pm Dec 16 2013 —

RT @williamheath: Bruce Schneier is leaving BT. And – with this default web filtering news… – so should we all.

5:42pm Dec 16 2013 —

@HotpointUK beef Wellington!

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@maggyd18 cool. Hope he sorts it soon.

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The Secret Reason Most Romantic Relationships Fall Apart… via @goodmenproject

12:23pm Dec 16 2013 —

RT @kickassical: Protect yourself from the flute. Get your flute vaccine.

8:29am Dec 16 2013 —

@maggyd18 call them back and tell them to install it properly. Ours is fine in all weather.

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RT @disnet: Fun little macro. Tame callback hell in 8 lines.

7:48am Dec 13 2013 —

RT @HighwayCodeGB: When driving in fog you should keep a safe distance behind the vehicle in front. Rear lights can give a false sense of s…

6:42pm Dec 12 2013 —

8:45am Dec 12 2013 —

Finally resuscitated our address database, just in time for Christmas. And sent cards off for printing. Going to be late this year :-(

7:47am Dec 12 2013 —

RT @stevesilberman: What if, instead of being “out of it,” autistic people sense too much? – @maiasz on the Intense World theory http://t.c…

8:06pm Dec 11 2013 —

RT @alyankovic: They see you when you’re sleeping, they know when you’re awake. They know if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodne…

7:53pm Dec 11 2013 —

RT @NewsOfSarah: @1bobcohn @megangarber @standupkid That “To Be Determined” reads ominously.

9:26am Dec 9 2013 —

RT @1bobcohn: After Apollo 11 splashed down, Armstrong, Collins, and Aldrin filed this paperwork at airport Customs. @megangarber http://t.…

9:25am Dec 9 2013 —

RT @rustyrockets: In the 60s Mandela was called a terrorist. Some called terrorists now may one day be regarded differently. The same inter…

6:07pm Dec 7 2013 —

#uksnow 1/5 EH1

5:40pm Dec 6 2013 —

BBC News – Odon childbirth device: Car mechanic uncorks a revolution

6:16pm Dec 4 2013 —

@scottish_water … the Director of Scottish Water might reasonably not realise that. Thanks for passing it on.

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@scottish_water Thanks. You and I know that, but the average person receiving a letter on Scottish Water letterhead signed by…

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@scottish_water Just quoting the slightly dodgy text from the letter I received from you today.

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“With such a complex network, things may go wrong. It could be a hassle, not to mention expensive” @scottish_water protection racket?

12:22pm Dec 4 2013 —

RT @kieronb1: I just donated to #Wikipedia, as I have been using it for years. Help keep it free! #keepitfree

7:41am Dec 4 2013 —

RT @angealbertini: Binwally: Directory tree diff tool using Fuzzy Hashing…

8:41pm Dec 3 2013 —

RT @henrikkniberg: Bangkok danger map

8:20am Dec 3 2013 —

RT @AJaneTurner: #SaveStampy It drives me CRAZY that my son watches this ALL of the time. But Stampy’s YouTube channel is clean. No swearin…

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RT @AmyLee_thirty3: 4100 Signatures on the #savestampy petition!…

7:39pm Dec 2 2013 —

RT @NathanHenley: @BBCOne @ITV @DailyMailUK @TheSunNewspaper @stampylongnose lost his @YouTube channel please help him get it back #SaveSta…

7:38pm Dec 2 2013 —

RT @JasonLeisure: Stampy is one of the most age appropriate people on youtube to be taken down for inappropriateness is asinine @YouTube #S…

7:38pm Dec 2 2013 —

RT @emergentkiwi: making sense of God talk outside church walls.…

7:47am Dec 2 2013 —

RT @RyanWalkinshaw: This is my new favourite story, maybe the best story ever told about laziness…

12:51am Dec 2 2013 —

RT @Steven_Croft: Warm greetings to anyone beginning to read (or reread) The Advent Calendar today!

12:44am Dec 2 2013 —

.@steven_croft Excited to be reading Advent Calendar again! Yearly ritual, reminder of what it’s really about. Thanks!

12:42am Dec 2 2013 —