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BBC News – ‘Molecular basis’ for jet lag found

7:15am Aug 30 2013 —

Not enjoying the dreaded lurgy.

10:25pm Aug 28 2013 —

RT @nanexllc: How can one claim to be hi-tech in fast trading and use TCP? It’s like printing out email and sending a pic instead of “reply”

10:14pm Aug 28 2013 —

RT @fogus: Protip: Before describing your new library/framework as “a fresh look at X” consider exploring existing tech invented 40 years a…

8:27pm Aug 27 2013 —

About to head out onto the lake…

10:22am Aug 26 2013 —

RT @TorEkelandPC: The British government’s elastic interpretation of the word “terrorism” has rendered the word meaningless. We are all ter…

12:30am Aug 25 2013 —

RT @debasishg: The Datacenter as a Computer: An Introduction to the Design of Warehouse-Scale Machines, Second edition…

11:58pm Aug 24 2013 —

@reifman eg How will you keep content current? Who can contribute? What if they get sick? Do edits need moderation? How will ppl learn sys?

in reply to reifman — 7:34am Aug 24 2013 —

@reifman Great, but only addresses technical side. In my experience (personal sites, small voluntary orgs) process stuff is even more impt.

in reply to reifman — 7:29am Aug 24 2013 —

MT @greenbelt: Just over 90mins until the start of the #gb40 programme… [Crying because I’m not there :-(]

3:56pm Aug 23 2013 —

.@NotLothianBuses not just 16, all buses do it. Lonely? Shy?

in reply to NotLothianBuses — 3:55pm Aug 23 2013 —

.@horse_js you could edit individual lines just by typing the line number. Even insert lines anywhere (sometimes needed RENUMBER).

in reply to horse_js — 3:54pm Aug 23 2013 —

RT @pickover: “Paper became so cheap, and printers so numerous, that a deluge of Authors covered the land.” —Alexander Pope, 1729 (via @Jam…

6:41am Aug 23 2013 —

.@TheBoyWhoBakes Yummy – but I think it needs a bit of salt added. I’ll investigate!

in reply to kw217 — 1:30pm Aug 22 2013 —

Freshly-made strawberry Linzer slice – thanks @TheBoyWhoBakes for the recipe!

6:40am Aug 22 2013 —

Back cycling for a new school year! Starting back with a “road” race. A bit intimidating…

5:38pm Aug 21 2013 —

RT @gregturn: Groklaw shuts down. Who’s next?…

12:00am Aug 21 2013 —

Waverley station filled with people going home #fringe

8:57am Aug 20 2013 —

Oh ATmega168, 1K is not enough :-( #arduino

8:55am Aug 20 2013 —

#fixed kids toilet seat (again).

11:28pm Aug 17 2013 —

RT @aras_p: “Perils of Future-Coding” by @ssylvan hits the nail on the head…

7:17pm Aug 17 2013 —

RT @mattblaze: Volkswagen’s very clear message to security researchers: don’t warn us about your discovery before you publish, or we’ll sue…

11:36pm Aug 16 2013 —

@solobasssteve peek not peak, argh. Sorry, being a #pedant.

in reply to solobasssteve — 10:17pm Aug 16 2013 —

RT @jackelder: That was a long slow rumbly one. Kids had time to turn off the tv and pick which table to hide under.

7:28am Aug 16 2013 —

RT @CNell_NZ: Um, rest of the world, you don’t need to #prayforNZ just yet. You could #swearwithNZ and #getdrunkwithNZ if you like. #eqnz

7:28am Aug 16 2013 —

@pcwalton recursive descent. Transparent (unless you have to mangle grammar to get there)

in reply to pcwalton — 7:26am Aug 16 2013 —

RT @jackelder: Driving during quake again. I understand it was a big one.

7:23am Aug 16 2013 —

RT @ID_AA_Carmack: Moving duplicated code to a function is good, but arranging things so the action is only performed in one place is even …

7:22am Aug 16 2013 —

@horse_js go on, I’ll bite: types!

in reply to horse_js — 7:19am Aug 16 2013 —

Thinking of generalising the pin-change interrupt part of #Arduino SoftwareSerial as part of a new event library – thoughts?

11:03pm Aug 15 2013 —

Flag flying over buildings at west end of North Bridge says just ‘Hello’. #fringe?

8:00am Aug 15 2013 —

RT @SpaceX: Grasshopper completed its first ever lateral divert test! WATCH:

11:04pm Aug 14 2013 —

RT @bengoldacre: Dear NHS please give all your money lol love pfizer RT @David_E14: Pfizer’s ad at Westminster tube

11:00pm Aug 14 2013 —

RT @JPBarlow: Whit Diffie & I were once surprised to find ourselves looking at Schrödinger’s grave. “What do you suppose?” he quipped.

6:38am Aug 13 2013 —

Home sweet home! Good to be back after a fun weekend.

10:07pm Aug 12 2013 —

Night night all…

11:44pm Aug 10 2013 —

RT @JesusOfNaz316: You know what Christianity needs? More people talking about why folks are leaving church. jk LOL

3:59pm Aug 10 2013 —

RT @ianbremmer: Top 10 Countries by # of People Executed
1 China
2 Iran
3 Saudi Arabia
4 Iraq
5 US
6 Yemen
7 N Korea
8 Somalia
9 Sudan
10 B…

2:51pm Aug 10 2013 —

RT @igrigorik: if you’re looking for a “full stack” developer.. then you have no idea how deep the stack is, and neither does your candidat…

2:25pm Aug 10 2013 —

Tantallon Castle @welovehistory Feels very Escher with all the spiral staircases and archways.

2:25pm Aug 10 2013 —

Ah, the sound of children still playing at 10pm. Thurston Manor with friends.

9:04pm Aug 9 2013 —

RT @solobasssteve: Cameron’s terrible advice on cyber bullying – good stuff from @vickybeeching…

2:41pm Aug 9 2013 —

RT @xlerb: Oh so *that*’s what “IIFE” means. Why can’t they just say “beta redex” like normal people?

6:38am Aug 9 2013 —

Disposable barbecues are the new chewing gum.

8:53pm Aug 7 2013 —

New favourite spice: mace. Delicious curry tonight, subtle sauce last night. Somewhere between coriander seed and nutmeg.

10:34pm Aug 6 2013 —

RT @Alex_Parker: Sharks believe humans have medicinal properties, and often only bite off specific parts for use in traditional remedies. #…

4:03pm Aug 6 2013 —

#reading Tolkien, The Return of the Shadow. Background to #LotR. Excited!

6:45am Aug 6 2013 —

#read Tolkien, The Lost Road. Wish he’d written more of the eponymous time travel story. Loved the rest, but tension building for #LotR.

6:44am Aug 6 2013 —

Only 26 days to go #Edinburghlocal

4:33pm Aug 5 2013 —

@BBCRadio4 Why do I need a 10MB app to listen on my phone? What’s wrong with MP3?

in reply to BBCRadio4 — 8:20pm Aug 4 2013 —

RT @cstross: What is this I don’t even—why NOT to use Xerox WorkCentre copiers:…? (Compression algorithm mangles imag…

8:17pm Aug 4 2013 —

RT @Triplanetary: @CeliaHodent in, and suddenly it works.

3:25pm Aug 3 2013 —

RT @Triplanetary: @CeliaHodent The article is misleading. The “close door” button in elevators isn’t a placebo, it’s just not for you. Put …

3:25pm Aug 3 2013 —

RT @Pinboard: Remember typing BASIC listings out of a magazine in order to play a game? You don’t? Then step out of the way, junior!

7:35pm Aug 2 2013 —

@FringeGuru haha! Good tip…

in reply to FringeGuru — 7:23pm Aug 2 2013 —

@FringeGuru Go on then, I’ll bite: £2? £4?

7:20pm Aug 2 2013 —

Making use of our @welovehistory membership – saw Bothwell Castle yesterday, very impressive toilets – even a double for the ladies!

7:21am Aug 2 2013 —

RT @benphillips76: Dear @ukhomeoffice tweeter: You don’t have to type this racist nonsense. You can refuse. Listen to the better angels.

11:24pm Aug 1 2013 —