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@adamandlewis Saw you in the Gazette today! Looking good in nativity outfit! @LinziM @neilmatheson

9:09pm Dec 30 2012 —

RT @frankieboyle: “@Scotty_McTweety: @frankieboyle Can you describe Scotland in 2 words?”
Scot land

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RT @EEM38: @lynjanef @falkirkcouncil our refuse collectors are fabulous. Their work is much appreciated, we don’t say thank you enough t …

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RT @mark_earnest: @doctorow Decades after it was over, we are losing the cold war. Everything we used to deride about the Soviet Union, …

8:38pm Dec 29 2012 —

RT @iowahawkblog: RT if you agree we should build a supermax prison in the Arctic for web designers who embed auto-play media.

7:39pm Dec 29 2012 —

Teaching the kids Cluedo (and trying to remember it myself!).

3:11pm Dec 29 2012 —

#fixed 2x candle lighter wand, by standard technique of disassemble, wiggle around a bit, reassemble.

1:09pm Dec 28 2012 —

@pcwalton it’s fine if they’re immutable arrays.

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RT @empire_of_dust: RT @paleofuture @vpostrel Long ago in a fashion magazine far, far away there was an ad that looks awfully familiar. …

8:10pm Dec 27 2012 —

#film watched The Incredibles and The Dark Knight Rises. Enjoyed one much more than the other.

10:40pm Dec 25 2012 —

Less than three hours to Dubai. And there’s wifi on the plane! Very exciting!

10:38pm Dec 25 2012 —

Plane very empty for this leg, but online seat selection gave the impression it was full. Guess there’ll be a huge influx in Melbourne.

5:40am Dec 25 2012 —

Aargh about half the plane is “travelling with babies or young children”! Lucky I have earplugs, though I usually find OPKs quite relaxing.

5:19am Dec 25 2012 —

@qikipedia not true – ants keep aphids; they feed them and everything.

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RT @GreatDismal: NORAD Santa-tracking is such a pure Cold War artifact. One day might be sole purpose of NORAD?

5:08am Dec 25 2012 —

RT @eddireader: I LOVE non-speaking … I challenge anyone to try it.. Shop assistants discover they can’t speak either.. Everybody mime …

5:08am Dec 25 2012 —

RT @KimKierkegaard: Christmas makeup is all about shimmer, sparkle, reds and greens and touches of gold, and masking our dread in dissol …

5:03am Dec 25 2012 —

Sitting in gate lounge ready to farewell Aotearoa once again. It’s been a good visit, and I’m thankful. Time now to come home. He tangata…

5:01am Dec 25 2012 —

RT @Dennynews: A spectacular canal development in Dubai could utilise technology pioneered by The Falkirk Wheel:…

5:00pm Dec 24 2012 —

Merry Christmas everyone! My mum is home and recovering well – the best Christmas present. But only 13hrs till I leave.

4:59pm Dec 24 2012 —

Very wet in Auckland just now, but the great thing about Auckland is the weather never lasts more than a few minutes :-)

6:29am Dec 24 2012 —

#reading Lineham, Bible and Society: A sesquicentennial history of the Bible Society in NZ. Learning lots about NZ Christian history.

6:28am Dec 24 2012 —

RT @clarkekant: Q: How many NRA spokesmen does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

A: More guns.

9:47am Dec 22 2012 —

Thanks @HolidayCrafts for blanket stitch howto… – I’ve finished off the present I was working on and it looks great!

6:47am Dec 22 2012 —

RT @asymmetricinfo: Disturbing # of web commenters seem to think Aspergers is something like paranoid schizophrenia. Usually more like a …

2:38am Dec 20 2012 —

RT @crushtor: Hey fellow Aussies, when it hits midnight, stop tweeting to freak out the Americans, pass it on #mayancalendar2012

2:33am Dec 20 2012 —

RT @qikipedia: The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease. VOLTAIRE

10:33pm Dec 19 2012 —

Stages of faith chart – John Fowler and M Scott Peck…

11:45am Dec 19 2012 —

@jayruston except that the music biz doesn’t create stuff. Music biz is more analagous to Instagram here.

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RT @sayrer: 2012, still can’t see my SMS messages on the web. there may be a business opportunity here.

3:47am Dec 19 2012 —

@heatherelder @jackelder thanks – hope so too. She’s doing very well. Pleased you liked the card! Have a great Christmas.

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How come no one ever told me about USSD before? Lovely little menu based system, part of GSM, way better than IVR.

2:07am Dec 18 2012 —

@jackelder @heatherelder Sadly not. It’s just me, and I’m in Auck only. My mum’s inhospital recovering from a major operation. Wish I could!

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RT @talios: Well thats a good reason to never touch Instagram ever again:…

1:17am Dec 18 2012 —

RT @solobasssteve: 76 Things Banned In Leviticus

1:16am Dec 18 2012 —

RT @ivan007: @solobasssteve But are assault rifles banned in Leviticus? No. Thought not.

1:12am Dec 18 2012 —

RT @VirtualAstro: There are going be some incredibly bright ISS passes over the UK…. RT and get your friends to foll …

1:11am Dec 18 2012 —

RT @caitlinmoran: I’ve licked Nigella’s spatula. I told me to remember the moment forever.

1:06am Dec 18 2012 —

New Zealand, pie capital of the world – yay! Nothing like a good hot pie with sides and a bottom and a delicious filling.

12:27am Dec 18 2012 —

@NSFChurch yes, hearing you loud and clear :-) thanks for asking…

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RT @MarkOneinFour: Really puzzled as to what people thought they were retweeting with ‘I am Adam Lanza’s Mom’ post, as I indicated here …

9:58am Dec 17 2012 —

RT @solobasssteve: From the end credits of The Lorax. Dr Seuss nails the problem, as is so often the case.

11:53pm Dec 15 2012 —

@KariByron Better gun control would surely be a start.

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RT @nicster: One guy tries to use a shoe bomb = Everyone at the airport takes their shoes off. 31 school shootings since Columbine = no …

6:03pm Dec 15 2012 —

RT @carltonreid: America, you have a TLA problem, @NRA:

6:00pm Dec 15 2012 —

My mum is having her operation as we speak – thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. She should be out of theatre around 3pm (0200 UTC).

8:39pm Dec 13 2012 —

If you have Outlook Express 0x800C0133 problems that aren’t fixed by deleting inbox.dbx, check the file size isn’t over 2,097,152KB limit.

8:39am Dec 12 2012 —

@GreatDismal You can fit vastly less in a film than a novel. It must be like writing opera – picking a few key crises.

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On Brisbane TV (ABC) the Kate hoax call fallout is still in the ticker.

9:52pm Dec 10 2012 —

A corollary of the Rule of Thirds is that you shouldn’t build a 3×3 screen video wall.

9:48pm Dec 10 2012 —

RT @TheEconomist: Free Wi-Fi: Coming soon to an airport near you

9:44pm Dec 10 2012 —

RT @greenbelt: In case you missed the news earlier today, you can now get a DVD of all #GB12 talks for just £15 #PerfectChristmasGift ht …

9:37pm Dec 10 2012 —

RT @jasongorman: Why be a fancypants? Do a great job of something simple

9:36pm Dec 10 2012 —

Whew! Made it as far as Brisbane, just one short 4 hour hop to go. All has been very smooth so far. And BNE has free wifi! Love to all.

9:29pm Dec 10 2012 —

@LinziM Thanks!

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@maggyd18 Thanks – appreciated. K.

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Waiting in checkin queue at Glasgow Airport. Wish it was a little bit faster – need my dinner!

7:09pm Dec 9 2012 —

Rachel Allen’s beetroot risotto with Parmesan crisps, again – yumm!!

8:42pm Dec 6 2012 —

RT @OccupyAdvent: Hope, Peace, Love, and Joy are #Advent themes. Rage & righteous indignation are not. #occupyadvent

10:09pm Dec 4 2012 —

[from earlier] #uksnow EH9 6/10 sleet just turned to snow and is thinking about lying. Heading home wondering what it will be like in FK2.

8:15pm Dec 4 2012 —

Hmmm, back up now but for a while there #EverythingEverywhere was #NothingNowhere. No mobile data in EH or FK for an hour this evening.

8:14pm Dec 4 2012 —

RT @jackelder: My desire to include surrealist jokes in my commit messages is counterbalanced by how very annoying I find it when other …

9:32am Dec 4 2012 —

RT @pchiusano: Really enjoying reading ‘Warning signs of a possible collapse of contemporary mathematics (PDF)’:…

9:23am Dec 4 2012 —

Worked from home yesterday, so today is the first day of wearing walking boots to work. Snow and ice.

9:00am Dec 4 2012 —

#uksnow FK2 1/5 Wow our first snow of the year! Great gasp of delight from M too.

11:09pm Dec 2 2012 —

RT @patrickhadfield: Btw @solobasssteve did you see this? Starbucks opens negotiations with HMRC to start paying more UK tax via @Telegr …

5:51pm Dec 2 2012 —

Another v successful Railway Roulette session at the PAWS Christmas Fayre – thanks to all who played, and to DM for the clockwork “O” set.

2:39pm Dec 1 2012 —

First time on the Caledonian Sleeper, and I’m very impressed! Comfortable, restful, thoughtfully and humanly designed and attended.

7:12am Dec 1 2012 —