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Korean prayer team on a mission for Kirk…

7:09am Jun 27 2015 —

RT @kwelbyroberts: ‘Hearing God swear’ another beauty from @helen_a13 A reminder that God knows us best + knows how to get our attention ht…

6:32pm Jun 26 2015 —

#Amazon are you mad? Huge 60x45x16cm box for a tiny poster which is already in a shipping tube! #amazonfail

12:00pm Jun 26 2015 —

RT @TheEconomist: The Economist explains why India and Bangladesh have the world’s craziest border…

6:59am Jun 26 2015 —

RT @falkirk_herald: One of the few remaining foundries in Scotland has been sold to employees to ensure its long-term survival:…

6:51am Jun 26 2015 —

RT @artem_zin: WTF was in their mind!? @jessewilson how should I sleep now…… Why Java, why??

5:27pm Jun 25 2015 —

@on_lothianbuses Was a number 8 heading south; I got off at Salisbury Place about 10 minutes ago

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.@on_lothianbuses not a good day for the CCTV OS evidently – cyclic reboot with about 1s of live video each time.

8:35am Jun 25 2015 —

Lots of workers on #PolmontBridge now & lots of action. Rebar and utility ducts going in, getting ready for concrete.

7:31am Jun 25 2015 —

A long walk, but at least I don’t have to detour via the North Mall today @ScotRail #Winchburgh #EGIP

4:23pm Jun 23 2015 —

Bed for bridge footing at #PolmontBridge this morning.

4:01pm Jun 23 2015 —

.@spikedonline Nice article in @BigIssue but did you actually read the encyclical? Para 103 agrees with you and pr 112 is where he’s heading

8:41am Jun 23 2015 —

RT @tanehisicoates: Can’t remember any grand campaign to “love” and “forgive” in the wake of ISIS beheadings.

11:20pm Jun 22 2015 —

RT @VonHitchofen: @JRossNicoll @rnmitche @cstross @scalzi @matociquala
Tubby Custard? We need something…STRONGER!

11:19pm Jun 22 2015 —

RT @VonHitchofen: @JRossNicoll @rnmitche @cstross @scalzi @matociquala in his house on Tubby Hill, dead Tinky-winky waits….

11:19pm Jun 22 2015 —

RT @TheRoyalTbomb: Need to get my hands on one of these stickers

4:06pm Jun 22 2015 —

RT @jasongorman: “Having mastered software architecture…” Well, that CV’s going in the bin

4:05pm Jun 22 2015 —

RT @sehnaoui: A girl showing her mom her new #laptop with two usb ports.
Marble statue, Greece, 110 BC.

4:02pm Jun 22 2015 —

#Edinburgh, midsummer. 11 degrees and drizzling with a cold wind.

8:30am Jun 22 2015 —

#PolmontBridge 23 weeks down 18 to go. Preparing the service channels in the deck.

7:32am Jun 22 2015 —

RT @SoVeryBritish: “I’ll be up in a sec” – Translation: I’ll be up when I’ve read all of the internet

6:45am Jun 22 2015 —

Frodo (#LotR), Dr Wansbrough (steampunk inventor), Carolyn (1920s darling), Laura Ingalls @ A&L’s fancy dress wedding

7:10am Jun 21 2015 —

RT @NetworkRailEGIP: Day 6 work pic from #Winchburgh tunnel. This is excavated Up line towards #Edinburgh Clearly shows depth of dig #EGIP

7:42pm Jun 19 2015 —

RT @ESA_Rosetta: Thrilled to have been in contact again with @Philae2014 today! Status update:

4:10pm Jun 19 2015 —

RT @MooseAllain: As you get older you stop being so full of yourself… which is why you get wrinkles.

1:22pm Jun 19 2015 —

RT @NetworkRailEGIP: Day 5 pic from #Winchburgh 1st concrete base slab poured in tunnel. Busy & intensive but work progressing well #EGIP h…

8:46am Jun 19 2015 —

RT @edintravel: Ongoing congestion & delays in the City centre – Princes Street, Bridges, East End, Picardy area & York Place diversion rou…

8:42am Jun 19 2015 —

RT @MalcolmSurgenor: Microsoft creates special Glasgow East End poster in response to local’s cricket put-down… via @…

7:37am Jun 19 2015 —

Hard at work building the new bridge footings at #PolmontBridge

7:34am Jun 19 2015 —

RT @jasongorman: Some big untapped markets to be found by challenging common assumptions. e.g., “all musicians use iPhones/Pads” “every sci…

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8:25pm Jun 18 2015 —

RT @CNN: Obama on #CharlestonShooting: Gun violence like this doesn’t happen in other countries.…

8:21pm Jun 18 2015 —

RT @BBCBreaking: “I’ve had to make statements like this too many times,” US President Barack Obama says after #CharlestonShooting http://t.…

8:20pm Jun 18 2015 —

RT @GeneralElec2020: Dear USA, first step is admitting you have a gun problem. Give us a call if you want to talk about it. Sincerely, the …

8:15pm Jun 18 2015 —

@mountain_ghosts @garybernhardt But it’s only correct if you spell it wrong, right? RFC7231 5.5.2

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.@NetworkRailSCOT Boards at Waverley say to queue at North Mall, but no signs explain where that is. Might be good to add some?

4:56pm Jun 18 2015 —

@snim2 Should be fine, as long as they don’t change too often.

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RT @SciencePorn: Researchers discover first sensor of Earth’s magnetic field in an animal…

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.@CathedralCity “New easy open” didn’t work very well today…

11:22am Jun 17 2015 —

@EffKayToo indeed! :-)

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RT @m1sp: It’s important not to conflate actual youth culture with the monetization and uncomprehending representation of it by cynical adu…

9:02pm Jun 16 2015 —

RT @KStreetHipster: Whoever designed this logo needs to win some kind of award

9:01pm Jun 16 2015 —

RT @xlibfunctions: XUnmapOnlyMappedSubsubwindowsExceptOnesContainingCats(3): Destroys subsubwindows that do not contain cat pictures (requi…

6:31pm Jun 16 2015 —

Diversion via Dalmeny #Winchburgh #EGIP

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.@adamtomforrest Yes, disruptive innovation subverts unions and workers as much as governments, regulations, and existing power structures.

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Ah, it *is* a train, just with a compulsory queue and circular walk first. #Winchburgh 1725 1 min late departing

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Something’s up with the 1725 from EDB to Alloa – was expecting a train… #Winchburgh

4:20pm Jun 16 2015 —

.@adamtomforrest @BigIssue Of course they do, just like ordinary employers don’t like workers joining unions. Unions should be acting here.

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.@adamtomforrest re @BigIssue Uber article – isn’t helping unattached individuals join together not compete precisely what unions are for?

9:11am Jun 16 2015 —

#PolmontBridge removal not *entirely* without incident – these light fittings clearly encountered a brick or two…

7:34am Jun 16 2015 —

Re-bar at #PolmontBridge waiting for the steel fixers.

7:33am Jun 16 2015 —

Local history being made at #PolmontBridge

4:30pm Jun 15 2015 —

RT @NetworkRailEGIP: What a difference. Significant change at #Polmont station since Friday. We now get on with building new bridge #EGIP h…

4:28pm Jun 15 2015 —

More nice pics of the impressive crane at #PolmontBridge

4:28pm Jun 15 2015 —

Great #PolmontBridge pics!

4:25pm Jun 15 2015 —

RT @AstroSamantha: 1st morning in temporary Houston home, enjoying sounds, smells, flavors of Earth. Doing great, but gravity is tough! htt…

8:35am Jun 15 2015 —

#PolmontBridge 22 weeks down 19 to go looking good!

7:36am Jun 15 2015 —

#PolmontBridge is down and up again in just a single weekend! Old removed, new beams in, all go for the next phase!

7:34am Jun 15 2015 —

Thanks @MalcolmSurgenor and @NetworkRailEGIP for the great #PolmontBridge removal photos – wish I could have been there!

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6:34pm Jun 14 2015 —

#PolmontBridge Yay! Thanks, good to hear! Plaques read “Robert Melvin, Engineer, Alloa, 1898”

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6:31pm Jun 14 2015 —


6:31pm Jun 14 2015 —

RT @Philae2014: Hello Earth! Can you hear me? #WakeUpPhilae

6:30pm Jun 14 2015 —

RT @esa: Fantastic news @philae2014 is awake! Details in @ESA_Rosetta blog… #WakeUpPhilae

5:27pm Jun 14 2015 —

Woke up to my kids’ incredible @QwirkleGame board:

7:48am Jun 14 2015 —

RT @MAVscotland: Half of all first-time inmates at Polmont YOI never return behind bars… proud to work with them

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RT @AllanBankNT: Great! RT @billplumtree: @AllanBankNT Had a lovely visit t’other day. Couple of pics I took in the art room:…

7:16am Jun 13 2015 —

Master A, I presume? Successful adventurer arrives at his rendezvous.

7:23pm Jun 12 2015 —

RT @NetworkRailEGIP: We go on site in #Polmont Stn this weekend to begin work to extend platforms to cater for longer electric trains that …

5:13pm Jun 12 2015 —

RT @NetworkRailEGIP: Although slightly overshadowed by #Winchburgh tunnel works, we are demolishing railway bridge on Station Rd #Polmont t…

5:13pm Jun 12 2015 —

@DayofttheGirll Your script has an encoding issue.

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RT @joeerl: Yet another erlang application #EUC2015

7:11am Jun 12 2015 —

Tycho Magnetic Anomaly 3, aka a three day feeding block for our #fish. The barb is curious!

3:51pm Jun 11 2015 —

RT @puellavulnerata:… The more closed the software, the more likely embarrassment is the motive

7:42pm Jun 10 2015 —

@WallacestonePS Amazing job, well done to all!

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RT @WallacestonePS: P4/5 pupils performing brilliantly at their concert “Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies”. #confidentindividuals…

7:35pm Jun 10 2015 —

RT @exploreplanets: BREAKING: we have our full image! #LightSail

6:54pm Jun 9 2015 —

RT @stuart_audstu: @kw217 @NetworkRailEGIP getting old, can remember steam trains under that bridge in 50s and 60s.

5:06pm Jun 9 2015 —

@NetworkRailEGIP I had an idea you might! Any plans for a time lapse video?

in reply to NetworkRailEGIP — 8:25am Jun 9 2015 —

#PolmontBridge sadly I will be away this weekend, so next photos will be after it’s gone. Please take photos and use this hashtag!

7:30am Jun 9 2015 —

More stonework removal – iron bridge now exposed and ready. #PolmontBridge 4 days to go.

7:29am Jun 9 2015 —

RT @AndrewDutney: Moderator of PCANZ starts a conversation about the elephant in the room. Way to go Andrew Norton!…

5:09pm Jun 8 2015 —

RT @welovehistory: Eine neue Website informiert jetzt auch auf Deutsch über den Antoninuswall in #Schottland http://…

4:45pm Jun 8 2015 —

#PolmontBridge 21 weeks down, only 20 to go! Stonework being taken away already. Big day for bridge removal is 13th.

7:31am Jun 8 2015 —

RT @kjjewels: @OscarFelizArt you might appreciate..

7:15pm Jun 6 2015 —

4:44pm Jun 6 2015 —

RT @NetworkRailEGIP: .@ScotRail services are disrupted this weekend as we prepare for the 44 day closure of Winchburgh tunnel from13 June h…

4:43pm Jun 6 2015 —

25.4cc? Colour me skeptical. Bet it’s 164cc = 10 cu in

12:50pm Jun 6 2015 —

25.4cc? Colour me skeptical. Bet it’s 164cc = 10 cu in

12:50pm Jun 6 2015 —

That explains it :-(

7:54am Jun 6 2015 —

RT @doctorow: Photographers create backstories, aged photos of adult Garbage Pail Kids 30 years later……

7:50am Jun 6 2015 —

The guppy fry have been released!

9:49pm Jun 5 2015 —

RT @dakami: OH: “We used to leak kilobytes, then megs, then even gigs. Now, we leak EC2 instances. Someday, we’ll leak entire datacenters.”

9:41pm Jun 5 2015 —

RT @Loh: Always wanted to travel back in time to try fighting a younger version of yourself? Software development is the career for you!

9:41pm Jun 5 2015 —

RT @brainpicker: People protest potholes by planting flowers—a wonderful metaphor for the best way to complain http:…

9:39pm Jun 5 2015 —