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RT @pcwalton: Imagine if we had a WebKit monoculture and couldn’t be fixed because fixing it would break the Web…

10:40pm Feb 28 2013 —

RT @hannahnicklin: The UN mumbles a bit and everyone else carries on as normal. Um… Yeah. That.

10:38pm Feb 28 2013 —

RT @hannahnicklin: Sends robot to kill them, taking out several houses either side and a bit of a school. 14 dead. Many injured.

10:38pm Feb 28 2013 —

RT @hannahnicklin: Listening to Law in Action on drones. Thought experiment: China decides without judicial process that a UK citizen is …

10:38pm Feb 28 2013 —

RT @ankur_pandey: Build cross-functional teams and not component teams. Component teams inevitably lead to waterfall model. #AgileIndia2 …

8:57am Feb 28 2013 —

RT @mcnallyjackson: Due to a bug, tonight we will creep into your apartment and steal every book off your shelves. We apologize for any …

10:46pm Feb 27 2013 —

One cubic metre of bark is an awful lot, especially when it’s wet. Kids have been valiant in assistance.

7:27pm Feb 27 2013 —

@heatherelder Stop now, seriously. Don’t play through it – you might do permanent damage. RSI is not good.

in reply to heatherelder — 7:59am Feb 27 2013 —

One of those weeks – I cannot believe it’s only Tuesday, feels like Thursday already!

11:49pm Feb 26 2013 —

RT @bigthingist: Kickstarter project idea: a series of demotivational videos for software engineering, we call them “It Gets Worse”.

7:49am Feb 26 2013 —

RT @mrb_bk: Emblogginated “Learning How to Learn How to Program: Notes on Teaching Programming with the Kernel Language Approach” http:/ …

7:41pm Feb 25 2013 —

RT @LucyMangan: Excellent.Eight new punctuation marks we sorely need…

7:14am Feb 25 2013 —

@sforkmann is it not a perfect fourth?

in reply to sforkmann — 10:41pm Feb 24 2013 —

RT @neilmullanefinn: Ralph Hotere was a true artist RIP

9:39am Feb 24 2013 —

Watching A at his very first swimming gala! (with Cubs) Lots of fun!

7:21pm Feb 23 2013 —

RT @kaleidic: Quadrocopters balancing, and passing, poles. Damned impressive to me.…

8:57am Feb 23 2013 —

#uksnow FK2 3/10 wasn’t expecting this!

8:57am Feb 23 2013 —

@ScotRail bravo, well done.

in reply to ScotRail — 10:44pm Feb 22 2013 —

RT @RobbEason: ‏@libraryladyjane
The Department Of Homeland Security Stole My Boat @doctorow Destination T …

6:05pm Feb 22 2013 —

RT @fugueish: “This is a proof by construction that the Intel MMU’s fault handling mechanism is Turing complete.”

11:36pm Feb 21 2013 —

RT @lorentzframe: If you liked the Teapot in HTML by @headinthebox and me, then @Minecraft in @Mathematica will make you crazy http://t. …

9:13pm Feb 21 2013 —

@fheditor @falkirkcouncil The issue is what they didn’t do a year ago: fix them properly. Now they’re back again and worse.

in reply to fheditor — 9:10pm Feb 21 2013 —

RT @fheditor: Just back from seeing how @falkirkcouncil tackles #potholes. Very interesting – read all about it next week.

9:08pm Feb 21 2013 —

RT @EdwardTufte: Reducing confirmation bias: have a sensible skeptic at hand during problem solving, who often asks “How do you know tha …

8:58pm Feb 21 2013 —

MT @HelixFalkirk: Gamification of a city. Gamification of Helix and Parks and urban spaces in Falkirk?… [Yes please!]

8:57pm Feb 21 2013 —

RT @raganwald: I’m designing the Next Big Language for adoption from the start. I’m optimizing around ToDo apps and Social Photo Sharing …

8:43pm Feb 20 2013 —

RT @BellJarred: Just remembered my Mum knows an old lady who is too frail to clean the cobwebs away from her ceiling, so she throws glit …

7:53pm Feb 19 2013 —

RT @BrendanEich: JAMA (Accidentally) Exposes The Truth About Medicine via @tickerguy

7:42am Feb 19 2013 —

RT @igrigorik: yay, nginx landed proper websocket upgrade + proxy support: – at last!

7:36am Feb 19 2013 —

MT @EdwardTufte: How to make better technical presentations. #powerpoint [again, cos it needs repeating]

11:57pm Feb 17 2013 —

RT @viokaps: Cinnamon toast & fruit juice for breakfast in bed, courtesy of my wonderful kids. Perfect start to a sunny Sunday morning!

6:56pm Feb 17 2013 —

RT @espiekermann: Practical new German words: Länderfinanzausgleichsvereinbarung & Finanztransaktionsabgabenverordnung.

8:49am Feb 17 2013 —

RT @ckindel: Possibly the best picture ever posted on the Intertubes: Princess Bride cast 25-years on.

11:52pm Feb 16 2013 —

RT @chvest: GC, static types and pure functions all reduce the amount of stuff I have to worry about.

11:49pm Feb 16 2013 —

@outofthebox15 Welcome to Twitter! We’re not all scary… Great quiz night went well despite unplanned excitement.

in reply to outofthebox15 — 11:46pm Feb 16 2013 —

RT @scarynetworkguy: The 6 Stages of Debugging: That can’t happen. That shouldn’t happen. Hmmm, weird. Why does that happen? Oh, I see. …

8:17pm Feb 16 2013 —

Woohoo! Just taught A map/reduce – well on the way to being a functional programmer at 9!

12:13pm Feb 16 2013 —

RT @lvdjgarcia: The only thing that will stop a bad meteorite from hitting the Earth is an Earth with a good meteorite

8:39am Feb 16 2013 —

@neilmullanefinn the white, definitely.

in reply to NeilFinn — 8:32am Feb 16 2013 —

MT @ScotRail: @kw217 Hi, please email your questions to our CR team so can investigate and reply [Thanks, will do and report back.]

6:19pm Feb 15 2013 —

.@ScotRail More #FlexiPassMysteries: why are the ten tix numbered from 2 to 11? Why no space to write out/rtn? Why no validator on platform?

5:50pm Feb 15 2013 —

The appalling ranking in my last tweet was brought to you by @PassengerFocus and @bdrccontinental. Be kind, it’s probly totally unconscious.

8:22am Feb 15 2013 —

Flabbergasted by this ranking of occupational worth, from professional at top to househusband as the lowest of low.

8:19am Feb 15 2013 —

RT @plusmathsorg: For @ogs22! RT @siegel OH: “If you can put an axe through it, it’s hardware; if you *want* to put an axe through it, i …

7:11am Feb 15 2013 —

RT @NetworkRailSCOT: @ScotRail @Scotwithonetea @NetworkRailSCOT You’re not seeing things – that’s our engineering train that is….

5:58pm Feb 14 2013 —

RT @neurobonkers: Class use a touch of game theory to exploit prof’s marking policy and ensure whole class get A grade in final. Nice. h …

5:50pm Feb 14 2013 —

RT @benhammersley: Ouch, ouch, ouch: “…we always carefully data log media drives…” – Tesla responds to the NYT.…

5:48pm Feb 14 2013 —

RT @elonmusk: NYTimes article about Tesla range in cold is fake. Vehicle logs tell true story that he didn’t actually charge to max &amp …

10:41pm Feb 11 2013 —

#fixed kitchen tap! Couldn’t have done it without my Dremel to trim the threaded rods in a very tight space.

10:38pm Feb 11 2013 —

@bengoldacre “to _whom_”. Sorry. :-)

in reply to bengoldacre — 6:58pm Feb 11 2013 —

Brilliant – don’t enforce, just discover reality! via @hugospiers: @euanmills maps cognitive boundaries of Dalston:

6:56pm Feb 11 2013 —

Also, bug means can’t buy them online. And 50-ride tickets avail but only if you’re travelling via Bathgate!? @ScotRail, what’s that about?

7:47am Feb 11 2013 —

Just bought a 10-ride Flexipass from @ScotRail and it’s so primitive! 10 separate tickets, not one card with 10 clips. Takes ages to print.

7:44am Feb 11 2013 —

@bengoldacre use libreoffice. Great opportunity.

in reply to bengoldacre — 8:15pm Feb 10 2013 —

RT @kesterbrewin: If your day hasn’t flown the whole spectrum from the sublime to the ridiculous, you’re probably missing out. #fb

8:09pm Feb 10 2013 —

RT @justinleitgeb: Just a friendly reminder to make sure that someone spent more than two seconds tuning your database before you spend …

12:28am Feb 10 2013 —

@sayrer cache prefetch?

in reply to sayrer — 12:45am Feb 9 2013 —

RT @alex_gaynor: . @jacobian has declared the “thread local” to be the SI unit of API badness. Adjust your lives accordingly.

12:45am Feb 9 2013 —

RT @bat020: omg this is proper trippy. deepest mandelbrot set zoom animation EVA. // via richard b

12:38am Feb 9 2013 —

RT @Noahpinion: Groundhog Day continues to gain recognition as the best movie ever made:…

12:20am Feb 9 2013 —

.@BBCBreaking In related news, loss of water pressure caused by failure in water supply, says water company. Investigative?

in reply to BBCBreaking — 6:41pm Feb 8 2013 —

RT @jamesiry: Batman can’t write Lisp. He has no parens.
Forest Gump can’t write C. He lost his braces.
God can’t write Ruby. He has n …

6:34pm Feb 8 2013 —

RT @doctorow: Stay Paranoid!

6:21pm Feb 8 2013 —

#ykybhtlw you see “Google web browser” and think “Cool! An online browser”. That would be a browser that runs in your browser.

6:18pm Feb 8 2013 —

RT @viktorklang: OH: “Verilog? Do we need yet another logging framework?”

8:54am Feb 8 2013 —

RT @budgie: WHAT??? RT @VagendaMagazine: Jesus Christ, @Harrods children’s reading room – this is the worst thing I’ve seen all day http …

8:54am Feb 8 2013 —

. @ScotRail Station clocks are fast at Polmont again +1m30s westbound and +30s eastbound. Keeps happening – need a jeweller to adjust them.

8:34am Feb 8 2013 —

RT @kennwhite: Computer scientist:

SW engineer:
“constraint=unique key”

Web dev:

My bank:
“Don’ …

8:42am Feb 7 2013 —

Nice to be back in routine again, in Edinburgh after two days of London.

8:34am Feb 7 2013 —

Woohoo! @HotelChocolat have a stall at Luton Airport!

11:37pm Feb 6 2013 —

RT @notthedeadone: BREAKING NEWS: Richard III found fit for work by ATOS.

6:52pm Feb 4 2013 —

@Polmontboy thanks for the retweet!

5:34pm Feb 4 2013 —

.@ScotRail why oh why have you removed smartcard support from most of your ticket machines, including all at Polmont?

9:06am Feb 4 2013 —

#fixed overflowing cistern in the kids’ bathroom – new float valve assembly. Fun job, though would be easier if diaphragm was standardised.

12:34am Feb 4 2013 —

Canyon, gorge, ravine, gully, chine, glen, dell, creek – how many words does English have for the one feature?

7:42pm Feb 3 2013 —

RT @caitlinmoran: From the WTF? Bureau: female popstar from Japan has sex, shaves head to apologise. RT @NiallStirling: What the what?! …

10:56am Feb 2 2013 —

RT @stevevinoski: functional programmers will surely want to avoid this upcoming movie: /cc @headinthebox @simonpj0

10:49am Feb 2 2013 —

RT @headius: Java 7u14, with new 100% working and well-optimized invokedynamic, planned for April 2013. Yay! #FOSDEM

10:46am Feb 2 2013 —

Squeezed into @P0WERP0INT again with @BrightonsFlaim – woohoo! #PPGlasgow

8:07pm Feb 1 2013 —

Squeezed into @P0WERP0INT again with @BrightonsFlaim – woohoo!

7:43pm Feb 1 2013 —

RT @bengoldacre: “Storyboard” take stills from any video with subtitles, when the words change, thus turning it into a picture book. … …

12:18am Feb 1 2013 —