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My @SlideitKeyboard was in en-US not en-UK. Tnx @metagoinc and Android’s openness, restore renamed backup and my words are all preserved!

4:53pm Jan 31 2014 —

#reading Christopher Tolkien, Sauron Defeated. More fascinating detail – though so far what is apparent is how clearly JRRT foresaw it all.

9:04am Jan 30 2014 —

A bit behind with recording my #reading. Major recent achievement is rereading #LotR, having got the depth from the History of M.E. books.

9:04am Jan 30 2014 —

Train irritatingly slow this morning.

9:01am Jan 30 2014 —

RT @paulbrislen: Dear American republicans who want to move to NZ. We still have socialised medicine and gun control and you can’t sue for …

7:50am Jan 29 2014 —

Neighbours Day 2014 via @feedly

12:53pm Jan 28 2014 —

.@solidus I’m imagining someone hauling a rope decorated with balloons and streamers through a room packed with people…

in reply to solidus — 1:29pm Jan 24 2014 —

RT @vowe: Well, @oracle, this is just one of the reasons why everybody hates you.

11:05pm Jan 23 2014 —

RT @solidus: Worst Tube cockup ever? Loving the euphemism “flooding” for “we poured concrete onto the signalling equipment”!…

11:03pm Jan 23 2014 —

“Tow the party line” Great image! #malapropism

6:06pm Jan 23 2014 —

I earned 100.0% in Principles of Reactive Programming on @Coursera!… #reactive

10:08am Jan 23 2014 —

Just finished #reading Thiele, Pinquo, with the kids. Cried. This review is spot on:…

9:04pm Jan 22 2014 —

#fixed hand towel ring in bathroom. Again. Will it hold this time?

8:59pm Jan 21 2014 —

@BevanMcCabe Nor in UK. Systems are quite similar. I do one because I give to charity.

in reply to BevanMcCabe — 7:49am Jan 20 2014 —

Very grateful I live in the UK. Did my tax return the other night. Finished it. One night. By myself. Thanks @HMRCgovuk.

11:17pm Jan 19 2014 —

RT @PeterRollins: 6 readings from 6 seminal thinkers over 6 weeks. Is there a meaning to the numbers? Atheism for Lent coming soon ~ http:/…

7:14pm Jan 19 2014 —

@diamondgeezer @spacehijackers Unbelievable. The world boggles at London’s attitude to cyclists.

in reply to diamondgeezer — 7:12pm Jan 19 2014 —

RT @EdwardTufte: ET #data #design books VDQI, EI, VE, BE
New paperback editions: $30 each book.
All 4 books paperback $100…

7:09pm Jan 19 2014 —

RT @hughhancock: How To Survive A Death March:… – my first guest post on @cstross ‘s blog

7:09pm Jan 19 2014 —

RT @HelixFalkirk: The Kelpies opening day announced! 21st April 2014 – Experience The Kelpies @…

5:55pm Jan 19 2014 —

Betty’s tearoom in Newtonmore – a warm welcome, hot tea, delicious breakfast and a smile! #justofftheA9

12:09pm Jan 18 2014 —

Graphic view of exactly how Photoshopped the female form is in advertising images. Scary.…

11:54pm Jan 17 2014 —

“ocd: a long and winding road with jesus”…

8:39am Jan 17 2014 —

RT @solobasssteve: “When accessorising, always take off the last thing you put on” – CoCo Chanel

8:28am Jan 17 2014 —

RT @bengoldacre: Boyfriend hugs driver of truck that killed his girlfriend. Amazing. Why no charges for the drivers in the cycle box? http:…

8:06am Jan 17 2014 —

RT @chrisdonia: This #stargazinglive thang is proving popular. They’re also doing BSL this evening!

11:53pm Jan 13 2014 —

# StargazingLIVE had a talk given by a deaf guy in BSL, simultaneously translated into English. First time for me, quite an eye opener.

9:48pm Jan 13 2014 —

Awesome #stargazingLIVE evening tonight in Linlithgow – thanks @RoyalObs and @BBCStargazing ! Pity it was cloudy but plenty to do inside.

9:05pm Jan 13 2014 —

Mysteriously, all ticket barriers at Edinburgh #Waverley are cordoned off and tickets checked manually. SmartCards just waved through.

9:05am Jan 13 2014 —

#fixed Fitted a hook for the frying pan to stop it hitting the water pipe.

11:22pm Jan 12 2014 —

Excited to be using my new @SamsungMobile Galaxy Note 3. Hoping to be able to *create* on the move, not just consume.

8:06am Jan 10 2014 —

RT @occbaystreet: .@doctorow Interesting! It looks like Nico Sell has flipped the dead man’s switch @myWickr!

8:26am Jan 9 2014 —

RT @BoingBoing: Great Firewall of Cameron: the worst of all worlds for British parents

8:24am Jan 9 2014 —

@PeterRollins “not history” = didn’t happen, or = still with us? (beautifully Delphic, btw :)

in reply to PeterRollins — 3:48pm Jan 7 2014 —

@ScotRail good suggestion – I meant to do that yday. But all OK now – machine at EDB worked (or maybe just cos it’s now 1m not 1m1d). Tnx!

in reply to ScotRail — 8:17am Jan 7 2014 —

@ScotRail Ticket machine still crashing “event not found” at PMT wherever I try to buy ITSO season. This is third day of failure! Pls fix!

in reply to ScotRail — 7:31am Jan 7 2014 —

RT @EdwardTufte: Designs for Walking Maps
#dataviz for indoors and outdoors.…

11:51pm Jan 6 2014 —

@ScotRail this is still broken at Polmont just now. Will it be fixed by tomorrow morning please?

in reply to ScotRail — 5:47pm Jan 6 2014 —

@ScotRail not just me – I saw the same screen in Edinburgh Waverley already there when I arrived this AM. And it failed again for me there.

in reply to kw217 — 8:16am Jan 6 2014 —

@ScotRail Polmont station. Buying standard monthly season to EDB from today to 07.02.14. Last night around 2030/2100?, this AM around 0730.

in reply to ScotRail — 7:42am Jan 6 2014 —

.@ScotRail this is how your machine crashed last night &again this AM when I attempted to add an ITSO monthly season.

7:35am Jan 6 2014 —

.@samsung sorry, that should have been @samsungmobileuk

in reply to kw217 — 10:10pm Jan 5 2014 —

Very grateful for Samsung Smart Switch – got <relative> from Apple to Android painlessly and completely! Thanks @samsung!

10:08pm Jan 5 2014 —

RT @trafficscotland: Remember those sayings… “Only a fool breaks the 2 second rule”, & one from earlier “If it pours, give it four”.

6:58pm Jan 2 2014 —

6:56pm Jan 2 2014 —

RT @bengoldacre: The fridge magnets are awesome MT @LetToysBeToys Our 2013 sexist toy round-up…

6:53pm Jan 2 2014 —

Pleased to report I’m recovering from dreaded lurgy. Unpleasant start to the year :-(

6:47pm Jan 2 2014 —