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Frodo (#LotR), Dr Wansbrough (steampunk inventor), Carolyn (1920s darling), Laura Ingalls @ A&L’s fancy dress wedding

7:10am Jun 21 2015 —

A bit behind with recording my #reading. Major recent achievement is rereading #LotR, having got the depth from the History of M.E. books.

9:04am Jan 30 2014 —

Believe rather that it is so ordered that we, who sit here, and none others, must now find counsel for the peril of the world. 2/2 #LotR

5:41pm Nov 22 2013 —

Woot! Finished #reading Tolkien, War of the Ring. Evolution of the last part of #LotR. Quite a read! Need to read the real thing again now.

6:30pm Nov 13 2013 —

#reading Tolkien, The Return of the Shadow. Background to #LotR. Excited!

6:45am Aug 6 2013 —

#read Tolkien, The Lost Road. Wish he’d written more of the eponymous time travel story. Loved the rest, but tension building for #LotR.

6:44am Aug 6 2013 —