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RT @astro_reid: That little red streak hidden behind the #Dragon solar array is the Soyuz launching.

10:59pm Sep 25 2014 —

RT @SpaceX: SPLASHDOWN! At 9:34am PT, #Dragon splashed down safely in the Pacific. Welcome home!

6:55pm Mar 26 2013 —

RT @SpaceX: Bio samples, experiments, and hardware loaded into #Dragon; hatch is now closed. Next stop, Earth!

11:41pm Oct 27 2012 —

RT @SpaceX: Don’t miss #Dragon grapple and berth at approx. 7-7:30A ET. Coverage will begin at 6:30A ET on

7:31am Oct 10 2012 —

Love the NASA / SpaceX contrasts. Love the ISS crew’s eagerness.
Love the tech that lets me enjoy it all live. #Dragon

12:16am May 26 2012 —

Just spent an entire evening watching recorded live NASA TV of today’s historic event. Wow! #Dragon

12:14am May 26 2012 —