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#read Carpenter, Letters of J. R. R. Tolkien. Gives another angle on his works (& life, though he’d prefer only 1st). Poignant towards end.

11:06pm Oct 17 2015 —

#read Clarkson, I Know You Got Soul. Fascinating ode to machines.

8:40am Oct 17 2015 —

#read @cstross The Atrocity Archive and loved it! Every spare moment for a week. Been following blog for ages – time to read the books!

4:52pm Aug 25 2015 —

#read Emily Ackerman, The Amazing Technicolour Pyjama Therapy. Great book, definitely learned some things!

5:39pm Feb 16 2015 —

#read Bad Pharma. Chilling. Where are we at now, and what should I do?

12:56am Jan 18 2015 —

Just #read The Great Gatsby (again). Makes much more sense as an adult. That’s two Great American Novels in a row, both of the Midwest.

6:12pm Nov 28 2014 —

#read American Gods (HT @heatherelder for the tip!). Loved it, but I wish @neilhimself wasn’t so down on sex. Is it always a trap?

5:44pm Nov 27 2014 —

#read Tolkien, Letters from Father Christmas. Loved this – playful little stories, colourful pictures, made with love.

3:47pm Nov 24 2014 —

#read Stardust – first @neilhimself I’ve read, certainly not last! Simple but deep, faerie not for sake of it but in service of universality

7:38pm Oct 12 2014 —

#read Hunter S Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Terrifyingly plausible drugged romp thru Nixon era US.

11:09pm Apr 12 2014 —

#read CS Lewis, The Great Divorce. Almost in one sitting. Full of insights and clear exposition.

7:46pm Mar 16 2014 —

#read Tolkien, Morgoth’s Ring. Best bit: truth re Sauron and Morgoth. Not so hot: extended theological speculation for a mythical universe.

10:26am Mar 15 2014 —

#read Defeated Tolkien’s “Sauron Defeated”. Suddenly dumped into Oxford with the Inklings – contrast with and yet background to Mordor.

11:52pm Feb 26 2014 —

#read Tolkien, Return of the Shadow. Gripping read. The whole Trotter thing is fascinating and mysterious!

10:25pm Sep 10 2013 —

#read Tolkien, The Lost Road. Wish he’d written more of the eponymous time travel story. Loved the rest, but tension building for #LotR.

6:44am Aug 6 2013 —

#read Tolkien, The Shaping of Middle Earth.

10:31pm May 16 2013 —

#read Robert-Houdin, The Secrets of Conjuring & Magic tr. Prof Hoffmann, 1878. Fascinating! Lrnd lots, enjoyed intro on electromech gadgets.

5:32pm May 5 2013 —

#read Duvall, Hays, Grasping God’s Word. Excellent textbook, full of useful examples & great guidelines. Looking fwd2 adapting 4 Sunday Sch!

1:33pm Apr 14 2013 —

#read @henrikkniberg Scrum and XP From The Trenches. Excellent book, down to earth, practical and helpful. Reading it after 2 sprints.

7:34pm Nov 16 2012 —

#read Cock and Bull Stories. Great light reading, nice insight into Marlborough farming. Bit of an emotional wallop at the end! 7/10

7:17am Oct 12 2012 —

#read Tolkien, Book of Lost Tales 2. Fascinating but very dark, as befits stories written 1914-16. Loved the fairy-stories-of-England angle.

7:35am May 21 2012 —

#read Fee & Stuart, How to read the Bible for all its worth. Disagreed with some, preferred F to S, but still a great 1-vol summary.

7:32am May 20 2012 —