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RT @ESA_Rosetta: Where is @philae2014? When will he wake up? Status report:
#CometLanding #67P…

8:03am Feb 1 2015 —

RT @ESA_Rosetta: All in a spin! @Philae_ROMAP data suggests @Philae2014 grazed crater rim & tumbled to final #CometLanding site: http://t.c…

12:03am Nov 29 2014 —

RT @esaoperations: Upon touchdown, @Philae2014 made a 2-sec ‘thud’ – hear for yourself!… #CometLanding Details: http…

9:05pm Nov 20 2014 —

RT @msbentley: Great summary of @Philae2014‘s #CometLanding RT @DLR_en: Churyumov-Gerasimenko – hard ice and organic molecules…

11:01pm Nov 17 2014 —

RT @chrislintott: Current comms mode is 1 packet every a few minutes – but no science data left on @philae2014 – it all got uploaded! Wonde…

12:55am Nov 15 2014 —

RT @suthers: We’ve all done it! Philae’s APXS experiment forgot to remove lens cap. 😉 #CometLanding

10:34pm Nov 14 2014 —

RT @ESA_nl: Nog een plaatje van waar we wilden landen en waar we uiteindelijk terecht zijn gekomen. Sweet! #CometLa…

6:01pm Nov 13 2014 —

RT @NickAstronomer: CIVA Panoramic image data is down, the press releases today will be spectacular #cometlanding

9:20am Nov 13 2014 —

RT @SpaceHolgar: List of #CometLanding (s) by #space agencies:

1.) @esa
2.) @esa
3.) @esa
4.) ?

9:08am Nov 13 2014 —

8:31am Nov 13 2014 —

RT @Philae_MUPUS: we need images and radio link to learn more. several Philae instruments got nice data (Cosac, Concert, Ptolemy, RoMap, R…

8:31am Nov 13 2014 —

RT @me_too: 32.77kb/sec – that is more than I sometimes get from @deutschetelekom !! #CometLanding @ESA_Rosetta @Philae2014…

8:30am Nov 13 2014 —

RT @esaoperations: Farewell Rosetta – @Philae2014 parting image taken just after separation. Hires. #CometLanding… ht…

4:14pm Nov 12 2014 —

RT @esaoperations: BEAUTIFUL RT @ESA_Rosetta: I see you too @philae2014! Here you are in my OSIRIS camera – legs out! #CometLanding http://…

4:14pm Nov 12 2014 —

RT @esaoperations: Harpoons confirmed fired and reeled in. Flywheeel will now be switched off. @Philae2014 is on the surface of #67P #Comet…

4:13pm Nov 12 2014 —

RT @Philae2014: I’m fully configured with all sequences for #CometLanding on board!! I have never been so ready!! Thumbs up @ESA_Rosetta :)

9:23pm Nov 8 2014 —