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RT @trevso_electric: Jesus returns. We’re all too busy staring at our phones to notice.

6:46pm Mar 31 2013 —

RT @EdwardTufte: BlueBox invent 1962: AT&T busted us,said 3 separate invents:Caltech,Berkeley EE gradstudents,Stanford undergrads = …

6:35pm Mar 31 2013 —

Christ is risen!

6:41am Mar 31 2013 —

RT @softprops: monoid (add) / group (subtract) / ring (multiply) / field (divide). memorize that and you’re most of the way there.

12:39am Mar 29 2013 —

Humungous burger at Lebowskis – yummmmm!

8:18pm Mar 28 2013 —

RT @SpaceX: SPLASHDOWN! At 9:34am PT, #Dragon splashed down safely in the Pacific. Welcome home!

6:55pm Mar 26 2013 —

Tapas! Fantastic evening with friends, experimenting on them with new recipes. Yum!

12:41am Mar 24 2013 —

RT @Crosbie: Frogs have a saying @SebastosPublius “If you immerse humans in a pot of consumerism & turn the totalitarianism up slowl …

11:25pm Mar 22 2013 —

How many times has Voyager 1 left the Solar system? (xkcd)

1:19pm Mar 22 2013 —

RT @thomasbeagle: @saniac Then Gretel tips the web developer into the hot oven, slams the door, and everyone lives happily ever after.

7:55am Mar 22 2013 —

RT @saniac: About the “breadcrumbs” we talk about in web nav. In the fairy tale, birds eat the breadcrumbs and that’s how Hansel and Gre …

7:55am Mar 22 2013 —

RT @me1000: I’m done with the web:…

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8:51pm Mar 21 2013 —

@BevanMcCabe seems unlikely – still around zero, had snow yesterday and probably snow on the weekend. Thought you had drought?

in reply to BevanMcCabe — 7:12pm Mar 21 2013 —

The sun is shining, the sky is blue, the ground is dry – I can almost believe (again) it’s spring!

7:44am Mar 21 2013 —

Too much snow to take A to cubs, my meeting cancelled – an unexpected evening Looking forward to it!

7:37pm Mar 19 2013 —

RT @kinneil: Celebs seem to flock to our friends at Bo’ness and Kinneil Railway. Can we have a celeb to love Kinneil House too? :-(

7:52am Mar 19 2013 —

@ScotRail Station clock at Polmont is a minute fast *again*. It will happen every few weeks until you get a jeweller in to fix properly.

7:40am Mar 18 2013 —

RT @Fahrenheit2539: RT @DennisCode Interesting read from Facebook Engineering: Three Optimization Tips for C++

9:57pm Mar 17 2013 —

@steveklabnik SPDY doesn’t count, they are doing the standards thing with it.

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RT @zeroload: how much time do we have before google buys feedly and shut it down

9:45pm Mar 17 2013 —

Fabulous evening in Dundee sans kids -amazing dinner at Rancho Pancho. Looking forward to a night on our own…

9:45pm Mar 16 2013 —

.@P0WERP0INT Last night was great, but not one female on stage – leaders, band, speakers, all male! Why? #notagoodthing

10:51am Mar 16 2013 —

Thanks @bookdepository UK – book arrived way quicker than Amazon, great price and perfect condition!

10:49am Mar 16 2013 —

@maggyd18 How many copies of the holiday club flyer should I print? 100?

9:15am Mar 16 2013 —

RT @bengoldacre: TEACHERS. I wrote this about how you can become even more awesome and powerful

9:21pm Mar 15 2013 —

RT @JonnyKdj: Man what an atmosphere @P0WERP0INT … an Amazing opening set, Awesome music & an Almighty God what more do you need?

9:08pm Mar 15 2013 —

At @P0WERP0INT – James 1.2-12 Gavin Calver “Perseverance”

8:16pm Mar 15 2013 —

.@P0WERP0INT love the drum patch for Let it be Known!

7:57pm Mar 15 2013 —

Salted smoked dried plum. Tasted like an ashtray. #horsemeat

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7:16pm Mar 15 2013 —

.@P0WERP0INT shout outs to Megan, Megan, Louisa, Abigail, Heather, Gillian, Gregor of @BrightonsFlaim!

7:09pm Mar 15 2013 —

.@P0WERP0INT Brightons Flaim is in da house!

7:04pm Mar 15 2013 —

“Kills 99.9% of bacteria”. Pathetic! In phone networks we have to have a 99.9999% success rate.

11:27pm Mar 14 2013 —

Not very impressed with upstart today – a bad expect line can get you very stuck and prevent a clean reboot.

11:07pm Mar 13 2013 —

Seriously unimpressed that Tornado doesn’t support chunked encoding for requests!

11:18pm Mar 12 2013 —

RT @thecoda: This is what a #scala programmer sees when looking at your #java code:…

7:53am Mar 12 2013 —

RT @DEVOPS_BORAT: In startup we are practice Outage Driven Infrastructure.

7:48am Mar 12 2013 —

RT @selenamarie: What I’ve heard from high school computer science teachers:… (why it’s worth talking with teache …

7:37pm Mar 11 2013 —

#uksnow EH49 7/10 on Mother’s Day!

9:16am Mar 10 2013 —

RT @zerohedge: Jim Rogers: We’re Wiping Out The Savings Class Globally, To Terrible Consequence…

1:10am Mar 10 2013 —

RT @GreatDismal: “Papal Faraday cage” is my day’s favorite new term. Imagine trying to make sense of that bit of future-speak in 1984

12:52am Mar 10 2013 —

RT @BillNigh: MT @gillyarcht: Vatican goes @GreatDismal ; Installs Faraday cage at conclave “to prevent wireless signals”, electronic co …

12:52am Mar 10 2013 —

MT @elonmusk: The Johnny Cash hover slam! [The most impressive inverted pendulum ever?]

11:07pm Mar 9 2013 —

RT @johnkerrison: Asked a librarian for that book on Schrodinger’s cat and Pavlov’s dogs today. Said it rang a bell but she didn’t know …

10:53pm Mar 9 2013 —

RT @silentbicycle: .@jessitron Coroutines: Because you don’t always *need* race conditions.

6:17pm Mar 8 2013 —

RT @jessitron: Coroutines: because Thread is a heavyweight container for an extra stack.

6:16pm Mar 8 2013 —

RT @PeterRollins: RT @Toy_Adams: Do our devotional lessons aid spiritual consumerism?…

9:48am Mar 8 2013 —

Just finished #longearth. Riveting, but the end was a bit of a sudden letdown. Need more.

12:01am Mar 8 2013 —

That thing where your plane arrives early on stand but the ground staff don’t. Yep, that. Again. #sigh

8:42pm Mar 6 2013 —

Just saw a Krispy Kreme lorry: “No doughnuts are left in this vehicle overnight”

8:56am Mar 5 2013 —

That thing where your plane arrives ten minutes early on stand but the ground staff don’t. Yep.

8:38am Mar 5 2013 —

In London town again…

8:09am Mar 5 2013 —

@jackelder Good one – a scary sight!

in reply to jackelder — 12:36am Mar 4 2013 —

RT @jackelder: @kw217 Heh. See also Revelations 19:16.

12:34am Mar 4 2013 —

Heard a sermon today reminding us that God has tattoos! Isaiah 49:16. Good to have support from on high. /cc @jackelder

9:06pm Mar 3 2013 —

RT @zeroload: “The number of individuals who know how to make a can of Coke is zero.”…

7:58pm Mar 3 2013 —

RT @elonmusk: Pods 1 and 4 now online and thrusters engaged. Dragon transitioned from free drift to active control. Yes!!

8:18pm Mar 1 2013 —

RT @elonmusk: Attempting bring up of thruster pods 2 and 4

6:38pm Mar 1 2013 —

RT @qikipedia: You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me – C.S. LEWIS

6:36pm Mar 1 2013 —