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RT @MichaelOReilly_: The “Idaho stop” (cyclists treat red lights as yield signs) reportedly DECREASED injuries by 15%.…

10:57pm Apr 30 2014 —

RT @23Daves: @fayroberts @Scroobiuspipyo This one seems OK enough to me, as broad, sweeping statements go.

8:21pm Apr 30 2014 —

RT @SpaceX: VIDEO: Falcon 9 1st stage landing just before splashdown. Anyone welcome to help further improve from the raw data.…

7:53pm Apr 30 2014 —

RT @Nightwyrm: This guide to why programming sucks may be the best thing I’ve seen on the internet this week. Also, OOK.…

6:54am Apr 30 2014 —

9:18pm Apr 26 2014 —

RT @CypherTheDane: You guys ready for the awful future of the internet? #netneutrality

9:16pm Apr 26 2014 —

Thank you Santa!

2:22pm Apr 26 2014 —

Very much enjoyed my free hot chocolate at @_caffenero this morning – thank you!

10:28am Apr 26 2014 —

#uk_rain EH1 10/10 :-)

5:57pm Apr 25 2014 —

.@trafficscotland dreich is definitely the word tonight.

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Woohoo @P0WERP0INT tonight! Waiting at Waverley for the rest of @BrightonsFlaim to arrive!

5:54pm Apr 25 2014 —

RT @BenLaurie: How to help OpenSSL:…

6:30pm Apr 24 2014 —

RT @P0WERP0INT: Hi folks, there WILL be tickets available on the door tomorrow & Saturday (plenty left) – but book a ticket to… http://t.…

8:12am Apr 24 2014 —

Annoyingly wasted evening – hours fighting Kies trying to get it to back up, hard reset of my Samsung phone, and the problem is still there.

7:22am Apr 23 2014 —

RT @saniac: Lest we forget: our other war anniversaries…

7:15am Apr 23 2014 —

RT @trafficscotland: #A9 S/B at House of Bruar is now open. N/B lane still closed.

3:31pm Apr 21 2014 —

#A9 definitely diverting earlier (ie at Calvine) than @trafficscotland was advising earlier. They do seem to be allowing HGVs this way.

2:32pm Apr 21 2014 —

#A9 taking us off southbound at Calvine

2:30pm Apr 21 2014 —

RT @trafficscotland: #A9 CLOSED between Dalnacardoch & Blair Atholl. Please follow diversions and stay at a sensible speed.…

2:20pm Apr 21 2014 —

#a9 very slow/stopped traffic southbound Clunes Lodge layby 59

2:18pm Apr 21 2014 —

RT @RealTimeWWII: Some Japanese officers refuse “inhuman” orders to kill prisoners; Col. Takeo Imai releases all captives into jungle, clai…

11:11pm Apr 14 2014 —

#read Hunter S Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Terrifyingly plausible drugged romp thru Nixon era US.

11:09pm Apr 12 2014 —

Back from totally awesome holiday. Will be back online soon too.

11:04pm Apr 12 2014 —

Home sweet home for the next 7 days!

8:00pm Apr 5 2014 —

RT @cstross: This is almost as bad as parking in Edinburgh:

8:20pm Apr 4 2014 —

RT @brainpicker: Walter Benjamin’s 13 rules of writing

8:00pm Apr 4 2014 —

OH “It doesn’t matter what the teachers think, what matters is what mummy thinks and mummy thinks yours was the best ” awww…

2:00pm Apr 4 2014 —

RT @0xabad1dea: Welcome back, Turkey. Start planning now for the next blocked website. Resist censorship on both technical and political fr…

1:55pm Apr 4 2014 —

RT @EPinUK: Sick of bankers’ bonuses & expensive calls abroad? Examples of what the European Parliament has done for you #EP2014 http://t.c…

7:34am Apr 4 2014 —

One day to go until our holiday! Can’t wait!

7:33am Apr 4 2014 —

RT @BBCRadio4: We are happy to serve Jamie, age 12 from Bedford RT @JemStone: A listener to @BBCRadio4 (age 12) #letterstoTheTimes http://t…

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