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RT @elonmusk: Dragon spaceship opens the navigation pod bay door without hesitation. So much nicer than HAL9000 :) #DragonLaunch

10:36am May 22 2012 —

All at home here watching the historic #dragonlaunch – everything else can wait! Looking good at T+5.30

7:51am May 22 2012 —

@elonmusk @SpaceX Woohoo! Well done to all! Very excited here. #dragonlaunch

7:50am May 22 2012 —

Aargh! @SpaceX #dragonlaunch webcast unwatchable on 3G – is there a mobile stream anywhere?

8:21am May 19 2012 —

RT @SpaceX: One hour until the official SpaceX launch webcast. Watch at #DragonLaunch

7:32am May 19 2012 —

0915 BST RT @SpaceX: Get some sleep. Tomorrow’s early morning launch webcast starts at 4:15 AM ET at #DragonLaunch

9:23pm May 18 2012 —