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RT @Kevin_Church: A++++ job by this Indiana weatherman.

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@LeviNotik @ScalazPerDiem @debasishg Ah, OK. Makes sense.

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@ScalazPerDiem @debasishg isn’t that just a Runnable? Nothing fancy here.

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@richardbranson Anyone else remember

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RT @NWTrunkRoads: After arriving early morning at #A83 #RaBT long reach excavator was thrown in at the deep end…

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RT @solobasssteve: London, don’t make the Angel sad, OK?

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RT @latentexistence: This doesn’t look at all like the DWP trying to plant fake tweets and getting the wrong account. Nope.…

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RT @doctorow: Photo: A cry for help from a melting server, London City Airport, Docklands, London, UK on Flickr.

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@demize95 @homakov @0xabad1dea y – discards session cookies

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RT @jonathanmayer: Here’s how Verizon’s advertising header works. America’s largest wireless carrier is also real-time data broker. http://…

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RT @tracey_thorn: Is it me or do the poppies come out earlier and earlier each year? Not even Halloween yet #scd

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Helen ♥ Kieran

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RT @dragosr: strings, don’t trust Linux

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RT @mattblaze: @dangillmor FTDI USB chip driver debacle. c.f.…

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RT @nytimesscience: Google’s Alan Eustace broke Felix Baumgartner’s world record–a 135,908-ft jump…

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RT @brainpicker: “It’s never been more asked of us to show up as only slices of ourselves. To show up whole is a rebellious act.” @courtwri…

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RT @mjos_crypto: @petrillic @0xabad1dea nothing at all. After all, it comes from a port < 1024 and only system root can do it, hence absolu…

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RT @solobasssteve: 1st blog post in flippin’ ages! “Why the ‘no platinum albums’ story in the US prob doesn’t mean the sky is falling”

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RT @amyydoubleu: I’d tell an Ebola joke, but you’re not going to get it.

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RT @0xabad1dea: The problems of the world make me so angry. But I don’t know what to do.

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RT @HackerNewsOnion: But Is
It Res
ve De

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RT @qikipedia: An extraordinary 7 minutes of beautiful chemical reactions shot in ultra high definition.

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Loving this holiday. How long is it since I’ve read an entire novel cover to cover in one sitting? Plus bonus points for serendipity.

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RT @brainpicker: Carl Sagan’s letters on drugs

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#read Stardust – first @neilhimself I’ve read, certainly not last! Simple but deep, faerie not for sake of it but in service of universality

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#Reading #HHGTTG to the kids. Translated “Ford Prefect” as “Ford Focus”.

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RT @CitizenMaths: @doctorow Thought you’d like to read this bit of feedback from a learner on the CC-BY course http:…

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@bengoldacre wait, what?!

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RT @bengoldacre: After huge pressure, Juncker has backed down over moving medicines regulation from Health to (ffs) Business Ministry http…

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@GreatDismal Nice photoshop job. (oops…)

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RT @doctorow: There’s no back door that only works for good guys

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RT @morningbell2u: no3 in Morning Bell series ‘Courage to Pray’: text from #StTeresaOfAvila photography by @jodolby

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RT @PaulHollywood: “@TVRatingsUK: #GreatBritishBakeOff finals:
2010 – 2.47m
2011 – 4.56m
2012 – 6.50m
2013 – 8.42m
2014 – 12.29m

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RT @DrScienceCat: It took me an insanely long time to realize that these were in fact not tiny brontosauruses

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Happy Birthday to our wonderful daughter M! Wishing you an awesome day and an epic year!

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RT @realrobbell: What is the Bible?
Part 72: The Question That Keeps Coming Up

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RT @trafficscotland: #Fog affecting #M74 btwn J15 & J22 and the #M77 around J5 area #drivesafe and mind use your fog lights!…

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RT @shivmalik: One out of context completely misrepresented tweet has now made the front pages of 4 national newspapers – Metro, Sun, Times…

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RT @hippiemanx: Just a friendly reminder, if you would pay $10 or $15 for a game that took someone 6 months to make, there would be no IAP …

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RT @schneierblog: BadUSB Code Has Been Published: In July, I wrote about an unpatchable USB vulnerability called BadUSB. Code fo… http://…

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RT @stephenboydstuc: Abellio bid team v smart & savvy; great on economics of bid. But easy to promise the earth during bid process – now ha…

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@ScotRail Sad – I’ve been very happy with your service over the last 9 years I’ve been using it. Hope Abellio are as good.

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RT @ScotRail: We’re disappointed FirstGroup’s bid has not succeeded. We’ll work closely with the new franchisee until 1 Apr to ensure a smo…

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@apgox Yes!

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RT @apgox: Does anyone else think that the LaTeX varepsilon looks so much more sensual than epsilon?

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RT @RCdeWinter: Trickle-down explained in four easy pictures for the lazy & illiterate.

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Tempered chocolate!

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Solved! 2 spiders thought rain gauge a cosy spot, wove webs between bucket and frame! Very resilient; not very functional.

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@Stranmore @WallacestonePS Do you have their names?

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RT @chrisbellekom: @qikipedia We’ve got 2 kids. That nummer is about right for humans too 😉

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RT @dweekly: TDMA & centralized routing for packet coordination in a datacenter? Madness!! Okay, actually it works quite well.…

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594: 2014-10-02T21:28:02Z: 12.7 C 69% RH wind avg 10 gust 18 raindrops 1295

9:29pm Oct 2 2014 —

Woohoo! Live weather data now available on my computer tnx @gnuradio NooElec &many evenings hacking. Writeup and website coming soon!

9:23pm Oct 2 2014 —

A remarkable work of extended common sense: Scotland’s outdoor access code (the right to roam)…

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RT @shanselman: Current Status:
☑️ Crying 6 year old
☑️ Remorseful 8 year old
☑️ Me googling “how to stop Minecraft forest fire”

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@absolutspacegrl @0xabad1dea Scouts is co-ed in Scotland. Girls like bushcraft and active games too.

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RT @isaach: totally plausible explanation for why microsoft skipped windows version 9…

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RT @TIME: See the stunning new portrait of Mars from India’s MOM spacecraft. Photo: @marsorbiter…

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Birds tweet, dogs woof, cats meow and what do we do? TEXT! :) [Great Twitter poem from A’s classmate]

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@P7MWPS A’s spelling h/w: can’t lovable asthma paralyse we’re valuable noticeable geography I’m isn’t recognisable telescope

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