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It’s not global warming any more – it’s global soaking! #UKweather #somewhatdamp

1:54pm Jun 30 2012 —

Churros for breakfast… mmm! Need a different nozzle for perfection though.

12:29pm Jun 30 2012 —

RT @bengoldacre: This is a truly magnificent and terrifying testament to the leakiness of the modern world

7:14pm Jun 29 2012 —

RT @NSFChurch: My hope for the world is, that one day it may be completely covered in 4G. oh, and peace and love and whatnot.

7:04pm Jun 29 2012 —

RT @mikehigton: So now the government tells anyone who isn’t rich who they may marry. What a terrifying bunch of thugs they are. http:// …

8:19am Jun 29 2012 —

RT @networkrailPR: Apologies to passengers north of Newcastle, this is what we’re up against

11:12pm Jun 28 2012 —

RT @FuseWA: Republicans delete celebratory “Obamacare is unconstitutional” tweets. Awkward. #p2 #ACA #HCRdecision

11:11pm Jun 28 2012 —

RT @networkrail: Another photo of the east coast main line taken earlier this evening – this one shows flooding and a landslip. http://t …

11:09pm Jun 28 2012 —

Work on unimportant problems!…

6:47pm Jun 28 2012 —

RT @ihatemornings: @anyallrecords Can I start an imprint that only puts out 12-second songs on floppy disk?

5:47pm Jun 28 2012 —

RT @elonmusk: “The Girl Who Fixed the Umlaut” @NewYorker

5:42pm Jun 28 2012 —

Bubbles can have arbitrarily thick walls in zeroG: RT @martin_isaac An air bbl trappd in waterdrop on ISS @Rich_Oglesby

8:41am Jun 28 2012 —

RT @kierstenwhite: “The males in Brave were all plot devices!” GEE. THAT MUST REALLY SUCK TO HAVE YOUR GENDER MARGINALIZED IN A MOVIE. C …

8:18am Jun 28 2012 —

RT @anyallrecords: 197 artists signed in less than 3 days. We totally win at A&R. Some of our favourite artists on on here. :) So, 3 …

12:07am Jun 28 2012 —

RT @HelixFalkirk: Folks
You can now download a copy of the HArTT Route Cycle Map.…

12:00am Jun 28 2012 —

RT @waxpancake: Valve is releasing their astounding Source Filmmaker tool for free: What’s possible: …

12:00am Jun 28 2012 —

@maggyd18 thank you! Having a great time, managed to stay relatively dry so far despite mud underfoot. Hope family service goes well!

in reply to maggyd18 — 3:45pm Jun 23 2012 —

Sound check tidbit: “check check check… caaaash… check” ! For spoken word. V clever!

3:44pm Jun 23 2012 —

Woo-hoo! Having a fantastic time already at @solasfestival! Raining outside, warm and dry and excited about tomorrow inside.

10:18pm Jun 22 2012 —

@NSFChurch awwww… congrats!

in reply to NSFChurch — 5:05pm Jun 21 2012 —

RT @solasfestival: have a sneaky wee look at what turned up today…. very nice #solasfestival

8:43am Jun 21 2012 —

RT @gtiso: Sending environment ministers on a jaunt to Rio sends the wrong message. How about yearly dates for next 50 years on a low-ly …

8:05am Jun 21 2012 —

Compare recent PR activity – @smartcarusa total win, Argyll and Bute Council #fail #neverseconds. HT @madeupstats

8:05am Jun 21 2012 —

RT @madeupstats: Stats win: RT @AlbertoNardelli + @nanotim: Someone makes fun of Smart Car. Smart Car responds in best way possible. htt …

8:02am Jun 21 2012 —

@maggyd18 Cool! I’ll do the transfers art next week. Do you remember how many we fit on a page? 6?

in reply to maggyd18 — 8:01am Jun 21 2012 —

@maggyd18 Sent you Showstoppers banner art by email – is it all OK?

7:58am Jun 21 2012 —

RT @jasongorman: @kellabyte Takes just a few minutes to show them how, and then they can experiment and play knowing they can always go …

8:04am Jun 20 2012 —

RT @jasongorman: If I teach someone to program, I teach them about version control *first*. And then we can really have some fun.

8:04am Jun 20 2012 —

Asaph Inc. – post-exilic psalms…

7:50am Jun 20 2012 —

RT @neilmatheson: Rather impressed. Put my @kingstontech USB memory stick through washing machine AND tumble dryer. Case has fallen off, …

7:31am Jun 18 2012 —

@maggyd18 C’s parents have some curtains – about 2m drop x 2m wide – dark pink – is that too small, or could you use it?

7:16pm Jun 17 2012 —

RT @BrightonsFlaim: …that was our Creed, in eight tweets!

5:17pm Jun 17 2012 —

Happy Fathers’ Day to me! Thank you to A and M (and C) for a lovely cinnamony breakfast, and presents! xo

8:35am Jun 17 2012 —

Just what a Saturday was meant to be: baking, drawing, gluing, coding, shopping, fixing, planning, reading,tidying, at home with family.

11:29pm Jun 16 2012 —

Made a hexaflexagon today with M. *Now* I know the triangles mustn’t be equilateral… oops! A bit stiff.

7:34pm Jun 16 2012 —

RT @solidus: Good article: “Here’s the crux of the problem: software engineers aren’t builders. Software engineers are creators.” http:/ …

7:35am Jun 16 2012 —


7:07am Jun 16 2012 —

RT @martin_fff: Something to add alongside Wabi-Sabi. Kintsugi: “Broken is Better Than New”.

7:00pm Jun 15 2012 —

#reading St John of the Cross, Dark Night of the Soul. So clear and so deep! I envy his novices back in the C16.

7:52am Jun 15 2012 —

RT @GeorgeMonbiot: I argue that there has not been a shift by voters to the right; but a shift away from voting.

9:57pm Jun 11 2012 —

RT @cookingforgeeks: New OS X feature PowerNap looks neat, but there’s a bug: icon has a star closer than the moon:

9:52pm Jun 11 2012 —

That’s ¼ hr⁻¹ × 5 appl/day × 5 days = 25/4 appl/hr = 6.25 appl/hr, or once every 9 minutes 36 seconds! Way too much, surely?

12:37pm Jun 11 2012 —

Ridiculous Boots aciclovir dosage instructions: “Every 4 hours, 5 times a day, for 5 days”.

12:36pm Jun 11 2012 —

Meall a’ Bhuachaille 810m NN991115 nice walk in the mist up the hill. Lovely hollow cairn to shelter in with rock seats for tea!

3:41pm Jun 9 2012 —

@jasongorman @ryansroberts 2/2 … but they still have a place for lectures as well as apprenticeship.

in reply to jasongorman — 8:22am Jun 9 2012 —

@jasongorman @ryansroberts I can’t agree. You could say the same for medicine, engineering, plumbing… 1/2

in reply to jasongorman — 8:22am Jun 9 2012 —

RT @dgwbirch: Only one MP has had scientific career. No cabinet ministers studied science at university. We really are doomed.

9:41pm Jun 8 2012 —

@INRIX_UK but diversion in place and flowing freely.

in reply to INRIX_UK — 5:31pm Jun 8 2012 —

RT @northernPolice: Serious Road Traffic Collision – A9 Ralia – Update 1

5:30pm Jun 8 2012 —

Correction #A9 diversion via A889 and a minor road south of A86, rejoining just south of Ralia

5:23pm Jun 8 2012 —

#A9 diversion A889 A86 flowing freely.

5:14pm Jun 8 2012 —

#A9 Dalwhinnie White bus northbound head on with white van southbound. Multiple police cars and ambulances in attendance, and a helicopter.

5:12pm Jun 8 2012 —

#A9 northbound still diverting at A889 Dalwhinnie. Flowing freely.

5:05pm Jun 8 2012 —

RT @dalmaer: “ – a magic domain name that provides wildcard DNS for any IP address” thanks Sam!

6:54am Jun 8 2012 —

@jasongorman I’m out of touch, but a quick search brings up a BSc in Glasgow and an MSc in Oxford, both at good CS depts. They’re trying!

in reply to jasongorman — 11:04pm Jun 7 2012 —

Finally, Important Lessons Learned from the Fire: via @wordpressdotcom

7:41pm Jun 7 2012 —

RT @caitlinmoran: Sexy RT “@CERN: Is the moon full? #CERN LHC is large and sensitive enough to feel the moon’s attraction. …

6:17pm Jun 7 2012 —

.@jasongorman Interesting report. One way of addressing CS students with vocational intent: offer a software engineering degree instead.

in reply to jasongorman — 6:13pm Jun 7 2012 —

RT @ruskin147: Warning – there are likely to be phishing emails encouraging you to log in to LinkedIn and change your password. Go direc …

6:26pm Jun 6 2012 —

RT @BBCBreaking: American writer Ray Bradbury of Fahrenheit 451 fame dies aged 91, according to reports. Details soon

5:44pm Jun 6 2012 —

RT @falkirkcouncil: Listen out for the Grangemouth Warning System test at 7pm tonight:…

5:40pm Jun 6 2012 —

On the train reading a magazine and sipping tea. Best way to head back to work after the long weekend!

7:39am Jun 6 2012 —

RT @saniac: The ethics of reporting baby death:… Interesting stuff considering the triplets in a fire story here.

7:35am Jun 6 2012 —

@ScotRail thank you – the Polmont clock is fixed now!

7:31am Jun 6 2012 —

A great day – thanks S, and I, T&C, C, K, H, and J, E, T, and of course C, A, and M! Never doing that descent again though!

6:47pm Jun 2 2012 —

Loch Sunart and Skye from Garbh Bheinn 886m NM9062. From nearly sea level! With A and M!

6:26pm Jun 2 2012 —

Woohoo! On much needed and (if I say so myself) well-deserved holiday at last! Ardgour on a beautiful sunny day!

7:11pm Jun 1 2012 —

@trafficscotland Hi – how long is the Corran Ferry likely to be suspended for?

in reply to trafficscotland — 8:30am Jun 1 2012 —