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Comment – ‘Westminster elite’ behave as they do because the people vote for it. Have the people changed now? #indyref…

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@TheEconomist your home page is down, but direct links to articles still work… Overloaded? #indyref

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Fascinated&excited that for a time at least incentives are aligned for our politicians to work together to make a mark on history #indyref

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How about an English parliament based in Manchester or Birmingham? #westlothianquestion #indyref

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Proud of Scotland. Incredible energy and participation, and will for change. The world will never be the same again. #indyref

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RT @lauracowen: Rofl RT @StefSimanowitz: #Scotland has changed its Facebook status already #ScotlandDecides #indyref

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RT @laurenlaverne: Love my Yes friends and family, love my No friends and family. Hope the energy of the #Indyref stays with all of us for …

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The Economist | Bagehot: How a nation went mad… via @theeconomist #indyref

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