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RT @arusbridger: Brilliant letter to @FT on bankers’ pay & blackmail – by a former banker

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@BevanMcCabe It ain’t broke, so why fix it? Lots of pain for no clear gain. And other reasons I’ll not discuss on Twitter.

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Spivak, Categorical Databases!…

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RT @VoteNoBorders: “Acting together we can achieve so much more than acting alone” #votenoborders

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RT @VoteNoBorders: We’re not polticians, we can’t make promises on currency or immigration but we know it’s important that your voices are …

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RT @INEOS_Comms_GM: @kw217 the noise was caused by a fluctuation in steam pressure on the site

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@INEOS_Comms_GM Thanks.

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@INEOS_Comms_GM So what did happen last night at INEOS around midnight? Whatever it was it was very noisy!

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@0x00string @richardnaik @0xabad1dea the dead children in Akka make me very uncomfortable.

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RT @teropa: Re-reading the No Silver Bullet paper by Fred Brooks. I think it may solve all my problems.

11:10pm May 27 2014 —

@Csneddon100 @INEOS it worked :-) Though my staring hard at it might have helped too.

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Strange noises coming from Grangemouth just now…

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RT @doctorow: You Are Not a Digital Native:letter to kids on the day the Homeland pbk is published… /pls RT! http://…

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RT @CarolineLucas: Since @BBCNews appear to have missed it, 1.2 million people voted @greenparty, we came ahead of LIbdems, & increased our…

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RT @FRC_Queensferry: 1st deck sections in Rosyth ready for 500t of concrete each, tripling their weight. Great pic from @baralos1973 http:/…

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RT @caitlinmoran: The introduction to my new book, “How To Build A Girl”, via RT @ChatReads:

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RT @BBCBreaking: Pakistan says Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will attend inauguration of Narendra Modi as India’s Prime Minister, in a 1st fo…

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RT @whatifnumbers: 950: Approximate total amount of pet snake in the US, in miles

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RT @AllanBankNT: Ever seen a sheep typing? We did today :-)

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.@ScotRail conductor just announced use of e-cigarettes is not permitted on this service – is this true? (curious non-smoker)

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RT @GrowthHackers_: Awesome slides, “Why Content Marketing Fails” By @randfish via @moz #marketing…

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RT @kevinSuttle: This is fascinating! What usage charts look like for an “evergreen” browser.… via @igrigorik https:…

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RT @BoingBoing: What if we admitted to kids that most sex is for pleasure?

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RT @kesterbrewin: Chomsky on student debt:

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RT @Ogilvie75: Ah from the inside! “@IntermezzoArts: I’m inside a Kelpie at the @HelixFalkirk

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RT @murphym: Can you use cognitive friction to your advantage?…

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@CausewaysideExp Yay! Thank you!

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.@CausewaysideExp where are the Italiano rolls? They’ve been missing all week and they’re my favourite!

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@PauldMcNamee re @BigIssue column May 13: Bravo, well said sir!

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RT @DeaconDesperado: @akkateam has the best #fsm implementation I’ve worked with.

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@AllanBankNT thanks it was great! Learned lots and had a go myself!

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Another Thursday evening at our place…

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RT @BeatLiturgist:… New lectionary poem about a certain walk along a certain road and a certain meal that followed

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RT @qikipedia: THIS got us thinking… this GOT us thinking… this got US thinking… this got us THINKING… (via @Grammarly)… http://t…

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