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RT @muratpak: “Ruby Yukihiro Matsumoto”
“Phyton Guido van Rossum”
“Javascript Brendan Eich”

Just noticed all has same length (23). Natural…

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RT @lawblob: on the streets it’s called “nodding off” or “catching Zs” and your teen could be doing it alone in their room to escape realit…

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RT @hestiahdruid: Whoa. This is an interesting read about ello. And should be a mandatory one. (Thanks @kristin)…

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RT @emergentkiwi: the church’s weighted coin: keeps landing “inward.”…

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RT @GirlCodeAPage: can i unfollow my problems

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RT @AllanBankNT: Glad you liked him :-) RT @NT_JohnD: Giant knitted dragon @AllanBankNT

Nice teeth

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RT @Carmen_NgKaMan: #OccupyCentral: unverified info saying police plans to cut off mobile signals in occupied areas. Protesters urge each o…

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RT @igrigorik: handy CSS layout debugger: – 108 bytes of awesome.

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RT @counternotions: “Global Ph.D.s Gender Gap”


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@TrussellTrust did you see this event yesterday?

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Awesome day yesterday with the Falkirk Foodbank – so much given, so much enthusiasm and energy! Thank you Falkirk!

9:41am Sep 28 2014 —

RT @patio11: PSA: We’re not done w/ Shellshock yet.

The code parsing the code to avoid code execution may allow co…

8:03pm Sep 27 2014 —

RT @peterc: Two Twitter image bots have got themselves into a rather interesting automated loop:

– pretty!

7:17pm Sep 27 2014 —

RT @WallacestonePS: Huge difference made to our school garden. New plants and bulbs planted. Lots of overgrown bushes cut back.…

1:50pm Sep 27 2014 —

RT @Asher_Wolf: Via @piykumar: A 9 year old teaching Arduino at #PyConIndia

1:49pm Sep 27 2014 —

Woohoo! Delicious crop of outdoor tomatoes from fab plants bought at the @PAWS_WPS Family Fun Day!

1:43pm Sep 27 2014 —

RT @drjtwit: Have we seen the final #shellshock patch? “How to patch bash”… (ht @fanf for the link to Jackson’s patc…

10:20pm Sep 26 2014 —

RT @jimgoetz: Ian ferguson (a Scotsman) parting with Benjamin’s to Bruce Hembree (sales leadership) @metaswitch

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RT @0xabad1dea: [morning self-retweet] Misfeatures Strike Again! Starring blue shell…

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RT @Mythic_Beasts: We managed to get the whole company in the same place for the first time ever

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.@EveryHexColor ouch, that one hurts my eyes…

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@Philae2014 Good luck on 12th November!

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RT @ESA_Rosetta: The date is set! @philae2014 will land on comet #67P on 12 November. Details:

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RT @TehMillhouse: @FioraAeterna My name is Max. Siri calls me “Maximum” when my name occurs at the end of a sentence.

4:36pm Sep 26 2014 —

@bagder Awesome, can’t wait for this to land on Firefox for Android. Those hangs are so frustrating and this totally explains them.

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RT @bagder: “Changing networks with #Firefox running” Let me explain my patch series that landed yday:…

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@acunetix s/Heartbleed/Shellshock/g surely?

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RT @HeerJeet: 6. Important to understand that rationality of hard s.f. was always a facade, at heart it was a religion of mysticism.

11:05pm Sep 25 2014 —

RT @astro_reid: That little red streak hidden behind the #Dragon solar array is the Soyuz launching.

10:59pm Sep 25 2014 —

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@ISEE3Reboot bet you’re pleased ISEE3 doesn’t have a computer now! #shellshock

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@MechMK1 @0xabad1dea ∃ multiple vectors, including DHCP and SSH

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@jpnKevin_T @gmillard @ralphtice Correction, Android uses mksh (a Korn variant) not bash.

in reply to kw217 — 10:24pm Sep 25 2014 —

@jpnKevin_T @gmillard @ralphtice Well yes, but they use bash as well. Ruling out bash for a particular invocation is nontrivial.

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@jpnKevin_T @gmillard @ralphtice Android *not* vulnerable, uses ash not bash.

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RT @taviso: The bash patch seems incomplete to me, function parsing is still brittle. e.g. $ env X='() { (a)=>’ sh -c “echo date”; cat echo

10:10pm Sep 25 2014 —

@jpnKevin_T @gmillard @ralphtice Yes, Chromebook has bash so is presumably vulnerable until Google patches it.

in reply to jpnKevin_T — 8:17pm Sep 25 2014 —

@jpnKevin_T @gmillard @ralphtice Anything that runs bash. Linux yes, Mac yes, Windows probably no. Wondering about Android.

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.@jpnKevin_T @gmillard @ralphtice Hence you probably don’t want to connect your laptop to anyone’s Wi-Fi until you patch.

in reply to kw217 — 8:00pm Sep 25 2014 —

@jpnKevin_T @gmillard @ralphtice That’s not the issue here – the DHCP *server* provides code which executes on the *client*.

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RT @gmillard: #Shellshock DHCP remote code execution proof of concept. Not using wifi until patch. #infosec… http://…

7:57pm Sep 25 2014 —

RT @quinnnorton: And this is incredibly timely, what with #shellshock, for understanding how things get this way.…

7:53pm Sep 25 2014 —

RT @abt_programming: “tester walks into a bar. Orders a beer. Orders 999999999 beers. Orders a lizard. Orders -1 beers. Orders a sfdeljknes…

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RT @falkirk_herald: 140-page Falkirk Herald out today featuring primary one pictures from all @falkirkcouncil schools

7:32am Sep 25 2014 —

Forgotten victims of the railway bridge project #EGIP #Polmont @NetworkRailEGIP – their days are numbered

7:32am Sep 25 2014 —

RT @NetworkRailEGIP: …share this with wider community in coming weeks. Work wont be before 2015. Thanks for patience & cooperation during…

7:29am Sep 25 2014 —

RT @NetworkRailEGIP: We completed assessment of bridge on Station Rd, #Polmont as scheduled. We will now use information to inform work pro…

7:29am Sep 25 2014 —

RT @doctorow: Smart thermostat makes dumb security mistakes…

8:40pm Sep 24 2014 —

RT @veen: Apple’s actual business model.

8:23pm Sep 24 2014 —

.@BraesHigh but shocked there are no boys at the school!! Where are they? PowerPoint presentation, guides, helpers, all girls!

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.@BraesHigh Having an awesome time being shown around Aidan’s high-school-to-be. So many subjects and opportunities!

6:53pm Sep 24 2014 —

RT @adainitiative: Why @gvanrossum supports the @adainitiative & answered questions from only women at @PyCon 2014…

5:05pm Sep 22 2014 —

RT @zooko: Please pass a new law: “Science papers which are publicly funded are required to be made available to the public free of charge.”

7:38am Sep 21 2014 —

@skinade Exploitation.

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Blair Drummond!

12:59pm Sep 20 2014 —

Great game of #Qwirkle with M!

7:33pm Sep 19 2014 —

RT @AceTeeIT: How have I never noticed the scariest villain on TV (The Puzzler) is the spitting image of @donttrythis @MythBusters http://t…

6:07pm Sep 19 2014 —

RT @RadioForthNews: Alex Salmond will stand down in November. He says there is a number of eminently qualified candidates to replace him.

3:24pm Sep 19 2014 —

.@BigIssue congrats! Are @NetworkRailSCOT / @ScotRail also on board?

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@nTLDs presumably you mean .edinburgh?

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Comment – ‘Westminster elite’ behave as they do because the people vote for it. Have the people changed now? #indyref…

7:32am Sep 19 2014 —

RT @dmcconachie: The irony of the fact that the Highland count was delayed due to yet another A9 smash should not go unnoticed!

7:22am Sep 19 2014 —

@TheEconomist your home page is down, but direct links to articles still work… Overloaded? #indyref

7:16am Sep 19 2014 —

Fascinated&excited that for a time at least incentives are aligned for our politicians to work together to make a mark on history #indyref

6:48am Sep 19 2014 —

Feeling sorry for my sister in law still counting in #Dingwall – hope there’s plenty of hot tea!

6:27am Sep 19 2014 —

How about an English parliament based in Manchester or Birmingham? #westlothianquestion #indyref

6:21am Sep 19 2014 —

Proud of Scotland. Incredible energy and participation, and will for change. The world will never be the same again. #indyref

6:02am Sep 19 2014 —

RT @cstross: New blog entry: The Morning After:…

11:40pm Sep 18 2014 —

RT @lauracowen: Rofl RT @StefSimanowitz: #Scotland has changed its Facebook status already #ScotlandDecides #indyref

11:35pm Sep 18 2014 —

RT @Janeannie: BBC reporter tells of ‘high levels of depravity’ in Fife

11:34pm Sep 18 2014 —

RT @trafficscotland: A9 Helmsdale – Newport – Closure, All lanes closed in both directions for up to 60 minutes #TSI…

11:28pm Sep 18 2014 —

RT @laurenlaverne: Love my Yes friends and family, love my No friends and family. Hope the energy of the #Indyref stays with all of us for …

11:27pm Sep 18 2014 —

RT @kesterbrewin: I mean, imagine if turn-out was 90% in every constituency, and people spent weeks wrestling with the issues.

11:27pm Sep 18 2014 —

RT @kesterbrewin: So, umm, people realise right that all votes/elections could be this engaging if people just, you know, got passionately …

11:27pm Sep 18 2014 —

Please help support One Scotland, add a #Twibbon now!

9:17pm Sep 18 2014 —

Please help support One Scotland, add a #Twibbon now!

9:17pm Sep 18 2014 —

6:12pm Sep 18 2014 —

RT @churchscotland: Please retweet: Church Moderator calling on voters at 10 pm to change to “one” yes or no sign on their Twitter pics. ht…

8:03am Sep 18 2014 —

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RT @moonpolysoft: In a few years there’ll be enough computers in your home that getting hacked and being haunted will be functionally indis…

7:13am Sep 17 2014 —

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RT @SpaceX: Honored to be chosen by @NASA to be part of America’s human spaceflight program

9:40pm Sep 16 2014 —

The Economist | Bagehot: How a nation went mad… via @theeconomist #indyref

6:57pm Sep 15 2014 —

Dear Scotland… @kesterbrewin puts words to my thoughts of the last few days:…

11:53am Sep 15 2014 —

@ScotRail thanks!

in reply to ScotRail — 7:33am Sep 15 2014 —

@ScotRail smart card reader at PMT platform 1 seems to have crashed – not working since Thursday.

7:31am Sep 15 2014 —

RT @Philae_Ptolemy: Make your very own landing site model (3 sheets paper, 5 map pins, 2 paper clips) @Philae2014 @ESA_Rosetta #Rosetta htt…

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RT @Neauxp: LOL RT”@Liberiangyal: I am crying!!!!! RT @EightyFoe:

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RT @bsdphk: @cstross @marklazarowicz Speaking from Danish experience: Anything less than 2/3 majority for decisions like this will suck ut…

7:16pm Sep 13 2014 —

RT @aatishb: @theyavor this is a nice quick take on that idea…

4:58pm Sep 13 2014 —

RT @aatishb: A more abstract but crazy beautiful one: here’s a Penrose tiling and its Fourier transform.

4:54pm Sep 13 2014 —

RT @aatishb: Hey Sam Harris, maybe the reason your books aren’t popular with women is because you spout sexist bullshit like this? http://t…

4:53pm Sep 13 2014 —

On top of the world! NH598286

4:50pm Sep 13 2014 —

RT @Daily_Record: Farmer unleashes Diego the bull to beat the bampots who keep tearing down his vote ‘No’ sign http:…

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RT @arnorien: Le vouvoiement expliqué aux américains.

10:10pm Sep 12 2014 —

RT @tracey_thorn: Here’s this week’s @NewStatesman column. When Interviews Go Wrong!…

9:26pm Sep 12 2014 —

RT @AndrewGraystone: Donations to Manchester’s homeless dogs are great but enough already. To support Manchester’s homeless humans visit ht…

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RT @MrTimDunn: THIS is what is wrong with British architecture right now


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RT @P0WERP0INT: WORSHIP: for all your goodness I will keep on singing, ten thousand reasons for my heart to find find. Bless the… http://…

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