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RT @TacticalGrace: First ICFP with an electronic billboard at the highway.

7:45pm Aug 31 2014 —

#Mimosa flower – our plant must be happy!

12:23pm Aug 31 2014 —

RT @ScotlandsFuture: @tullythedhog @MisssyM @faygee_ Sturgeon warns EU citizens might have to leave Scotland. Why did she do that? http://t…

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RT @tinrocket: iBooks should adapt the page color to color temperature of the ambient light. Reading an iBook at sunset & the screen is a h…

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RT @jr_carpenter: This could be the tapedeck you leave your great-grandson! (via @ealvarezgibson) cc @mediarchaeolog…

12:16pm Aug 30 2014 —

RT @SvHensman: Escher’s “Relativity” made with #LEGO by Andrew Lipson

12:48am Aug 30 2014 —

RT @brainpicker: The best, if most uncomfortable, relationship advice you’ll ever get

7:54am Aug 29 2014 —

RT @0xabad1dea: .@sergeybratus it dawns on me they may be blocking wget specifically and solely because it’s a Snowden Hacking Tool 😱

7:28am Aug 29 2014 —

RT @jasongorman: Simple is hard

9:10pm Aug 28 2014 —

@EveryHexColor: #F7EEF3” M liked this one.

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7:08pm Aug 25 2014 —

Not impressed that decay doesn’t work in agc2_ff – only attack rate applies #gnuradio At least it wasn’t my fault!

4:19pm Aug 24 2014 —

Back to school! M in P5, and for A it’s the first day of his last year at primary school – P7!

10:00am Aug 20 2014 —

@Eldritchreality @0xabad1dea Ditto here: 6 on stock Twitter app on Samsung Galaxy Note :-)

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@lovoo Please go away and keep your demeaning soft porn to yourself.

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Great Mistakes in English Mediaeval Architecture… via @doctorow Never see a cathedral in the same way again!

12:22pm Aug 17 2014 —

RT @janehamilton22: Lost black wallet in Argyll St today 2pm. Irreplaceable pics inside. Name is Radzynski – Dad’s miserable. Please RT

8:29pm Aug 16 2014 —

No more Bananagrams tonight.

8:27pm Aug 16 2014 —

Woke up this morning to no internet! We had to talk to one another instead, was very strange. Up again now (thanks Openreach I presume!).

3:46pm Aug 16 2014 —

RT @ESA_Rosetta: How to orbit a comet: This animation plots next stages of my journey around #comet #67P

10:27pm Aug 14 2014 —

Watching #OperationWild – an elephant with a bullet but no X-ray. Why don’t they use a stud finder?

8:49pm Aug 14 2014 —

RT @NotLothianBuses: From Monday, the following services will be given names instead of numbers:

26 – The Coastal Marauder
35 – The Eterna…

2:49pm Aug 14 2014 —

RT @ESA_Rosetta: “Hello, Comet!”

4:58pm Aug 6 2014 —

RT @thezeist: Why does Windows think that my wireless keyboard is a toaster?…

6:54pm Aug 5 2014 —

RT @pcwalton: This week in “Web compatibility things that make me sad”:…

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@Zoosk Oh dear. There’s your problem right there.

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RT @isislovecruft: char a;float b,c;main(d){for(;d>2e3*c?c=1,scanf(” %c%f”,&a,&c),d=55-a%32*9/5,b=d>9,d=d%13-a/32*12:1;a=2)++d<24?b*=89/84.…

11:37pm Aug 4 2014 —

RT @FringeGuru: The weather in Edinburgh right now – that’s my fault, sorry. I arranged to go to a barbecue AND a garden party.

6:33pm Aug 3 2014 —

.@TheEconomist I don’t think so!! Might want to check your answer…

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RT @natashenka: I dunno, what would you recommend for a security conference?

10:34pm Aug 2 2014 —

It’s been a bit wet here today. Last 24 hours:

10:32pm Aug 2 2014 —

RT @FringeGuru: And it’s lit using PHONES. That’s a first for me. Astonishingly, it works very well. This is in the new venue, C South.

4:27pm Aug 1 2014 —

@TheEconomist I read this and thought a classical Greek writer had emerged from a time machine onto the modern stage

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RT @nanexllc: Unbeknownst to panelists, this info was filed with SEC while they were perjuring themselves

4:23pm Aug 1 2014 —

RT @Ray_Mears: A group shelter is a home from home; a place to forge friendships, share stories and relax in the warmth of the fire. http:/…

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