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@sebastian_jiang @forthone pretty impressive. Very colourful.

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@carnies_mot @forthone Fantastic anniversary celebration for our company

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@forthone Listening to you from the middle of the Forth on a Metaswitch cruise!

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@MexicanaCheese Yum! Really enjoyed that, thank you!

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RT @Tetsujin28: @Doctorow Asimov: Is your robot a death machine? These three simple laws could save your life.

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RT @KlezRebs: Post-recording jam session. Great day’s music making: back in the studio tomorrow!

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RT @0xabad1dea: Homestuck: linguistically sound

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#PolmontBridge be ready, #Polmont!

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Temporary pedestrian bridge slowly being removed, various other minor works across #PolmontBridge site.

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@SciencePorn Nein.

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A lost another tooth this evening after a long hiatus. At least he knows you have to believe in the Tooth Fairy if you want to get paid!

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RT @caitlinmoran: As always, @bengoldacre has crunched the figures PROPERLY on those DWP death figures. Unbelievable:…

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Utilities at south end of #PolmontBridge Nice new water pipe but don’t open that valve!

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Tue: temp bridge closed, peds now on new bridge! Thu: taking apart temp bridge. It’s served us well! #PolmontBridge

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RT @grsecurity: Due to continued abuses of our copyrights & trademark by the embedded industry,stable patches to be removed in 2 wks https:…

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@FCRoads @falkirkcouncil rubbish crew just dropped rubbish on road and left it there. Wallace Brae estate, 8am today.

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RT @clanranaldtrust: Please RT! Not long now until our #Vikings event @duncarronfort Click link:……

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RT @mediaguardian: Reluctant licence fee payers don’t like life without the BBC after all

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#reading @cstross The Jennifer Morgue (are these xkcd/936-compliant passwords?)

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#read @cstross The Atrocity Archive and loved it! Every spare moment for a week. Been following blog for ages – time to read the books!

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Still hard at work sorting utilities at south end of #PolmontBridge. Challenging. Still on schedule though.

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RT @JackSmithIV: A bus. This man is describing a bus.…

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RT @BBCRadio4: Adult colouring books are best sellers. A great way to switch off from a world of screens: http://t.c…

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@trafficscotland Or stay at home/work. Better late than dead.

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@mountain_ghosts Because (insert be Netscape deadline story here)

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RT @0xdeadbabe:… “Staring into someone’s eyes for ten minutes is like tripping, without the drugs”

Makes me think o…

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RT @doctorow: Snapshot: bike lane indicators get straight to the point #5yrsago…

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RT @bbw1984: Some companies exist exclusively to collect information about you & advertise products to you http://t…

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RT @munin: This is doubtless going to lead to many, many abuse cases.

I wonder how many will be reported.

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RT @alex_macdonald: I will fight to support the Oxford comma until I draw my last breath.

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@bcjbcjbcj @mountain_ghosts nullary tuple is a unit not a zero. Bottom/error/void is the zero.

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@mountain_ghosts +1 to Haskell and no surprises. Even Haskell avoids 1-tuples though.

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@EffKayToo Didn’t get a chance to ask them today, they were very focused. Will try and ask tomorrow.

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@EffKayToo Supposedly still a week ahead. We’ll see what they say tomorrow…

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Got our 100th geocache today! Celebrated with a wee cake. “The Cruel Sea”, on Cumbrae.…

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@doctorow Who said fish don’t need a bicycle?

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RT @Mike_Laidlaw: Graphic novel representation of my favorite Asimov short story, “The Last Question.” Very well done.…

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RT @elakdawalla: BEHOLD! Humanity’s best-ever photo of Jupiter’s moon Adrastea. Taken by Galileo in 1998.

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Hey @TheBoyWhoBakes – I made your Nanna’s gingerbread last night and it’s delicious!

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8:21am Aug 21 2015 —

East side of #PolmontBridge tarred & ready for pedestrians, leaving room to work on southern termination of services

7:30am Aug 21 2015 —

RT @flightradar24: ATC coordination for staggered dual runway arrivals at Guangzhou.,113.28/11

6:55am Aug 21 2015 —

RT @jessiegraygray: @doctorow I wrote about a hack for building fires and I thought you’d like it:…

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RT @bcrypt: did you know that you can’t read Oracle’s Terms of Service on their website without agreeing to it? workaround:…

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RT @rebeccamorelle: I’m off to Canary Wharf this morning – London’s hotspot for seal sightings………

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Nearly completed the deck surface – shaped and sealed, ready for tar going on today. #PolmontBridge

7:32am Aug 20 2015 —

@lyndonhood you’re welcome! Loved the post.

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RT @Braun23Austin: Spinning a T-handle in zero gravity! This phenomenon is caused by spinning over the intermediate axes of inertia. https:…

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M’s first day back, and A’s first day at high school! How do they grow up so fast? Both excited!

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RT @AndrewDutney: What is religion anyway? via @wordpressdotcom

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RT @INEOS_Comms_GM: We’ve been awarded 3 new exploration licenses, cementing our position as one of the UK’s leading shale gas businesses h…

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Pouring concrete around utility ducts this morning at #PolmontBridge

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@0xabad1dea @tumblr “CD-ROMs”? Which century is this?

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RT @GreatDismal: Those abandoned campuses on Second Life are a lot like I imagined the site where Chia’s posse hangs out, in Idoru. But whe…

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#PolmontBridge resurfacing deck. But major work this week is reconnecting services.

7:39am Aug 17 2015 —

Pedestrian access moved slightly eastward at #PolmontBridge for access to service terminations

7:39am Aug 17 2015 —

#PolmontBridge 31 weeks down 10 to go, looking good, one week ahead of schedule. @NetworkRailEGIP #Polmont

7:39am Aug 17 2015 —

RT @trafficscotland: *Cycling Advice* If on a very narrow road ride in the middle of the lane to prevent dangerous overtaking #Think! #Stay…

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@larbertred Canada is wider than Mars according to the intertubes. Cabbage obviously smallest though, what am I missing?

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RT @iPadWells: If you don’t empathise with your users: #designthinking via @ValaAfshar

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RT @QueenKika: @Quuux @Disputatore @GreatDismal It’s BS. Look at our insane amounts of outdoor lighting if you need to find real evil

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RT @GreatDismal: Light from incandescent bulbs makes me feel at ease. Makes things look better. Architect friend has stockpiled many carton…

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RT @SciencePorn: This is how self-driving cars could work at an intersection.

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A’s morning #make – twisted patchwork bread!

1:48pm Aug 15 2015 —

A good morning’s work #IKEAhacking #DIY new desk for A from #IKEA corner desk legs plus @LivyFurniture TV stand

1:39pm Aug 15 2015 —

RT @BigIssue: ICYIM: How London artists are taking the sting out of so-called ‘homeless spikes’ |……

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Working today on the south end of the new electrical ducts #PolmontBridge

7:59am Aug 14 2015 —

Current state of progress of platform extension #PolmontBridge east

7:35am Aug 13 2015 —

Mason’s scaffolding sitting idle this week at #PolmontBridge

7:34am Aug 13 2015 —

Today at #PolmontBridge continuing rerouting services from temporary bridge (pic 2) to new ducts. Jackhammer time!

7:34am Aug 13 2015 —

RT @nixcraft: “Move along citizen, and just trust us for all your security needs” #oraclefanfic

2:39pm Aug 12 2015 —

RT @mattblaze: My first assumption after reading this was that Oracle’s web server was hacked and this article is a parody.…

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RT @alicemazzy: I archived the now-deleted Oracle post on static analysis and *~The Oracle License Agreement~* btw

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RT @mike_bergh: @donttrythis, thanks for the inspiration to make my workspace more user friendly. #F-Drawers.

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@on_lothianbuses @edfringe Sounds like a great attack vector. #BadUSB or something cruder.

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RT @esa: Comet #67P #perihelion2015 fireworks have begun! @ESA_Rosetta witnessed this recent outburst……

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Today at #PolmontBridge – more work on services

7:08am Aug 11 2015 —

RT @elakdawalla: Kids’ school librarian just asked for my help to cull no-longer-accurate space books from shelves. Yay librarian :)

6:38am Aug 11 2015 —

First night for the kids in their own rooms! Wonder if they’ll sleep?

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@0xabad1dea It’s still a good performance though, even if context of creation was different.

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Looks like BT are in pulling cables through the new conduits already at #PolmontBridge

7:37am Aug 10 2015 —

At #PolmontBridge you can always find a good use for your carpentry projects.

7:37am Aug 10 2015 —

#PolmontBridge 30 weeks down, 11 to go -and currently ahead of schedule! New concrete deck looking good in sunshine.

7:36am Aug 10 2015 —

RT @SciencePorn: Bill Gates teaches us math. (Via @AsapSCIENCE)

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RT @SciencePorn: Awesome

10:35pm Aug 9 2015 —

#PolmontBridge exciting progress!

5:18pm Aug 9 2015 —

RT @nutty__knitter: @StorminJN @greenbelt remember a dust pan and brush to get rid of grass from tent and an old towel to dry the tent with…

5:17pm Aug 9 2015 —

RT @paul1kirby: “Why do all the asylum seekers come to the UK & why do we let them all stay?” They don’t. We don’t.
Via @DrTimLawes http:/…

5:16pm Aug 9 2015 —

RT @cstross: Rootkit vulnerability identified in all Intel (and some AMD) processors, dating to 1997:… (bug rather th…

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RT @CFLOnline: “My friend has drunk too much, what should I do?” Find out how to help:

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RT @doctorow: Predictive policing may not predict crime will be, but it precisely predicts where the police will be, &where all crime detec…

12:04am Aug 8 2015 —

Questions that would bring an adult sensibility to the Mr Men books and ruin the reader’s enjoyment of them, part 2…

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