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@trafficscotland Only use your fog light if there is less than 100m visibility, otherwise you are dazzling the drivers behind you.

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RT @SciencePorn: Meanwhile in math class

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RT @abt_programming: “I am a Unix Creationist. I believe the world was created on January 1, 1970 and as prophesized, will end on January 1…

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RT @john_self: Former governor of HMP Pentonville in The Times on books for prisoners: (via @lindasgrant)

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RT @brainpicker: Steinbeck on falling in love – his magnificent letter of advice to his teenage son…

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RT @csoghoian: DOJ and @OrinKerr exchange heated footnotes over whether DOJ is actually “hacking” from (pdf):… http:/…

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Teaching my son to use power tools (jigsaw). Feeling part of a great chain, as I pass it on the next step from father to son.

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RT @inderjeeth: @AmandaWills @mashable :While #Obama imposes so-called sanctions, #US astronauts fly #Russian. #Putin wins again.

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RT @alyankovic: Did not even REMOTELY resemble my testicles. ZERO STARS.

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RT @thenation: The Perks of NSA Surveillance

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@SciencePorn which geostationary satellites does it take out?

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RT @mark_haddon: You can no longer send books to people in prison. Chris Grayling’s new policy. Appalling. I may RT this a lot. http://t.c…

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@EdwardTufte What about the IETF and W3C? Adam Smith is surely not so right about those assemblies?

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RT @headinthebox: 24 lines of code, 24 hours, and on my way to spend twice the #hours to have 1/2 the #loc.

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RT @rae_tee: @doctorow RT @francescrook: New rule banning books for prisoners is nasty, irrational & counter-productive…

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RT @YourAnonNews: What people in #Turkey are seeing when they try to go to Twitter –

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RT @ScottWesterfeld: Plot idea: 97% of the world’s scientists contrive an environmental crisis, but are exposed by a plucky band of billion…

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RT @doctorow: Sameface Syndrome and other stories. Female characters. Exact Same Face. Something is amiss here.

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@doctorow @ThreeUK Had to do that with Orange once, but they have two services to transfer between (PAYG/PAYM) so no competitor required.

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RT @BBCBreaking: First UK prosecutions over female genital mutilation announced by CPS

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RT @TacticalGrace: “@jakedonham: [..]… Facebook is now the biggest commercial user of OCaml!” /cc @yminsky [here is …

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RT @jaredcwilson: If your Jesus would always chase the *other* guys out of the temple, your Jesus is too safe. (Someone should write a book…

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RT @qikipedia: CEOs in the USA typically earn more than 475 times the average employee wage.

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RT @MalavKarkar: Teacher: Where’s your homework?

Me: Where’s MH370?

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RT @solobasssteve: wow, never renting with @thriftycars again. Charged me £12 for crossing the GG bridge once, despite no way of paying jus…

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@talios Mechanically translating from XML when you don’t have a schema. See eg… s5.6.1

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RT @GreatDismal: Understanding ‘satellite pings’, Tim Farrar…

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RT @brainpicker: How long it takes to form a new habit

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#read CS Lewis, The Great Divorce. Almost in one sitting. Full of insights and clear exposition.

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#read Tolkien, Morgoth’s Ring. Best bit: truth re Sauron and Morgoth. Not so hot: extended theological speculation for a mythical universe.

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RT @NajibRazak: After much forensic work and deliberation, the FAA, NTSB, AAIB & the Msian authorities, working separately on the same data…

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RT @NajibRazak: … we can confirm that the aircraft shown in the primary radar data was flight MH370. – Admin

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RT @NajibRazak: Today, based on raw satellite data that was obtained from the satellite data service provider, … – Admin

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RT @NajibRazak: Up until d point at which it left military primary radar coverage,these movements r consistent w deliberate action by some1…

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RT @NajibRazak: It then flew in a westerly direction back over peninsular Malaysia before turning northwest. -Admin

8:08am Mar 15 2014 —

RT @NajibRazak: …– but not confirmed – to be MH370 did indeed turn back. -Admin

8:08am Mar 15 2014 —

RT @NajibRazak: From this point onwards, the Royal Malaysian Air Force primary radar showed that an aircraft which was believed… -Admin

8:08am Mar 15 2014 —

RT @NajibRazak: Shortly afterwards, near the border between Malaysian and Vietnamese air traffic control, the aircraft’s transponder was sw…

8:08am Mar 15 2014 —

RT @NajibRazak: … was disabled just before the aircraft reached the East coast of peninsular Malaysia. -Admin

8:08am Mar 15 2014 —

RT @NajibRazak: Based on new satellite info,we can say w/ a high degree of certainty tt d Aircraft Communications Addressing&Reporting Syst…

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Telling my daughter to please be gentle with this book of mine, ‘cos: a good book these days is hard to find / true bound, the lasting kind

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RT @badtom: @CherylBernstein Affordability indices shouldn’t be tied to median house price, but to the price of a 100sqm, 3-bed, single gar…

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RT @migueldeicaza: Guys, no need to apply updates to GnuTls, I have reviewed the code and it has braces on every if statement.

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RT @NetworkRailSCOT: We have invested £2.5 mil in a new state of the art PA system for Edinburgh Waverley station. This was switched on las…

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RT @falkirk_herald: Great aerial picture of The Kelpies and new canal link at the River Carron, via @RCAHMSphoto

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Ate at @timberyard10 last night. Amazing flavours, post-industrial décor, and absolutely the best service we’ve had in a restaurant, ever.

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RT @lukego: @steveklabnik Monads are hard because there are so many bad Monad tutorials getting in the way of finally finding Wadler’s nice…

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RT @RevDaniel: Even the Pope knows that trickle-down economics doesn’t work…

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RT @headinthebox: Gavin Bierman, congrats on the new job, and fantastic shot in the arm for #Java.

Let’s continue our long line of C# pape…

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