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RT @dwhite419: Totally Bizarre Experimental Video Explores Slit Scanning… via @colossal

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RT @jon_emmett: Answer: The only 9 countries in the world to vote against recognising Palestinian statehood at a UN vote today, carried …

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RT @jon_emmett: Quiz: What links the Marshall Islands, Panama, Nauru, Israel, Canada, Micronesia, Czech Rep, USA, and Palau?

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RT @timoreilly: Interesting case. PeopleBrowsr Wins Temporary Restraining Order Compelling Twitter to Provide Firehose Access http://t. …

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…the other of course being the new Falkirk Distillery being built between Klondyke and Grand Sable. Like buses?

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RT @falkirk_herald: Historic Falkirk distillery to get new lease of life… [Wow, 2 distilleries arriving in FK at once!]

9:06am Nov 29 2012 —

Back experiencing the delights of the south east again. Traffic jams and grey suburban sprawl, I can’t say I’ve missed you.

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.@ScotRail yes, lights were turned on before we left. Thanks for checking.

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.@ScotRail Can’t work out if this is green and good, or just scary: doors of 1732 EDB to Alloa open but coach lights off and all dark.

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Thoughtful piece on your relationship with “stuff” – better to strive for the worst than for the best! via @sayrer

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RT @ImperatorFish: It’s good to see the NZ tourism industry milking Hobbit film for all it’s worth, but where were they when Once Were W …

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RT @debcha: Wondering where to find a 16th c. manuscript with a picture of a cat in a jetpack? @john_overholt has got your back. http:// …

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Whacking the crap out of an electronic device to get it to work.

7:49am Nov 26 2012 —

Walked to the station in the dark this morning. Winter is drawing in…

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RT @mdreid: . @copumpkin There needs to be a name for confusing Type I and Type II errors. I’m going to call it a “Type III” error.

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RT @cstross: An terrifyingly plausible explanation for the current predicament:

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RT @ukgav: #OpenData chief says postcodes should be free:…

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RT @ScotRail: The 17:30 Edinburgh to Queen Street will be running with 3 carriages instead of 6. Sorry [Glad I’m on holiday!!]

4:54pm Nov 23 2012 —

Wonderful anniversary day (a day early) – brunch in Lgow, then a good long walk in the sunshine, Aberdour to Burntisland and back. Ahhh!

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RT @somebadideas: Scorsese’s editor Thelma Schoonmaker on inability to get prints of their movies struck, inevitable death knell for fil …

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RT @crsryan: Martin Scorsese told he can’t have a 35 print of THE AGE OF INNOCENCE for a screening. Calling time of death for film: 6:19 …

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RT @kristinhersh: eating artichokes is so violent, it barely seems vegetarian….you cut out their *hearts*

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Watching Shane-O on NatGeoWild, in Guyana. Horrible – all the worst of American tourism rolled into 1person. Never go walking with this guy.

9:24pm Nov 22 2012 —

RT @Gromit01: Scientists “undiscover” Pacific island:

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RT @saniac: I like to imagine the airbridge connecting as a lamprey fastening on the poor airplane victim. Slurp crunch.

8:02am Nov 22 2012 —

RT @moc_moc_a_moc: Just walked past a playgroup called ‘Pied Piper’s’. Can’t help wondering if there’s just one lonely, crippled boy in …

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RT @dysinger: “Type-Driven Delevelopment” In #haskell I start with signature & ‘undefined’ & in #agda signature & hole (‘?’) …

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RT @sbisson: @cstross Careful. Climate-change deniers will take the non-existence of time traveller refugees as evidence of no anthropog …

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RT @neilmullanefinn: a woman in England was fined for calling a NZer an Australian as an insult

10:49pm Nov 21 2012 —

Think this means I’m stuck with the factory ROM. Which is getting increasingly painful. :-(

10:22pm Nov 20 2012 —

Upset. I finally get round to attempting to root my HTC Desire (GSM) with Revolutionary, and it fails with “mtd: not writing bad block”.

10:21pm Nov 20 2012 —

Just caught the end of Great Expectations on @BBCRadio4 – brilliant comedy!

7:02pm Nov 20 2012 —

@talios nah, what I really want is Haskell. Or presumably Scala, though I’ve done no serious development in it. What are you using?

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@talios sadly not – mostly Java and C/C++. New project has some Python which is a nice functional change, but why no static checking??!

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RT @bokmann: Retweet if you remember using a hole punch to make your 5 1/4 floppies double-sided.

7:44pm Nov 18 2012 —

RT @kesterbrewin: Religion can be ‘psychotics trying to convince neurotics to act like hysterics.’ Dexter, Zizek and analytic types: htt …

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RT @WyreDavies: Ten people now confirmed killed at this bombed house in #Gaza City – at least four of them children.

7:14pm Nov 18 2012 —

Well I liked it anyway. First attempt at cooking udon. Soup a bit bland.

7:12pm Nov 18 2012 —

@0mgkiera too late, the internet has copies :-)

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@talios did more of that for a while, then moved to the Real World – doing telecoms software now. Industry has very different challenges.

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@solobasssteve in hex you’ll only be 28 – and eight years until you’re 30.

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RT @sayrer: oh that’s baaaaad…

8:07am Nov 17 2012 —

@solobasssteve and yet people keep buying Apple. I don’t understand it.

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.@P0WERP0INT A big shoutout to Brightons Flaim – hope you’re having a great time, wish I was there! K.

7:36pm Nov 16 2012 —

#read @henrikkniberg Scrum and XP From The Trenches. Excellent book, down to earth, practical and helpful. Reading it after 2 sprints.

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RT @petegoo: Every time I use a Tuple, I manage to convince myself it should be a class/struct within 5 mins.

8:37am Nov 16 2012 —

They did not, like normal people, remain @rest until sth came up. They finished 1 task &immediately turned 2another, w massive consequences.

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Stamford and Olivia Raffles, in a book by Victoria Glendinning, via @TheEconomist.…

5:59pm Nov 15 2012 —

@saniac Soapy water works, I’m told. Not sure if it’s officially organic, but I know what I think of that…

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RT @jackelder: RT @heatherelder My new business website, for your French-English translation, editing and proofreading needs. http://t.c …

8:30am Nov 15 2012 —

@heatherelder Brilliant! Fab site, hope it has the intended effect!

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RT @yogsototh: “10 things I hate about Git” – recommended via @Prismatic

7:49am Nov 15 2012 —

RT @zeroload: .. perspective of a computer scientist, not a user. “git-push – Update remote refs along with associated objects” http://t …

7:49am Nov 15 2012 —

@talios Scotland, so you’re not a dork :-)

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RT @teh_aimee: What’s it like to live in New Zealand? Reddit answers 😛 #kiwicheek #hilarious [All absolutely true!]

8:22am Nov 14 2012 —

RT @harrybakerpoet: And for the first time doing my German rap in Germany (no need for translation!) – we’ll see how it goes.. #zepoetrytour

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RT @spacehijackers: Occupy Wall Street buys up debt to abolish it. Does this make sense? [Brilliant!]

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RT @emergentkiwi: one of the processes I’ve used to team build. the power and potential of listening 1-1.… [Wow!]

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RT @marykmac: Academic responds to being given title of “Miss”. Last line of this is completely brilliant :

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RT @ravi_mohan: ok, so after the ‘prototype’ in #Haskell blew away the ‘production system’ in Clojure, we are ‘retiring’ the Clojure cod …

8:03pm Nov 8 2012 —

.@ScotRail Thanks, that’s good news. Looking forward to seeing the difference.

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RT @ScotRail: Some services have had fewer carriages recently – we apologise & are working to resolve this. See here for details: …

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RT @P0WERP0INT: Hello Powerpointlets, just so you know, we’re back on 16th November at Central Hall, 2 West Tollcross Edinburgh…. htt …

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.@ScotRail Standing room only on delayed 0826 PMT-EDB yet again, and this time it has all 6 cars. Clear need for more trains in am.

8:41am Nov 7 2012 —

RT @williamheath: Right. Now let’s have full-on soaring rhetoric & big plans from across the pond plz #environment #justice #equalit …

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RT @JohnAllenPaulos: WHY has Ohio’s Jon Husted just installed uncertified software “patches” that could easily change central tabulators …

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RT @colmtobin: BREAKING: Fox News have just called Florida for George Bush.

7:02am Nov 6 2012 —

Great day in London, fab new team, excellent curry at Poppadom Enfield. Heading homeward with clear skies.

6:57am Nov 6 2012 —

@maggyd18 thanks! It’s gone really well.

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Down in the Big Smoke – London for the day. Wish me well…

8:33am Nov 5 2012 —

RT @DougCoupland: The Internet as seen from 1969:

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RT @revdkarlmartin: Stop being so intense and get more intentional.. Jeremiah 29 … Incarnate, Influence, Intercede.. #lovethecitybackt …

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1st Polmont Boys Brigade are the best! 1st place in Spiritual – well done A, E and P!

5:10pm Nov 4 2012 —

In Keswick just watched a helicopter apparently land on a fell (Skidaw?), pick someone up, and fly off. Hope they’re OK.

2:56pm Nov 3 2012 —

RT @GovChristieNJ: Today I’m touring NJ with President Obama. Yes, he’s a Democrat, and I’m a Republican. We’re also adults, and this is …

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RT @TheOnion: Nation Suddenly Realizes This Just Going To Be A Thing That Happens From Now On

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